Must be a Boston Whaler

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Must be a Boston Whaler

Postby Dutchman » Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:48 am

I was reading an article by Herb McCormick in the magazine Cruising World about a sailboat crossing the Atlantic this past summer. I ran into the following paragraph.

The weirdest part of it happened when I was snoozing. Apparently, Logan and Billy were approached by a pair of dudes in a 25-foot center-console powerboat with a ­single outboard — not something you’d expect to find in the open Atlantic 100 miles off the coast of Nova Scotia. They came alongside, mumbled incoherently, dropped back, shone a light on the hull, ­approached again and asked, “Where’s Lyle?” Then they bolted off for good. Logan reckoned they were harmless nuts, that it was some sort of botched drug rendezvous. But it remains a mystery.

I assume it must have been a Whaler (as they can't sink) who else would be a 100 miles out into the Atlantic. Still stupid and the writer's assumption might be true.
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