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Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:17 pm
by Fordcustm
Hey--I am new to the forum and looking for any help you guys can provide with a possible new purchase of a 1996 21 Outrage. I haven’t owned an ocean boat before or Boston Whaler, but have a Malibu ride. I don’t feel like it has prepared me to be able to purchase a used ocean boat--way different in my opinion. I am looking for any advice you can provide that will help me make a good purchase. Couple questions that I have I’m gonna list below, but please add anything else you can think of.

Does this boat have a wooden transom?

Is this year the AccuTrac hull?

Do I need to be concerned with it be water logged?

Specific areas to pay attention to when looking at it?

Here are some pics:

It’s gonna be repowered with Honda F225 with 400-hours. Also it has an aluminum tank that has been pressure tested. It doesn’t have a T-Top. They are asking $25,000-- is that a fair price?


FF2C5FA1-7891-414F-8E63-E42F6EA10B22.jpeg (91.85 KiB) Viewed 4690 times

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Re: Help with new possible purchase 96 21’ Outrage

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:41 pm
by Dutchman
[The 1996 21 OUTRAGE is] not a bad looking boat and seems well maintained.

Most Whalers have a wooden reinforced transom, but if the drive you show was installed correctly and no extra holes for accessories were added (anywhere on the hull).

You don't need to worry about water logging.

With no motor currently it might be a good idea to weigh the boat which could tell you if you have or have not any water in the hull.

From what I know this is not what is called in later years "AccuTrac".

A good no feed back steering set up should keep you reasonably tracking on course.

The $25,000 to me is high for a 21-year-old boat with the used to-be-installed engine.

Re: Help with new possible purchase 96 21’ Outrage

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 3:37 pm
by msirof2001
I owned a 1995 OUTRAGE 21. I purchased it new in October 1994 and owned it 23 years until earlier this year when I purchased an Everglades 295cc. I put at least 4000 hours on the ocean in Southern California. This is a great boat. This hull is the same for 1993 to 1997 year models. It is a dry ride. Great hull.

I repowered from the original Yamaha two-cycle 200 to a Yamaha F200 XB four-cycle a few years back. In doing the research, the Honda was a great contender but the Yamaha won because of the better support in my area.

When I reached out to Chuck Bennett at Whaler Customer Service. He told me the maximum weight for that transom was about 700-lbs. The minimum and maximum HP for this boat were 150 and 300. You should get good performance.

You'll love the range with the Honda 225 and the 122 gallon fuel capacity.

I've been out in all kinds of conditions, including a gale warning. The chines shoot the spray outward. Not once in thousands of hours did I spear a wave; never took green-water over the bow. If the seas and 15-knots wind are coming from the 8 to 10 O'clock position, the chine spray will get the stern seat passenger wet.

I found this boat hates 15 to 20-knot winds and pounds pretty hard. It will take it, you'll find the pounding gets old.

I never had problems with water in the hull. I think it was called Accutrack. That's what they called the later-than-smirk designs.

At this age, check the wiring, fuel lines, and fuel tank. I would suggest redoing the wiring and fuel lines to something more modern. My fuel tank started to suffer a little from the effects of Ethanol. The good news is that if you ever replace the tank, the console comes right out and there is a portion of the deck that does as well. You won't be sawing through deck. I never had to change but saw the signs that sometime in the future I might have to.

I sold mine for $20,000. I had asked a lot more and it was sitting around.

I had a Furuno FCV-582 CRT fishfinder, President/Uniden VHF radio and Simrad NSS 7" EVO-1 GPS. I had an expensive leaning post with rocket-launchers (fishing rod holders) and a 45 Gallon livewell. Plus a custom, very expensive and good quality cover. I did not include a trailer as I kept the boat in a dry-stack. I didn't have a T-Top. I thought $20,000 was low but I was looking forward, not backward, and basically let it go on the condition that at $20,000 no matter what went wrong the next day, it was an as-is final sale, no liability.

Why the sale? It came down to my age and the pounding. Back pain after a full day on the water. Needed something larger. But for the rest of my life, I can look back at the greatness of that OUTRAGE 21.

Re: Help with new possible purchase 96 21’ Outrage

Posted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:42 pm
by Fordcustm
Great information guys, your input is greatly appreciated. I’m going tomorrow to check out the boat and definitely take a close look at her hull, wiring, fuel lines. I’m going to have a mechanic check out the motor, from what I hear sounds like that’s the majority of the cost. I am hoping it looks as great in person as it does in the photos. I’ll keep check back to see if there are any additional post, thanks for all the help again.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:12 am
by jimh
Fordcustm wrote:Does this boat have a wooden transom?

Yes. Boston Whaler uses plywood to reinforce the transom of their boats.

Fordcustm wrote:Is this year the AccuTrac hull?

No. This hull was first used on the 21 WALKAROUND c.1991 boat. It is definitely NOT the AccuTrak hull. For more about the hull design and the period when it was used, read my history of the Boston Whaler boat at

The Boston Whaler Company

This hull was designed by Peter Van Lancker, who replaced Bob Dougherty as the head of Boston Whaler design in c.1989.

Fordcustm wrote:Do I need to be concerned with [the hull being] water logged?

Yes, ALL Boston Whaler boats are build with a double-bottom hull with a foam filled interior. Any underwater penetration of the hull that has not been immediately and properly repaired could allow water to enter the sealed double-bottom hull and begin to saturate the foam. See the FAQ for more remarks. The FAQ will provide you with a very comprehensive, well-researched, and thorough discussion of the problem of water retention in the interior foam of a Boston Whaler Unibond hull. I very strongly suggest you read the FAQ, and also read all of the FAQ in order to become more aware of common concerns about Boston Whaler boats.

Fordcustm wrote:Specific areas to pay attention to when looking at it?

There is nothing about a Boston Whaler boat that causes there to be specific areas to inspect other than the already mentioned risk for concealed water intrusion and damage it has caused. For general advice on buying an older Boston Whaler boat, read:

Buying Classic Boston Whaler Boats

You are buying a boat that was made 21-years ago. Its present condition will depend entirely on how it was used, how it was maintained, how it was stored, and WHERE all that was done. If the boat was used on the equator in tropical sunshine in saltwater, you will find its condition quite different than a boat used only in summer in freshwater in northern latitudes. The condition of the boat cannot be assessed accurately from a few images. You need to undertake a close visual inspection of the entire boat. That said, the presence and appearance of the red decal on the console does suggest the boat is in reasonably good condition; I would not expect that decal to look that good after 21 years, particularly the red color.

Fordcustm wrote:It’s gonna be repowered with Honda F225 with 400-hours. Also it has an aluminum tank that has been pressure tested. It doesn’t have a T-Top. They are asking $25,000--is that a fair price?

The boat has some unusual registration number (FG71814) which suggests to me that it is not in the USA. Where is the boat located? The price of used Boston Whaler boats tends to vary with location. WIthout knowing where the boat is located, assessing the asking price is unlikely to be possible. If the boat were local to me here in Michigan and I was buying it at this time of the year and with a used outboard engine, I would not pay $25,000 for it unless the boat was in absolutely perfect condition, the used engine was similarly in great condition, I had great trust and faith in the seller or the dealer representing the boat, and I absolutely had to get that boat for some reason. In short, the $25,000 sounds like a bit higher than normal price.

Regarding the price of used Boston Whaler boats and the market demand for them, you should be aware that any desirable model of Boston Whaler boat that is in very good condition and has been priced reasonably will tend to sell easily, as there tends to be a strong demand for such boats. If you find the boat in good condition, the seller to be reliable, and the boat to suit your needs and in your price range, do not wait too long to make an offer.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:54 pm
by jimh
A good way to assess the value of a used Boston Whaler boat is by comparison to similar boats offered of FOR-SALE. At this moment in the MARKETPLACE section if you want to spend $25,000 you can buy:

2008 Outrage 190
150 Mercury Verado FourStroke with only 188 hours
Electronic shift and throttle (DTS)
Bimini Top
Swim platform
Color GPS Fish finder
Live well
Full Cushion package
Full Cover
Galvanized Trailer w folding tongue.
Located in Yorktown Virginia

Cf.: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2908

Although the 190 OUTRAGE is two-feet shorter, it is also 12-years newer, it includes a premium VERADO FOURSTROKE engine with limited hours. Of course, it may be on the wrong coast, be too small for offshore ocean use, and be too expensive to transport.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 6:46 am
by Don SSDD
Jim, you can see another hull registration number on the port bow, start with a CF, not sure what that additional number on the boat designates.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:00 pm
by porthole
Repowering is tough to recoup the expense involved.

Have you checked the NADA book value ?

On the east coast, the NADA value tends to be low for Boston Whalers.
25-50% over NADA would give you a good starting point.
Personally, I think 25 is overpriced for that boat.
Unless it shows in like new condition.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:05 am
by jimh
FG is a country code for French Guiana.

CF is a state registration code for California.

I don't know what basis to interpret the two codes to know the boat's location at this moment, and that is why I asked the OP this question:

Where is the boat located?

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:08 am
by msirof2001
I went to Yacht World and saw four similar boats in the $16000 to $18000 range. This one seems to be in good condition. I noticed the ice chest cooler behind the seats. And I also noticed that there's some kind of a box or contraption in front of the center console where the ice chest was originally placed by Whaler. I'm not sure what that is. Maybe a place for a subwoofer? The boat seems to have enough speakers to run a floating discoteque. I would also say that this boat did not have any of the fishing packages. Under the toggle switches, that speaker is where I would have expected the three tackle trays included in either of the two fishing packages that were offered by Whaler. I also noticed 2 gunwale rod holders instead of 4. I would honestly say maybe $17,000 would be where I would try to get the price down to. I would also add that at $17,000, or the $20,000 that I got for mine is pretty good for a boat that is 21 plus years old. A tribute to how well these were made. I know that the dollars are not the same but I paid approximately $40000 for mine in 1994 and got $20,000 23 years later. Not bad for a boat with thousands of hours on the ocean.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:33 am
The FG designates a California commercial fishing vessel.
Sequentially numbered, this boat started commercial fishing somewhere around 2013.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:26 am
by jimh
FISHNFF wrote:The FG designates a California commercial fishing vessel.
Sequentially numbered, this boat started commercial fishing somewhere around 2013.

Many thanks for the clarification regarding the meaning of the prominent number FG71814 displayed on the boat. A buyer making a decision to purchase the boat would certainly want to be informed that the boat had been in use in commercial fishing.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:27 am
by Don SSDD
You'd never have guessed it was used commercially from the pics, pretty clean looking unit.

Re: Possible Purchase 1996 21’ Outrage

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:42 pm
Not all commercial fishermen beat their boats up.

I know quite a few who keep their boats very clean. Waxed interiors make blood cleanup much easier. Regular motor maintenance as many run singles without a kicker.
Others use their Whaler hull as a Work platform with little regard other than fuel for the motor.

Whalers can be “ridden hard and put away wet”, are stable, handle well, and carry a good load, hence their popularity with commercials.