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Author Credits

Winter-95 was written and photographed by Jim Hebert.

The photographs were taken with a 35mm Nikon SLR, using Kodak "Gold" film. The film was processed by Meteor Labs of Troy, Michigan. The actual film negatives contained a disturbing number of flaws, a result I had not experienced before with this camera/film/lab combination. I attribute this to a combination of things: the film was slightly out of date; the temperatures were extremely cold; the exposures were made at f/22, allowing some dirt in the camera to become in-focus; and there were lens flares from the direct sunlight.

The negatives were transferred to Kodak-Photo-CD. A Macintosh Centris610 computer mounted the Photo-CD. The images were opened from the Photo-CD format by Photoshop , where all the flaws were removed. Photoshop was also used to crop the images, as well as make exposure and color balance corrections.

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