Trailer for 27 Full Cabin

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Mr 88
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Trailer for 27 Full Cabin

Postby Mr 88 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:28 pm

After taking my first ride about 54 years ago on a 13-footer, I just picked up my first Boston Whaler boat: a 1987 27 Full Cabin with inboard engine. I was told the factory installed a keel because of the tower that was going to be installed. The keel is about 8-inches in depth and stops about 6-feet from the stern--not a full length version.

My next mission is to either have a trailer made for the 27 Full Cabin or retrofit a trailer to accept the keel. Some extensions will have to be built so that I can mount bunks higher on the trailer to keep the keel from resting on the axles.

Give me suggestions or information [about a trailer that will handle and load a Boston Whaler 27 Full Cabin boat with an unusual modification to its keel]--it will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Trailer Specs for 27 FC

Postby ConB » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:18 pm

Have a boat yard lift the [Boston Whaler 27 Full Cabin boat] out of the water so you can take measurements and pictures for a future trailer.

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Re: Trailer Specs for 27 FC

Postby Mr 88 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:58 pm

[The Boston Whaler 27 Full Cabin boat] is being transported this weekend to my driveway.

I have another boat in the water for the rest of season.

I am going to go over the 27 FC, [in order that] when [the 27 FC] goes in [to service] next spring all systems and wood restoration will be 100-percent--do it once and do it right.

Yes, I plan on [creating specification for a new trailer] then. I just thought someone may have run into this and had dimensions [for a trailer that could support this unusual 27 FC boat with a keel].

Actually, I have a trailer for my 28-feet Rampage. I was hoping I could switch [the 28 RAMPAGE and the 27 FULL CABIN boats] back and forth [on the same trailer] without having to swap out [the trailer's] bunks.

Maybe I could have some support brackets made for the 27 FC that would be higher than existing bunks so the existing bunks could stay put, and then I would just remove the support brackets for the 27 FC when swapping out [the boats to be loaded on the same trailer].

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Re: Trailer Specs for 27 FC

Postby Phil T » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:12 am


Given the factory modification for the tower, I think a standard Whaler 27FC trailer setup would not be helpful.

We would like to see photos of her in any condition. There is nothing better that oogling other owners boats.
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