13' Whaler Restoration

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13' Whaler Restoration

Postby Levie » Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:43 pm

Hello All. I just aquired a 1969 13-footer in decent condition. My plans are to bring it back and polish it up over the winter. I plan to post pictures as I progress.

I'm not dead set on an authentic restoration, so I am fine with using paints instead of using gelcoats. Right now my plans are to dismantle the boat and sand the entire thing down, do the necessary fiberglass work. filling, and fairing where necessary.

I also plan on redoing all the wood with Sapele as it is all mismatched and pieced in. Is Sapele an acceptable replacement for the wood seats and console? Or, should I use a different kind of mahogany?

Going to use West System epoxy for the fiberglass repair and thinking about using it with some filler for fairing some areas.

I was thinking I could grind down the non-skid on the floor of the boat to smooth, and then use a sand-and-powder-style-non-skid mixed-in with the paint. The boat appears to have screws in the groove around the non-skid, would I have to remove these and then fill the holes?

What topside and bottom paint for the interior and exterior is recommended?

I was thinking of using TotalBoat Boston Whaler blue paint on the inside. I was planning on using an epoxy primer on the inside and out. For the outside I was going to use a white topside paint above the waterline and a blue bottom paint below the water line. I plan on using a brush and roller to apply the paint.

A new rubrail is also going on.


http://s1044.photobucket.com/user/llapa ... ary/Whaler

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Re: 13' Whaler Restoration

Postby jimh » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:42 am

I have used West System epoxy to make minor repairs. Be sure to thoroughly was the surface of the epoxy repairs with a detergent to remove amine blush before you apply any top coats of paint.

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Re: 13' Whaler Restoration

Postby John_Madison CT » Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:46 am

What does thoroughly "was" mean?

Just keeping in the spirit of spelling and grammatical accuracy. : )