Repowered 2000 17 Montauk

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Repowered 2000 17 Montauk

Postby ADKWhaler » Sat Jul 09, 2016 10:59 am

Been a while since I have visited this site. Thank you, Jim, for all your effort over the years.

I recently repowered my 2000 17 Montauk. The original motor was a 75 Mercury 4-stroke. I had nothing but problems with that motor. Most were my fault (ignorance) and were ethanol related (in conjunction with a Pate fiberglass tank). The Merc just never ran right.

The new motor is a 100 HP Honda 4-stroke wi EFI. In choosing the new motor, I researched what was available in the 90 - 100 HP range, and chose a local dealer with a solid mechanic staff. I actually have a 10 HP Honda on my duck boat, and have been very pleased with it and the service I have received. I met with the mechanic and described some of my concerns, and they actually convinced me to go with 100 instead of 90 HP.

When I took delivery on July 1, the boat had the new motor and controls, new fuel tank, fuel lines, filter and primer bulb, new starting and deep cycle batteries. I subsequently replaced the bilge pump. the only fuel going into this system will be 91 octane, ethanol free, treated with marine Stabil. the seat and tank will be covered whenever the boat is not in use.

The first thing I noted was that the static trim on the boat was much better. The Honda may be more powerful, but it weighs less than the old Merc. The second observation-- the boat feels different. I always felt like the Montauk with the Merc was pushing through the water. With the Honda, at slow speeds, the boat feels like it is gliding on the surface, even before getting up on plane. interestingly, my wife made exactly the same comment. Finally, the Merc would top out at 4300 RPM and always sounded like it was laboring. The Honda tops out at 5800 RPM, and cruises very nicely at 4000 RPM.

For the most part, the Montauk resides on a 3 1/2 mile long lake in the Adirondacks. In order to better test, break in, and learn the new motor, I ran it on the Hudson this past week. I took a three hour cruise, and had to deal with wind, current, tide, waves and huge cargo barges. the new motor performed great.

I finally feel, after 16 years, that I have a motor that can do the Montauk justice. I am enjoying not waiting for the motor to falter, quit, or just not start.

Keith - ADKwhaler.