Ship Shape TV Episode

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Ship Shape TV Episode

Postby Masbama » Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:58 pm

Today’s Ship Shape TV espisode has them totally reworking a 17’ Montauk. The topic was getting rid of the wet foam. They showed the moisture meters pegging out and said the foam was full of water. They showed them cutting out the inner hull and scraping the foam out. (Most of it looked fine to my untrained eye). There was some rot in the lower transom. The boat shown was dirty but the hull looked fine from what was shown.

[The episode] was interesting. I would love to read some opinions here from those that have seen the show.

My bigger questions:

How prevalent is soggy foam in Boston Whalers?

What percentage of Boston Whalers are affected?

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Re: Boston Whaler restoration episode

Postby jimh » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:18 pm

I don't have any way to watch the show you are reporting about because it has already aired and I did not see it. Is there some resource on-line where it can be seen?

I don't have any data to answer your questions about the prevalence or frequency with which Boston Whaler boat hulls are afflicted with damage due to saturation of the foam in their double bottom hulls.

My general thinking about that problem is that it occurs very rarely. Given the ten-year-warranty coverage and the 60-year-history of making hulls, if Boston Whaler boats were particularly prone to being damaged in this way then it would already be widely known, and the method of construction would have been abandoned 50-years-ago. I seriously doubt that Boston Whaler would be able to sell boats that cost $800,000 that are built with this construction method if there were something intrinsic in the method that would cause the eventual doom of the hull.

Also, I don't have much faith in SHIP SHAPE TV. I don't think the presenter is particularly familiar with or particularly expert at Boston Whaler boat repair. I would not necessarily be guided by his advice, and, since it is apparently impossible to know what his advice was except by a very brief second-hand report about it, i tend to ignore it. Even if I could watch the show, it doubt I would be inclined to give the opinions expressed very much weight. The real purpose of the show is to sustain viewers to watch the commercials that play during the show. I don't think of the show as being much of a source of reliable information.

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Re: Boston Whaler restoration episode

Postby Masbama » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:35 pm

There is a way to watch it if you subscribe to his website. You can also search for it on your cable/satellite program guide. It will probably pop up on You Tube soon.

I agree with you on his show and what it is about, but he does own multiple Whalers including one just like mine; I find it interesting from that standpoint. I have found some of his advertisers helpful but I do find his continuous bashing of Evinrude distasteful.

You would have to agree that the “waterlogged hull foam”topic frequently comes up and seems to be a concern among some Whaler owners.

I like your opinion backed with facts about it rarely occurring. My first Whaler was a 1977 Montauk that went through three engines and trailers and is still in use to this day. I now own two other Whalers and they are 1999 and 2003 models. They seem like brand new models to me.

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Re: Boston Whaler restoration episode

Postby sraab928 » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:09 pm

Masbama wrote: I have found some of his advertisers helpful but I do find his continuous bashing of Evinrude distasteful.

The same guy (John Greviskis) was an Evinrude sponsor and bashed four strokes repeatedly until Yamaha paid him more. All you have to do is give him money and your product will become the next best thing. I give zero credit to his or his shows opinion (and I am a Yamaha fan).

As for the episode you are referring to - Metan marine is doing the restoration (a recent new sponsor to the show) - Metan also produces a line of new Boston Whaler clones that are not produced using the same methods as Whalers are. There are many youtube videos showing their process.

Here is one example of a 1973 Boston Whaler restoration.
1971 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 - under restoration