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Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:15 pm
by jimh
Please note that any listing here of an item that is for sale must contain at the very least the following five essential elements:

  1. explicitly state the item is for sale;
  2. in the body of the post there must be a basic description of the item that is for sale;
  3. in the body of the post there must be information about where the item for sale is located if it is not possible to ship the item via standard postal or delivery services; in other words, if the item is a boat, you must include the location where the boat is presently located;
  4. in the body of the post there must be a clear declaration of the asking price in US-dollars;
  5. in the body of the post there must be clear information on how to contact the seller directly, that is, by some private means of communication that does not require posting public messages or rely on both parties being logged into the forum reading their forum private messages.

See the ANNOUNCEMENT at the top of the listings for the original posting of these rules.

Lately there are too many posting here of items for sale that do not include these four or five essential and mandatory pieces of information.

Notices of Wanted-To-Buy should similarly indicate clearly what item is wanted, where the prospective buyer is located, and a method to be contacted directly.