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SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:57 pm
by 1985supersport15
Please recommend a reputable shipping company to ship my 1985 SUPER SPORT 15 to Rhode Island from Charleston, South Carolina preferably on a flatbed truck, and give an estimate of the cost to be expected. This trip is approximately 930-miles. Thanks--Andy

Re: SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:01 pm
by Todd
I used USHIP.COM two years ago when I had my 2003 Dauntless on a trailer shipped to Lansing, Michigan from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida .

USHIP.COM brokers the shipment to several carriers. You select the one with the best price and experience.

[The carrier] moved the boat on a flatbed trailer the 1,165 miles to Michigan over a five day period. I had the boat shrink wrapped to keep it clean and secure the interior contents.

The fee was to be about $1500 including travel insurance. The fee was increased after I accepted the offer to ship because the [shipped weight I gave them was wrong].

The dealer I purchased the boat from had underestimated the weight. The dealer thought the boat on the trailer weighed 1,500 lbs, but that was the dry weight of the boat only. Once weight included the trailer, engine, batteries, and 42-gallons of fuel, the total weight of the load to be shipped was closer to 2,500-lbs, which made a difference on how the boat was loaded and the cost of the transport.

No matter which transport company you use, make sure the weight you give them is accurate.


Re: SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:56 pm
by 1985supersport15
Thanks for the reply. That’s a lot more money than I was hoping for. I would trailer it myself, but it’s too much time off work and a pain. Plus then I would have to drive right back so one way shipped option seems the best. It’s a family boat that my grandfather owned and it’s a family heirloom so I’m gonna see if I can’t get a better price if my family might kick in some. Like to see another generation on that Whaler. If anyone else has any shipping company tips please let me know.


Re: SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 10:10 am
by jimh
If your preference to transport of the boat on a flatbed trailer is due to concern about the condition of the boat trailer and its road-worthiness to make a trip of 1,000 highway miles, you might consider this option: instead of paying perhaps $1,000 more for transport on a flatbed trailer, invest that same amount into refurbishment of the trailer. Have new tires installed. Have the wheel bearings replaced and freshly lubricated. Have the winch strap and hold down straps replaced. Then have the boat transported by getting it towed on the highway on its trailer.

The cost for refurbishment of the trailer may be less than the cost increase in transportation to have the boat trailer put on a flatbed truck. When the boat arrives the trailer will be refurbished, and you will avoid those costs in the future.

Re: SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:03 am
by 1985supersport15
Jim that’s a great suggestion. The reason I was going flatbed route was because it just seemed safer for the boat and I also was not aware a lot of shipping companies out there would direct tow and that it would be less expensive. Does anyone know off hand any companies that specialize in towing boats outright as opposed to on a flatbed truck?

If it’s a significant cost savings I’ll definitly go this route. My trailer would need 3 new tires including the spare and I would want bearings cleaned and repacked/ replaced if necessary. Lights would need minor tweak because driver rear I just discovered a grounding concern, but these are all doable things and fairly inexpensive. Other than that my trailer is in decent shape for a 1985 --I laugh aloud--. My grandfather used it minimally because he kept boat on a river for the summers in upstate NY so it didn’t see salt water until my family got it in mid to late 90s. Even then, we had it at a slip so trailer wasn’t dunked all the time and I rinse it thoroughly. I have however put a new rear crossmemeber on it and new axle within the last 6 years so I know those are solid. But trailer is otherwise roadworthy from what I can tell.

The only other roadblock I have is in SC you are not required to title and register a trailer unless you intend to cross state lines. The problem is SC implemented a new law for any new registeon car or trailer there is a one time $500 fee plus reg fees! So that would cut into my savings margin if I tagged it. Anyone taken the risk of trailering across state lines without a tag? Maybe a shipping company gets a waiver and puts temp tag on I don’t know. Anyone dealt with this aspect of having boat towed across state lines?

Thanks for all the valuable info so far!


Re: SUPER SPORT 15 Shipping Boat to RI from SC

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:00 pm
by flymo
Andy, it costs nothing other than your time to create a Uship listing and get some bids. You may not like the answer, but at least then you'll know. If you are flexible on timing, so the shipper can combine loads going to the same area, you can save a ton. Basically the more options you give the carrier (possibly including the option to tow the boat on its own trailer) the lower the price is likely to be.

This time of year may be a problem, as many of the shippers move cars for "snowbirds" and they're currently coming north. I shipped my 15 in the fall so the trailer was coming north empty, and saved a lot. But you never know - you might get lucky.