Using Conventional TRIM Gauge with I-Command

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Using Conventional TRIM Gauge with I-Command

Postby jimh » Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:10 am

I received a private message concerning I-Command rigging. I do not like to spend a lot of time answering private messages because I believe the purpose of websites like this one is to share information in public. I have created this thread to share my information about this topic

I was asked:

I recently purchased a second-hand boat fitted with two I-Command gauges and four original (temperature, voltage, fuel and trim) gauges. The original trim gauge doesn't work.

To avoid having to page through several pages on the I-Command display to get to TRIM, I would like to have a separate trim gauge that works.

I am guessing the sender unit now goes to the ICommand system. I was wondering if an ICON accessory trim gauge will work with the system, or is it necessary to have the ICON tachometer to feed the signal?

An ICON Accessory gauge like an individual TRIM gauge will only work in conjunction with the ICON Pro RPM gauge. This means an ICON accessory TRIM gauge is not a solution for this problem.

If not, can you advise the best way to get a separate trim gauge up and running.

In an I-Command gauge installation, the TRIM circuit can be wired to a conventional TRIM gauge, and the I-Command gauge will still show a TRIM value.

You should determine what configuration you have now, and determine the cause of the old TRIM gauge not working.

My first guess at what you have now:

A previous owner added an E-TEC. They bought the Evinrude wiring harness known as the "I-Command Ignition and Trim Harness." This harness contains a 47-Ohm resistor that provides the current to the TRIM sender.

The ignition and trim harness for I-Command is PN 0763544, $174.

To restore the conventional TRIM gauge, you would use the System Check harness, PN 0176341, $152.

The ignition and trim harness for SystemCheck will provide power to the trim sender via the analogue gauge.

The wiring for the TRIM circuit can be complicated. See

Advanced E-TEC Rigging: Trim Circuit ... .html#TRIM

The circuit is really simple. You have to get 12-Volts via a resistor to PIN 3 of the TRIM connector. Exactly how this is accomplished can vary.

There is also a second possibility for your existing rigging. My second guess at what you have now:

Perhaps the original rigging was using the System Check harness, and when the I-Command gauges were added, someone, perhaps not quite understanding completely how the system works, modified the System Check harness by removing the wiring from the original trim gauge and adding a 47-Ohm resistor. If that is the case, you can just un-modify it, and reconnect the original TRIM gauge.

To physically distinguish the two different wiring harnesses, visit SHOP.EVINRUDE.COM. You can see detailed drawings of the two cables there.

Also, get the Evinrude rigging guide. It should show the cables clearly, too. If you are planning on doing your own rigging, the rigging guide is highly recommended reading. To get the rigging guide, visit Then navigate on the website to VIEW-->OPERATOR'S GUIDE-->EVINRUDE-->PREDELIVERY AND INSTALLATION GUIDE-->By YEAR. Chose the appropriate year and download the PDF file.