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Introduction to the forum software and its feature. You can use this for test postings. This is not a boating forum
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Display Posts From Previous Days

Postby jimh » Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:05 am

Please note the user option to set the number of days preceding for which articles will be shown in forum listings. The default setting is to show articles from the last 30 days. This option can be set by the users to their individual preference.

If you want to show more or fewer days of preceeding articles, you can change the setting with the controls that appear at the bottom of the forum listing. At the bottom of the page showing the contents of a forum you will find the control labeled DISPLAY TOPICS FROM PREVIOUS [day range]. This can be set to a range from 1 DAY to ALL TOPICS. This change takes effect only for that instant.

You can also set your individual default preference in your USER CONTROL PANEL (UCP). VIsit your UCP. Select the tab for BOARD PREFERENCES. Select the option EDIT DISPLAY OPTIONS. Set the value of DISPLAY POSTS FROM PREVIOUS DAYS to the desired default value. Click SUBMIT. This will set your user preference to your new preferred value. This change takes effect for all subsequent visits to the forum by that user.