1999 Conquest 21 Shower and Porta-Potti

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1999 Conquest 21 Shower and Porta-Potti

Postby Bretm1 » Mon May 30, 2016 2:32 pm

I recently purchased a 1999 Boston Whaler Conquest 21. Love it so far, and I am trying to get to know it better. I have gone through the owners manual but I can not find what I need to know. First, I am not sure if I have the fresh water shower as I do not know how or where it would be set up. There is a hose connection in the splash well, but I'm not sure where it draws water from. There is a switch marked "water" at the helm. It does not appear to do anything but it could be a connection problem. Can someone please advise how I identify if I have that option?

Secondly, there is a porta- potti which is connected to some white flexible hose. I see the WASTE outlet near the fuel cap, so I assume there is a holding tank. I'm confused about the dual purpose wash down pump switch. It appears I do have the live well pump and I understand the switch operates the raw water wash down--is that the porta potti?--and the live wells. I don't want to get the porta-potti going and pump it where I'm not supposed to.

Sorry for the confusion. I'm not familiar with these options.


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Re: 1999 Conquest 21 Shower & Porta-Potti question

Postby Mambo Minnow » Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:24 pm

Hi, I can help as I have the same year and model. The WASTE cap (adjacent to fuel) on the port gunwale is hooked to remotely vacuum the port-potti.

There is no installed waste tank below decks. I assume it was designed as a feature to assist those that berth their Conquest afloat at the marina.

There was an optional 20-gallon fresh water tank. It's gray plastic in the extreme stern below deck behind the fuel tank in the bilge. There is an option to draw in both raw water wash down and fresh water. There is a shower hose that retracts immediately adjacent in the stern well next to the oil refill cap. There is a twist valve in the port side athwartship storage that makes this a live well as well. It's hard to find but it is there as well.

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Re: 1999 Conquest 21 Shower and Porta-Potti

Postby Bretm1 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:26 am

Thank you.