For Boston Whaler boats or related gear
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Postby jimh » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:23 pm

Articles posted to MARKETPLACE should be in one of these categories

--notice of FOR-SALE for an item

--notice of WANTED-TO-BUY for an item

--request for APPRAISAL for a specific item (not a general category)

The items offered for sale or wanted-to-buy or to be appraised should be principally Boston Whaler boats, or gear that is useful on a Boston Whaler boat, such as outboard engines, trailers, accessories, rigging, clothing, and so on.

Notices of items for sale MUST include a basic description of the item, the asking price, and details on how to contact the seller. Postings that contain ONLY a URL or hyperlink to other websites will not be accepted. For items that cannot be sent via normal small parcel shipping methods--such as a boat--the location of the item for sale must be given.

All articles giving notice of FOR-SALE must be initiated by the actual seller.

MARKETPLACE does not try to collect and organize information about all possible notices of FOR-SALE of Boston Whaler boats that exist elsewhere on the web or other information systems.

Links to web-hosted information which by its very nature will be temporary should not be used, including links to sites like craigslist or ebay which are likely to disappear in a very short time in the future.

Please do not attempt to initiate discussions about Boston Whaler boats. Such discussions should be started in The GAM or other specific topic area. MARKETPLACE is for buying, selling, or help in appraisals of specific items.