1984 Outrage 22 Re-power

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1984 Outrage 22 Re-power

Postby Banshee34 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:08 am

Hello--new to Continuous Wave, and I hope you can help me with selecting the correct engine for my new 1984 22 Outrage which is currently rigged single-engine with the original 1984 OMC 200 25-inch shaft.

The boat has the Super Console. I'm not sure of fuel tank size.

I'm looking at pre-owned Yamaha engines, both two and four stroke.

Can [a 1984 Outrage 22] boat carry the additional weight of a four-stroke-power-cycle engine?

Is a two-stroke-power-cycle engine with fuel injection a better choice?

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Re: 1984 Outrage 22 Re-power

Postby jimh » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:24 am

A classic 22-foot hull could carry twin engines of that era. You could estimate the allowable transom weight from that rigging using the weight of older two-stroke-power-cycle engines of about 90-HP.

See a list of older engine weights at


To have 600-lbs of engines on the transom of an Outrage 22 would have been typical for twin 90-HP rigs.

Just don't buy one of those early Yamaha F225 engines that has been run in saltwater. In fact, don't buy any used engines from saltwater boats.

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Re: 1984 Outrage 22 Re-power

Postby mikegcny » Tue Aug 01, 2017 10:19 am

I have twin F115s on the same boat (84 Outrage 22 with the Super Console).

It does have a bit of squat that I am going to correct by moving the console forward about 10 inches and moving the batteries up to the console. I should also mention that my boat was originally a cuddy, so the console is about 3" aft of where it would be on a non-cuddy.

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Re: 1984 Outrage 22 Re-power

Postby Marko888 » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:02 pm

Of the many possible used Yamaha choices, it depends a lot on how you want to use your boat.

Do some searching for Outrage 22 repower, and you will find accounts of everything from F150's through F225's.

Lighter is better. Current four-stroke-power-cycle engines include the 490-lbs 2.8-liter F175 or F200 in-line four-cylinder engines: compare to the new 560-lbs. 4.2-liter 225 V6. From what I have read, the smaller-displacement engines should provide more top speed--but slower holeshot--than your old 200. I recently saw a 4.2 225 on a 22 that did 50-MPH. The smaller-displacement engines will produce boat speeds of the low-to-mid 40-MPH.

I own a 1984 (the same year) Outrage Cuddy 22 but with standard console. I also have a T9.9 kicker, thus I would likely choose the in-line four-cylinder engine for less overall weight.
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