Yamaha V6 4.2-liter F225 to F300

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Yamaha V6 4.2-liter F225 to F300

Postby kwik_wurk » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:29 pm

[Tell me your] good or bad experiences--first- or second-hand, with Yamaha V6 4.2l engines. This engine block makes the F225 to F300 lineup.

I am in the serious stages of a new (but used) boat purchase ( a Grady-White boat actually). The engine has about 200-hours and was a July 2016 build; used by a guide. Because of its commercial sale and use the warranty period is shorter, driving my core questions about any continual problems, somewhat akin to the older Yamaha V6 engine blocks having exhaust problems. My own online research found a few common problems, but nothing that jumped out.

The engine in particular is a F250XB, which is a standard mechanical. And that brings up a question: can it be converted to electrically controlled throttle and shift?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Yamaha V6 4.2-liter F225 to F300

Postby jimh » Thu Nov 02, 2017 3:53 pm

Kevin A, who also defected from Boston Whaler and bought a PURSUIT 235, has a Yamaha F250 on his boat. I have been aboard the boat, driven the boat, and also cruised along with him (in my own boat) for a few weeks on various North Channel cruises. I don't think there has been anything unusual about the engine's run history. When I drove the boat--briefly--the engine seemed to have plenty of power, and was able to provide very good acceleration onto plane.

If no Yamaha expert offers an opinion on conversion to electronic/electrical shift and throttle controls (EST Controls), I suggest you contact SIM YAMAHA and ask them. They seem like a knowledgeable seller of Yamaha engines, and they may have a good answer. There was a guy there, Andy, who was highly regarded for his knowledge about Yamaha engines, particularly electronics associated with them. If he is still with them, he'd be the guy to ask for.

As you may know, for my E-TEC 225 I retro-fitted EST controls to the engine, but I think that is a bit unusual. I would also guess that with Yamaha--knowing the general Japanese manufacturing philosophy for control and perfection--there may not be a retro-fit option. They'd probably see that as too much tinkering with the engine after it left the factory, but, again, that is just my guess.