1991 17' Outrage Dri-Dek flooring

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1991 17' Outrage Dri-Dek flooring

Postby Hollywood1202 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:56 pm

Any feedback on using Dri-Dek installed on the decks of whalers?
I noticed in one of your pictures of your 17 outrage 1992 you had those 10"x10" Tan Dri-Dek on the deck of your whaler. I would like to do the same. Do you remember the total number of tiles you used on the installation? How do they hold up?

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Re: 1991 17' Outrage Dri-Dek flooring

Postby Ridge Runner » Sun Jul 09, 2017 5:28 pm

Dri-Dek is an excellent product, but I have found to cover large areas is expensive at almost $7 a square foot - I found a company named Rubber-Cal that sells commercial "S" PVC Drainage Mats that come in full 4'x50' rolls for about $2.40 per square foot. The material is UV stable and used in applications like car washes, kitchens, freezer floors and large yacht decks.
http://www.rubbercal.com/rubber-mat/boa ... -mats.html
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Re: 1991 17' Outrage Dri-Dek flooring

Postby Phil T » Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:19 pm

Mike -

For a classic Montauk, I used 48 1'x1' squares. For the Outrage 17, I recall it was the same. I used one width of squares under the console to connect the bow area to the main area.


While the price has doubled in the 10+ yrs since I first did it, I plan to do it again on my 1992 Outrage 17 when the restoration gets that far.

It held up well in both applications. The guy who bought my Outrage 17 just sold it and said the Dri-dek was great, 10 yrs after install.

I recommend it for many reasons.

- Almond complements the desert tan gelcoat
- water travels under and through, easy to spray off any sand, spills etc.
- Hides old deck cracks, imperfections.
- Not attached. No holes to drill. Easy to trim for custom fit.
- Removable for annual cleaning.
- Softens in warm temps so not hard on feet
- Protects deck from heavy objects being dropped (I carried a lot of freight)
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