Ride of CONQUEST Compared to C-DORY 25

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Ride of CONQUEST Compared to C-DORY 25

Postby Osbonsky » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:11 am

Just sold a C-Dory 25 and considering a Boston Whaler Conquest. We loved the C-Dory but with the flat bottom it was a rough ride on San Francisco Bay, but very nice in the Delta with calmer water. We were very enthusiastic regarding the Conquest until we were told that the ride would be similar to the C-Dory. What are owner's experience?

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Re: Ride of CONQUEST Compared to C-DORY 25

Postby jimh » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:13 am

Did the person who told you that the ride of a Boston Whaler CONQUEST boat with a moderate V-hull would be the same as the ride of a C-DORY 25 boat with a flat bottom have first-hand experience with both boats?

What model in the Boston Whaler CONQUEST line are you referring to? The CONQUEST line has hulls from just over 20-feet to 37-feet. If you give a bit more specific information on the CONQUEST model then owners of the specific CONQUEST you are asking about who also happen to have first-hand experience with a C-DORY 25 will be able to offer some experience and comparisons between those hulls and their ride.

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Re: Ride of CONQUEST Compared to C-DORY 25

Postby kwik_wurk » Mon Jan 02, 2017 4:29 pm

As jimh says, is your so-called source actually a boater with either boats? Because a 25' C-Dory and Conquest are very different boats in a lot of ways above and below the waterline. Sounds like you just need to do a sea trail or go to a boat show and see first hand.

Having been in a few C-Dory's, they have good full cabins and decent deck space with mostly flat bottoms (minimal V). The best way to explain the ride in chop: it's ok (definitely safe and sound) but feel and pound about three to four [feet] shorter than they actually are. Basically if you have a 25-footer you'll feel like you are in a 21 to 22-foot boat of moderate V: the tradeoff of having an efficient waterline and getting great fuel economy and probably operate on a single engine. This is not a knock against the C-dory; just the trade offs of the design.

When compared to a Conquest, 25 the boat is and will feel completely different. It is much larger (volume) boat, larger bow area (walk around cabin) and the helm is much higher off the water line. (Where as on the C-dory's are much less volume and no raised helm.). Not to mention the ride difference and fuel economy.

Now if you are going to a different size Conquest, that too plays a big roll.

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Re: Ride of CONQUEST Compared to C-DORY 25

Postby steelhead55 » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:25 pm

I have a very limited riding experience in a C-Dory, as I have only been in a friend's boat twice, before he sold it. Comparing the ride of comparable sized hulls--I believe I was in a 22' C-dory--and comparing it to the ride of my [1979] Revenge V22, the Revenge was superior in the following ways:

--the C-Dory pounded more into the swell and had a tendency to come off the top of the swell at a much lower speed then the Revenge;

--when drift fishing the lateral stability was much worse in the C-dory, and the boat swung side to side much more in comparison.

Out here in the Bay area I think the aspect of the hulls to think about is that we are in one of the rougher patches of the Pacific Ocean, with lots of un-fishable days out the gate do to the Northwest winds. Even when the winds die down locally, there is often condition of 4-to-6-foot swell at intervals of 7 to 12 seconds. I fished these conditions in my Montauk for many years, and there is nothing harder on your body than going a bit too fast and jumping off of a swell. The C-Dory I rode in was very susceptible to this compared to my Revenge.