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Crouch's Speed Calculator

Presenting a calculator for determining speed potential based on a hull's weight, its engine's horsepower, and a "hull factor" constant.

Planing Hull Speed Calculator

Calculator implemented in Perl by James F. Hebert.
Weight Power Hull Factor Boat Speed
Hull Speed Calculator

This calculator is based on a formula developed by Naval Architect George Crouch who showed that a useful estimate of the speed of a moderate planing hull could be derived from the boat's weight, horsepower, and hull factor. The variables are related by

MPH = [  ( HP / LBS )^0.5 ] x C

where C = a constant ("hull factor") that depends on the hull form.

Crouch proposed that C would have a value for various hull types as follows


C      Hull Type

172    Average runabout, cruiser, passenger vessel
218    High-speed runabout, very light high-speed cruiser
240    Race boat types
253    Three-point hydroplanes, stepped hydroplanes
265    Racing power catamarans and sea sleds

The hull factor is a constant which is used to convert the necessary dimension. Most Boston Whaler hulls are in the range of 180 to 200,


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