Using ICON Pro instruments with E-TEC G2 engines

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Using ICON Pro instruments with E-TEC G2 engines

Postby jimh » Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:35 pm

The E-TEC G2 engine can be used with the ICON Pro series gauges, but only if the ICON gauges have the latest firmware revision. Clearly ICON gauges that were produced prior to the introduction of the E-TEC G2 won't know about special G2 engine fault code messages or special engine functions available to be controlled via NMEA-2000 network connection.

First, regarding a way to know if you have an ICON Pro RPM gauge that has firmware that can work with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines:

When installing an Evinrude ICON Pro RPM gauge, if the gauge is of a vintage and firmware that provides for operation with Evinrude G2 E-TEC engines, you should encounter a decision branch question in the set-up procedure. The ICON Pro RPM gauge should PROMPT you to choose the type of engine it will be used with, either legacy E-TEC or E-TEC G2.

If your ICON Pro RPM gauge does not include this decision branch question in the setup process, you can probably make an inference that the firmware in that gauge is older and won't work with the E-TEC G2.

Second, regarding what fault codes will be shown:

The G2 engines can generate more than 250 fault code messages. Also, since G2 engines all use ICON II EST controls, those control functions generate about 40 additional fault code messages. Finally, G2 engines utilize a code set called UCM (Universal Control Module) which is necessary if the G2 engine is to be interfaced with existing mechanical controls (as might occur when re-powering a boat that already has multiple engine mechanical controls and the owner prefers to keep them). There are about 40 more fault codes for the UCM functions.

If you use the ICON Pro instrumentation with a G2, the ICON Pro will have ALL G2 FAULT CODES.

The ICON Pro instrumentation will also be able to perform the functions for iTrim settings and dynamic power steering (DPS) functions. But the ICON Pro won't be able to work with the transfer of throttle control between foot pedal and shift-throttle lever.

This comes from a very informed source at the factory.