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See the new article on the tragic fire aboard the Cartiercliffehall, the most recent major ship casualty on the Great Lakes with loss of life.

The website was off-line for about two weeks in October-September 2015 due to problems with server hardware, the only significant service outage in 21-years. A restoration was made from a backup that was current to the moment of failure, and almost all resources, some dating back to 1994, are still available, including many thousands of old forum threads. However, our old forum software is no longer in operation. A new section, The Old Forum, provides static indexes that go back two years, and exellent searching of old forum articles is now available.

On October 9, 2015 an entirely new discussion forum was implemented. The new forum is more modern and provides more modern features for users, including ability to edit their own postings, incorporate in-line images and the hosting of those images by the forum itself, and many other options.

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