Twin 200 v. Single 350

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Twin 200 v. Single 350

Postby mkelly » Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:58 am

Hi folks. [I am considering the choice] between twin four-cylinder 200-HP Yamaha engines or a single 5.3L 350-HP Yamaha on a new boat purchase. I'm okay with the horsepower difference so it's really down to performance of twins versus the single.

Anyone have experience running twin 200's (or so) and experience running a large [more than 300-HP] single?

I've read some literature that the single might not provide the ride stability, and might also introduce more torque on the wheel, but the boat does have power steering so that's probably not a concern.

I do like two propellers in the water opposing themselves for stability while running, but I have no experience to say it really matters. The boat is 26-feet long and boat weighs about 5,000-lbs dry.

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Re: Twin 200 v. Single 350

Postby msirof2001 » Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:21 pm

Here are some twin Yamaha F200XB performance reports with boats seemingly comparable to the size you mentioned:

Edgewater 262 ... 121615_rbt
Grady White 257 ... -03-19_occ
Grady White Freedom 275 ... -03-18_odc
Jupiter 26 FS ... -01-31_occ
Key West 263 ... -11-01_occ
Parker 2520 ... -08-28_owa

Here is a comparison of the same boat, both engine options you are considering, a little heavier than your boat but not by too far:
Chris Craft Calypso 26 (Single 350) ... -03-17_odc
Chris Craft Calypso 26 (Twin F200XB) ... -07-13_odc

When I repowered my old 1995 OUTRAGE 21, I went to the Yamaha performance bulletins and looked at many bulletins of similar sized boats with the engine (Yamaha F200XB) I was considering. After repowering, I found my performance very much in-line with the Yamaha performance reports.

Hope this helps. Mkelly - No more Outrage 19?
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Re: Twin 200 v. Single 350

Postby mkelly » Wed Jul 18, 2018 10:35 pm

The 19' Outrage is still on the trailer without motor, and instead of repowering that one i'm going to the 265 Pursuit Dual Console or 255 Grady Dual Console. Thx for the intel, i'll keep up the info.

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Re: Twin 200 v. Single 350

Postby dtmackey » Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:27 pm

Before you jump into Yamaha 350hp ownership, make sure you fully educate yourself with the faulty design of the flywheel. Yami had a made design error in the 350 flywheel damper that causes a harmful harmonic in the crankshaft and found that after a certain number of hours the flywheel damper can fail and in extreme cases this causes the crankshaft to snap. Yami since added a program into the ECU that logs the number of hours at the undesirable RPM and a warning then lets the operator know the motor needs to be serviced at the dealer so they can replace the flywheel.

This is a well known concern with the 350 Yamaha and they have chosen not to correct this on the current design after many years of production.


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Re: Twin 200 v. Single 350

Postby mkelly » Mon Jul 23, 2018 7:49 pm

I did hear about that and read a fair amount. You are spot on. I'm running the twin 200's Wednesday afternoon on Lake Washington.