Outrage 25 Whaler Drive with Single Engine

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John_Madison CT
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Outrage 25 Whaler Drive with Single Engine

Postby John_Madison CT » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:28 am

My 1989 Outrage 25 Cuddy with Whaler Drive is currently powered with twin original Johnson 150-HP outboards. I eventually plan on re-powering with a single outboard, probably a single 300-HP four-stroke-power-cycle engine. Even though these 1989 Johnson 150 engines are quite light for their horsepower, I will end up saving a couple hundred pounds at the transom.

The only thing confusing me is are the specifications of the shaft length for a single outboard. Everything I can find on this topic says a single engine requires a 25-inch shaft length. However, this is the same shaft length as with twin outboards.

Anyone have insight on this?

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Re: Outrage 25 Whaler Drive with Single Engine

Postby jimh » Mon Jul 17, 2017 7:50 am

My REVENGE 22 W-T Whaler Drive has a single engine with 25-inch shaft. The engine is mounted one-hole-up. There has never been a problem with the propeller ventilating.

On my boat the Whaler Drive has a flat bottom in the center portion, where the single engine mounts. I presume this was intended to allow use of a single engine with 25-inch shaft.


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