Whaler Restoration - Seattle

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Malcolm Goodfellow
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Whaler Restoration - Seattle

Postby Malcolm Goodfellow » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:16 pm

Pacific Fiberglass co-located in Canal Boatyard in Ballard is who I'd use for restoration of a Boston Whaler. Yes, they work on a lot of yachts but they love little boats, are fairly priced, and deliver excellent workmanship. I have seen a few Outrage 18 boats in their yard

For an OEM-looking fuel tank cover re-core, Doug and his team are the ones.

They are fiberglass repair only.

CSR should also be on the list of Boston Whaler restoration firms in Seattle. They are my go-to for larger boats and projects. A full service boatyard that can do it all and also delivers excellent workmanship.