Introduction to the forum software and its feature. You can use this for test postings. This is not a boating forum
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New Forum Searching
In the new forum software the SEARCH function only searches in the postings to the new forum; it does not search the approximately 500,000 articles of the old forum, does not search the hundreds of articles in the REFERENCE section, in CETACEA, in SAIL-LOGS, or other sections of the website. The new forum search just searches in the content of new forum. Since the new forum has only been operating for seven months, and the website has been operating for 22-years, searching just within the new forum will likely not produce the same result as searching within the entire website. To search the entire website, use the old forum search page. (Details are given below.)

The new forum search has just been improved to prevent it from ignoring certain terms that were being classified as "too common" and were being ignored. The threshold for being considered a common term has been increased, and this should avoid the problem of certain words, for example, "montauk", from being considered too common and thus ignored in search inquiries.

Note that there are two SEARCH entry boxes in the new forum. The SEARCH entry box in the top blue banner on the right searches all of the forum content. The SEARCH entry box in the forum whie title bar to the left only searches the particular forum you are browsing.

Old Forum Searching and Entire Website Searching
To search the old forum and other resources, use the search that is provided at

This search uses the very extensive GOOGLE index of the website to find content. You can select the search range to be limited to certain forums, if you wish, or you can search the entire website. It is also possible using GOOGLE advanced search to limit the search in other ways to help improve the results.

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