Interlux perfection

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Interlux perfection

Postby Mattwarner » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:42 pm

[I plan] on using [Interlux PERFECTION two-part polyurethane topside paint] for an upcoming project. What color of [Interlux PERFECTION topside paint] is closest to Desert Tan?

I will be doing the whole boat; it doesn't need to match just be near to Desert Tan.

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Re: Interlux perfection

Postby jimh » Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:30 pm

I recommend you DO NOT make any choice based on how colors appear on your web browser on a website. Go to a distributor of Interlux or write to Interlux, and ask to get a paint chip chart for their several tints of white colors. Choose from whites in these shades:


To assess the colors, view them only in sunlight, preferably in somewhat indirect and diffuse sunlight. Never make a decision on color based in indoor lighting in a business or home. However, if you just want to be near to Desert Tan, all of the above are probably suitable.

The paint chips will probably be very high lustre finish. To judge them against a Boston Whaler hull in Desert Tan, the hull should also be buffed and polished to a high lustre, otherwise your judgement of color will be affected. Unless you have strong confidence in the color acuity of your own vision, ask several other people to make a judgement of the best match. Many people have awful color vision and have no ability to judge subtle variations in colors, particularly in off-white colors.

For some opinions on a color from Interlux PERFECTION see:

There seems to be some trend toward Oyster White as a good choice, but I would confirm that myself with the paint color chips as I described above. You can find many prior comments with this search LINK.

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Re: Interlux perfection

Postby Oldslowandugly » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:08 pm

I used the Matterhorn White on my 15 footer's interior. It is a very bright white shade- nowhere near the original color. I have some Interlux 401/402 Epoxy Primer that I used as a base. Epoxy paint dulls and changes color from ultraviolet light exposure. Strangely, when allowed to age, this primer then matches my exterior hull color almost exactly. But epoxy needs to be over-coated to protect it and that is why Polyurethane is a better choice for a top coat. What I do is I use the epoxy primer alone to cover scratches and blemishes on the outside hull. I have to touch it up every season but it really hides the problem areas.