MMSI Lookup

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MMSI Lookup

Postby jimh » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:14 am

Ship radio stations for USA vessels with a maritime mobile service identity (MMSI) that has been provided from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are registered in an international database maintained by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The ITU has an on-line database search website on the world-wide-web at

You can use this search engine to look up information about the ship station license of vessels from many nations.

To determine if your MMSI was issued by the FCC is simple: the last number of the MMSI will be a zero. If the last number of your MMSI is not a zero, it was not issued by the FCC and most likely will not be in the international database maintained by the ITU.

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Re: MMSI Lookup

Postby jimh » Sat Oct 20, 2018 12:34 pm

The search results from an inquiry will provide many entries for data for an individual ship station. The fields are described below:

  1. MMSI, the maritime mobile service identity of the vessel
  2. CALL SIGN, the ship station radio callsign
  3. SELECTIVE CALL NUMBER assigned to vessel, used for narrow band direct printing
  4. NAME OF STATION, usually the ship name
  5. ADMINISTRATIVE AREA, three character identifier
  6. LIFEBOATS, the number of lifeboats
  8. GENERAL CLASSIFICATION, see listing below in Table 2
  9. INDIVIDUAL CLASSIFICATION, see listing below in Table 2
  10. REGISTRATION NUMBER, the IMO registration number, if the vessel is a registered vessel
  11. GROSS TONNAGE, an overall measure of the ship size
  12. CAPACITY OF PERSONS ON BOARD, total number of crew and passengers
  13. TELEGRAPHY TRANSMISSION BANDS, either S, X, Y, or Z according to ITU band name conventions
  14. RADIOTELEPHONE TRANSMISSION BANDS, either S, T, U, or V according to ITU band name conventions
  16. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, such as former call sign, vessel name

FV Fishing Industry
GV Service vessels
MM Merchant
NF Inland waterways
NS Naval
OF Offshore
PL Pleasure/Leisure
SV Rescue
XX Other

ACV Air cushion vehicle
AUX Auxiliary ship
AVI Dispatch vessel
BAR Lighter (barge)
BLK Bulk carrier
BLN Whaler
BLS Buoy ship (light ship)
BTA Factory ship
CA Cargo ship
CAB Coaster
CBL Cable ship
CGT Coast guard
CHA Barge
CHM Chemical carrier
CHR Trawler
CIM Cement carrier
CIT Tanker
COA Collier
CON Container ship
COR Corvette
CRO Cruiser
CTR Cutter
CYT Commercial yacht
DES Destroyer
DIV Ship used by divers
DMN Minesweeper
DOU Customs launch
DRG Dredger
DRY Dry cargo
DUN Ketch
ECO Training ship
ESC Escort ship
EXP Research ship / Survey ship
FBT Ferry
FPS Fast patrol ship
FRG Reefer
FRM Weather ship
FRT Frigate
FRU Fruit carrier
FSO Floating storage, offtake
GEN General cargo
GOL Schooner
GRC Grain carrier
GRF Floating craine
GS Warship
HOP Hospital ship
HYD Hydrographic ship
ICE Ice breaker
ICN Waste incinerator
INS Inspection ship
LAN Lobster ship
LOU Lugger
MOR Banker
MOU Mine layer
MTB Motor boat
NET Pollution and surface clearance vessel
NVP Naviplane
OBO Ore-bulk-oil carrier
OIL Oil ship
OSC Oceanographic ship
OSV Ocean-station vessel
PA Passenger ship
PAQ Liner
PBE Livestock carrier
PCH Barge carrier
PER Drilling unit
PH Fishing vessel
PHA Lightship
PHR Lighthouse tender
PHS Fishing guard
PLE Platform
PLT Pilot tender
PMP Firefloat
PMX Cargo and passenger
PON Pontoon
PTA Aircraft carrier
PTH Helicopter carrier
RAM Salvage ship
RAV Supply vessel
ROC Rock breaker
ROU RoRo ship
SAU Rescue vessel
SEC Stand-by safety vessel
SLO Sloop
SMN Submarine
SOU Support vessel
SRV Patrol ship
THO Tunny ship
TPG Liquefied gas carrier
TPO Ore carrier
TPS Solvent carrier
TPT Transport
TPW Forest-product carrier
TRA Tramp
TUG Pusher/Tug
TVH Vehicle carrier
VDO Launch
VDT Hydrofoil
VLR Sailing ship
XXX Unspecified
YAT Yacht