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1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 2:27 pm
by NLA01
I did it. I just picked up my fourth Whaler project, a 1994 Outrage 24 Limited Edition. My previous whalers I have restored are (in order)

--1978 Montauk,
--1983 Outrage 22, and
--1977 Lowpro 19 ( which will be for sale very soon).

This boat is an 24' Outrage Limited edition with a blue hull color. My new project boat needs to have front and rear deck re-cored. The last owner let the boat sit for 10 years and the console bottom area was full of water when I got the boat. This is the lower area where there would be a porta potty. The removable front deck is in front of the console partially covered by the console and the fuel tank removable deck under the console both are water damaged, are a spongy and soft, and need [to be] pulled and re-cored. I have done this twice once to the 22 Outrage and the 19 lowpro. So the work I know how to do.
Besides these two things, the boat is solid as a rock. Just need to repower with a Yamaha 250-300.

How is the console attached to the deck? And if I detach the console can I just prop the console up to remove the deck underneath? My plan is to not have to disconnect all wiring, cables and hoses from the console, but tilt it forward for the fuel tank deck and tilt it back for the front deck removal.

What are the wire color codes for this boat?

How is the console sealed around the base to the boat? I do not see a seam caulk bead around the console. It looks like it just sits there. Water leaking into the console from around the base right now if it rains.

Is the blue hull color original from the factory gelcoat? Or is it paint? Looking online on the whaler [website], the colored hulls are paint options, but in 1994 did they paint the hull? Or was it gelcoat?

Thanks for the help--Archie

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Mon May 22, 2017 2:56 pm
by jimh
The wire color codes used by Boston Whaler are given in the REFERENCE section. I have never heard of any particular special wire color code being used for a particular year, family, or model. It would make no sense at all to change wire color codes for a particular year, family, or model. Boston Whaler uses the STANDARD MARINE COLOR CODES used by most all good boat buiders. See

Marine Wiring Color Codes: Boston Whaler Boats ... de.html#BW

The hull color was probably done in the gel coat. I do not recall a blue color. I recall an AQUAMARINE color, a sort of blue-green. There is a boat in the CETACEA collection that has a blue-green hull. It was one of four boats made specially for a particular event. See ... age73.html

Photo from Cetacea Page 73 of OUTRAGE 24 with unusual hull color

Use of painted hulls did not begin until recently, probably c.2005 or later.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Tue May 23, 2017 12:13 pm
by NLA01
Thank you for the information about the other color, green. My boat is very much like that one except it is blue. The non skid is a molded gray in the sole of the boat. It is like a two tone, the white interior hull and the gray non skid. It is good to hear that it is not paint but is gelcoat, which will help me fix cracks in the gelcoat.

Thanks for the wire color guide, that will help.
It has a very large after market t top which I have to remove to disconnect the console from the deck.
There is very limited information about this boat online and maybe someone out there has one like this and can chime in on how the console is installed.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:25 pm
by Pjwelch73
I have restored my [1995] OUTRAGE 24 . I re-powered with a VERADO 350. I added a Bob's Machine Shop extreme jackplate. I added a SIMRAD EVO2 NSS 16. I re-did the decks. I can answer most questions.

[To any owners of a c.1995 OUTRAGE 24: have you installed a MOELLER 142-gallon fuel tank]?

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:15 am
by Phil T
Arch--With only four years of production (1994 to 1998) in the recreational line, I can see information is limited.

While there are no diagrams on the RESOURCES section of, you could call Customer Service. Maybe Katie Toot or Chuck Bennett can see if they have any diagrams.


Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:26 pm
by msirof2001
The only limited edition I know of for the Outrage 24 was the Fenwick/Cross-tackle edition. I believe it was offered in 1997. Had a very dark green hull. They advertised things like retractable cleats so lines wouldn't get caught. The emphasis was fly fishing. If I recall, there was an enhanced bow casting platform. I'm trying to find more info. It was so limited, I wonder if they made more than a few, and sold more than a few, or any. The Outrage 24 pictured above isn't that model. I believe they also offered the Outrage 21 in this configuration.

These Outrage 24 hulls [were made] from 1993 to 1997 [and are] great hulls. Other threads in this website that have people contemplating reducing the 195 gallon fuel capacity make me want to cry. I'd love to get one of these 195 gallon carrying Outrage 24's and stick the new Yamaha 425 XTO engine on the back--an offshore-fishing enthusiast's dream boat.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:59 pm
by NLA01
I have not been able to find any information at all about the 24 Outrage Limited Edition from the mid 1990's. It would be nice to find out more information. I really don't think there is anything different about my boat. Here are a few things that my boat has:

--low profile bow rails with white powder coating instead of the high rails
--a gray-blue gelcoat which has not held up very well in the sun; it is gelcoat not paint and it is the whole boat hull that is blue
--no bottom paint
--deck is two-tone, gray on the the non-skid and white everywhere else
--fresh water tank under the front deck
--original "Limited" decal on the side of the leaning post and maybe somewhere else on the boat.

I really don't have better pictures than these:

image2 (1) smaller.jpg
Fig. 1. No caption
image2 (1) smaller.jpg (188.48 KiB) Viewed 4124 times

image1 (17).jpeg
Fig. 2 No caption
image1 (17).jpeg (125.22 KiB) Viewed 4124 times

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:18 am
by vze2gbs4
This particular 1994 OUTRAGE 24 boat is indeed special. I never saw or heard about blue gelcoat Boston Whaler hulls back in c.1994. Like everybody else, I know about those few boat show teal hull color 24 Outrage boats.

The only thing that comes to mind is that boat was made for [a Boston Whaler] executive or retiring employee . I read a story about a blue gelcoat 21 Conquest that was owned by Boston Whaler executive; maybe this boat has similar path. Either way, your boat is a gem and looks very cool since it is one a million--as they say.

That two-tone gray-white deck option was very, very expensive. I had a 27 Offshore; if I remember, even back in 1991 that [option] was a few thousand dollars. It is a cool option. I always admired the craftsmanship of laying out two tones while building [an OUTRAGE 24].

Looking at entire package, don't even think about removing the T-Top. It would be a crime to separate [the T-Top] from this gorgeous boat.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 12:04 pm
by jimh
In Fig. 1 above you can really see the nice bow entry of the c.1994 24 OUTRAGE hull. It should be able to slice into head seas.

Also seen in Fig. 1 is the nice fit on the trailer. The hull chines look like they are riding just an inch or less above the trailer fenders. That is a good fit for the the boat on the trailer.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:52 am
by NLA01
Thanks for your comments.
Wow I did not know that I have such a rare boat. I assumed there were many of these. I do know that they made a yellow Gelcoat version also. Just for the record it is a 1995 hull not 1994. I made a mistake in the original post. Not that it would make a different.

I though that the two tone gray and white deck was standard on the Outrage 24 model. The deck has stood up well to weathering. It shows almost no spider cracking.

Since my original post I have done a lot to this boat but it needs a lot more. Both removable decks had rotten cores. I pulled the tank deck and recored it two summer ago. with marine grade and epoxy. It is fully glasses under it and back in but then I discovered a fuel leak in the back of the tank. So I need to pull this deck once again to replace the tank. I have been using a portable deck tank to take the boat out. The front deck still needs to be pulled and recored, but is still use able. The rest of the boat is soild including all hatches, decks and transom.

I have rewired most of the boat with new a switch panel and als installed new hydraulic steering. Still need to replace two pumps, the fresh water and raw water pumps and wire them. I also need to do all lighting. I also need new bolsters pads for the gunnels.

Couple things about this boat. One is: the reason why I love Whalers is because of the care and craftsman ship but into them during the manufacturing of these boats. I been through every nook and cranny of this boat during the refit and I have to say this is an extremely well built boat. It is a solid as a tank. And it was built to last. Everything is over built and heavy and solid. Second: this boat rides like a Cadillac in the water. It is very easy to drive and maneuver. My last boat was a 78 Low pro 19' with a Yamaha 150 and for my son or wife to drive it they had to really learn the boat and be able to read the water in Galveston Bay. This boat you just point and go. It cuts though the water like a knife in warm butter. It is heavy and needs lots of power to get it going too. It is a very deep V. But once it is up and running on plane it is smooth sailing. The transition from displacement to plane is almost not noticeable and the boat feels like it is comfortable almost any speed around that. Making it easier to running in rough water. The Low pro 19' had lots of trouble with this and kept wanting to lay flat and speed off.

Re: 1994 OUTRAGE 24 Limited Edition

Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:20 am
by Phil T
Archie -

If you want to know if the interesting features are factory installed, contact Boston Whaler Customer Service. Katie and Chuck may be able to clarify a bit. Providing the HIN is important.

Let us know what you find out.