170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

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170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby Jon » Sun Jan 24, 2016 8:42 am

Thank you Jimh for an excellent resource for Whaler fans. I have owned four Whalers over the years, two 13's, a 17 Striper, and an Outrage 20. I am looking at a Montauk 170 for family use and like the idea of a sun lounge option forward. I don't see this option used very often in the USA, more in Europe. It looks like it would accomModate sun bathers, extend the forward casting deck for fishing, and offer some additional daytime storage underneath. It is an expensive option at $1,600. Anyone have experience with this option, good or bad?

Further, I am thinking of using rod holder and back rest from the fishing package, so two people can lounge facing forward while underway. Then use the cooler and cushion or Yeti 65 and cushion in front of engine well, but no baitwell.

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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby JRP » Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:33 pm

I like your plan. And if you fit the Montauk 170 with a complete set of Mills (or similar) canvas, the sun lounge would offer a nice sleeping platform for camp cruising.

I agree about no live-well. When I was considering purchasing a new Montauk 170, after seeing one in person I concluded that the built-in livewell used up too much precious space for a boat this size. By having a removable cooler that you can locate in the same position as the livewell, you have the flexibility of leaving it ashore when you don't need it.

From my perspective, money was better spent on a nice rear seat option (whether stern quarter or bench) than the livewell. (But I realize there are some owners who do a lot of fishing who might want the built-in livewell.)

Incidentally, my Outrage 19 has a custom platform that extends the foreward "casting deck" aft to the console. The storage underneath comes in very handy for items such as fenders, swim noodles, and other bulky stuff.

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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby ferdinando » Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:22 am

Jon: I purchased a new 190 Montauk in 2008, my wife insisted that I purchase both the Sun Lounge and the rear seat, both items were close to $2000.00. To keep the peace I agreed which caused me to go over my boat budget by 2 grand.

I have used both items only once, they now sit under my bed in plastic bags.

The Sun Lounge looks great but the use we have given it did not warrant a $2000 expenditure. So think twice before spending the money and make sure you will get your money's worth of use otherwise it may find a place under your bed.


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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby K Albus » Tue Jan 26, 2016 12:37 pm

I added the sun lounge option to my 2002 Dauntless 180 back in 2010. I posted several pictures in a thread on the old forum: http://continuouswave.com/ubb/Forum8/HTML/004242.html

I got a lot of use out of the sun lounge. I had a canvas shelter made for the boat, and used it for two one-week long cruises where I lived aboard. I slept on the sun lounge both of those weeks. I also used the sun lounge just about all summer on day trips to the lake - my wife loved it for laying out in the sun. My only complaint was that it was unwieldy. I could wrangle it around on my own, but it really took two people to handle it well/safely.

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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby endus » Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:00 pm

Interested in this topic. I had looked around for information about the sun lounge when we bought the boat, but I did not find that much.

If I recall, my 04 Montauk doesn't have the wood blocks embedded in the deck to allow me to secure a rear seat, but I don't think there was any such concern associated with the sun lounge.

We really use our boat for my wife and I just to cruise around, eat lunch, take pictures, and hang out. The front cushion is just barely big enough, but I think the sun lounge would really be ideal.

The idea of getting a forward dodger and camping by sleeping on the boat also really appeals to me.

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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby johnlandnsea » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:12 pm

Does anybody know what year the Sun Lounge was first offered? I too have an 04 Montauk 170 and haven't found the correct wood locating diagram (unless it's the 2002 diagram). I believe ENDUS is correct that the proper wood placement is missing aft for seating. Also, I think the existing wood in front of the center console is sufficient for a sun lounge.
Could someone with more knowledge shed more light on this please?
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Re: 170 Montauk Sun Lounge Option

Postby Jon » Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:13 pm

Thanks for everyone's responses and discussion regarding the sun lounge option. I like the idea of installing a forward camping shelter, it certainly makes the added cost more justified. I would prefer to delete the bow rail, wondering if this is possible from the factory when ordering the sun lounge option. Also, I noticed that the Dauntless 18 sun lounge was made of fiberglass, it appears that the Montauk version is HDPE. Folks wanting a similar sun lounge set up on older Montauks could make one out of starboard or HDPE.