Repair or modification of Boston Whaler boats, their engines, trailers, and gear
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Postby Mattwarner » Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:27 am

Hi Guys,

In the process of painting my 79 Montauk and need to decide on what to do with the deck as the original non-skid had worn away in places and patches repairs mean the original pattern cannot be saved.

I have a couple of options and need some opinions/validations before I proceed. note I am using Interlux Perfection Oyster White and have not painted any of the deck non skid so far but have sanded it down, its not perfectly flat so looking for reasonable coverage to hide the few inperfections and repairs. Ideally I don't want a different color on the deck if possible also being in the UK my choices are fairly limited and some of the brands are not available.

1. Paint with the same Perfections and broadcast AWLgrip Griptex Course / Interlux Course additive followed by a sealer coat after the excess has been vacuumed up.
2. I have some Oyster White gelcoat with wax added, could I mix in some non slip additive and roller this on? (cheapest option as I wont need to buy any more paint)
3. Use a specialist coating with non-skid already added such as Intergrip / Kiwigrip etc, could I get white and mix in some Oyster White Pigment to match the color?