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2007 240 Outrage Re-power

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:12 pm
by tdog3
Hello. I have a 2007 240 Outrage and need to re-power as the original Mercury Verado 150 twins are just about done—a long story and wish it were otherwise.

Yesterday I lost the port VERADO FOURSTROKE 150 engine while running. After a mechanic checked it out, I do not see much point in putting money into engines which are on their last legs anyway.

We use the 240 OUTRAGE for fishing, tubing, and general outings. The 240 OUTRAGE has generally been fantastic save for periodic engine problems.

The top speed I've seen on this 240 OUTRAGE with twin 150-HP VERADO FOURSTROKE engined is 36-MPH, and that is with only one person and not much fuel. The hull capacity plate says maximum power is 300-HP

My thinking is to go to a single engine from twin engine, as we only run the 240 OUTRAGE in the Chesapeake Bay—not offshore somewhere; with a single engine there will be less maintenance and less weight on the transom. There are good reasons for twins, including re-sale (as some point out) and maneuverability in tight spaces.

I really want the Mercury V8 300 Verado, but the wait time for those popular engines is nine to 12 months, as several dealers have informed me. So my options are:

1. Re-power with the Mercury 300 in the offseason, which means we go without the boat for the rest of the season (ugh)

2. Re-power with a Yamaha F300 which I have heard good things about. I can probably get that much sooner and have the boat for much of the rest of the time we use it.

I've talked with several local mechanics who indicate preference for the Mercury engines, and these local mechanics are so-so on the Yamaha engines.

I realize that Mercury v. Yamaha can be like the Ford v. Chevy.

Would a YAMAHAF300 be a good engine for my 240 OUTRAGE—as I use the boat?

What affect on performance would occur with re-powering the 240 OUTRAGE with a Yamaha F300?

Give me advice about which engine to choose, the Mercury 300-HP V8 or the Yamaha F300.

Is the loss of the boating season waiting for for the Mercury 300 V8 worth the wait?

I could consider a Suzuki 300 possibly, but am less clear on their reputation.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.


Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:30 pm
by flymo
If it were me, and I had "a long story" about one brand of motor, I'd be eager to move to another. It certainly is Ford v. Chevy though, and preference differs depending on locale. The Yamaha 4.2 has been out for quite a few years, so any teething problems have been worked out. I have one friend who owns one and has nothing but good things to say about it. That said, Suzuki has impressed me with their technology, like programmable counter-rotation. A single 300 should improve your performance significantly over what you had.

It really comes down to local dealer support - which is closest and best? Personally, no way I'd give up the rest of the boating season waiting on a brand of motor that had let me down.

Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 10:25 pm
by Acassidy
Suzuki has gained a lot of popularity around here. I hear really great things about them. Some locals are die hard Suzuki owners. People love that 300.

I am thinking of getting the Suzuki 300 when I repower. I do hear problems with the Yamaha 300 but still see a lot of them around even though Suzuki is slowly catching up in popularity. A lot of guys think the Yamahas are bullet proof and woudn't be seen with any other brand outboard.

The Yamaha 300 is a power horse and is a big motor. I don't think you would not be disappointed with either.

Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 5:48 pm
by tdog3
Thank you both very much for your replies! I agree it would be silly to lose the season (life is too short); I have been reading more about the Suzuki 300 online and talked to people I know (boaters and mechanics) who have very good things to say about them. I am planning to go with the Suzuki 300 over the Yamaha based on what I've heard, plus in talking with dealers the best installed price on the Suzuki is $10,000 less than the Yamaha (wow) with a longer warranty. As both of you said, the Yamaha and the Suzuki are good motors.

Dealer support is certainly a crucial consideration - thank you flymo for pointing that out - and while there are a ton of Yamaha mechanics (seems to be the case everywhere from what I read), I have some good Suzuki support near me.

I am looking forward to hopefully improved performance over my existing 150s, though I suspect there will be some tweaking of height and props to optimize the ride. The place I plan to have my repower done does a lot of them and is very well-reviewed, so I have fingers crossed for it to go smoothly. If anyone has put the Suzuki 300 on a 240 Outrage I'd be very interested in how it went and how the boat performs.

Again, I very much appreciate you both replying to my question.

Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:58 pm
by Phil T
Modern large horsepower motors include many hi-tech features. The days of saving the rigging and gauges are almost gone.

When considering a repower, research and detail the costs associated with rigging. A new network will be required with additional displays and controls. This aspect of the cost is now very substantial. In the old days, it would run $1,000 for all the cables, harnesses, gauges and a binnacle. Now expect these to cost $2000 or more depending on options.

Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:00 pm
by flymo
I will be interested to see the results of this repower, especially the performance. I am guessing top speed will be significantly improved over the 36 MPH seen with the twin 150s.

Re: Repowering 2007 240 Outrage

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:40 am
by tdog3
Thanks for the replies. I made sure the quote I got included rigging and new digital gauge, and I dropped off the boat last week for the re-power [presumably with the Suzuki DF300 engine mentioned earlier as “the plan”—jimh].

I am very excited. I plan to report the results. I appreciate everyone's input.

Re: 2007 240 Outrage Re-power

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 6:14 pm
by flymo
Just as food for thought, almost every modern outboard can be connected up to a multi-function display to give lots of useful information. I did that when I re-powered and the incremental cost was quite low—really just some cabling. I like to have lots of data so it was worth it for me—and, in any case, a good deal cheaper and more informative than separate gauges.

Re: 2007 240 Outrage Re-power

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:42 am
by biggiefl
I have been running Suzukis since 1981 and NONE of them ever failed nor visited a mechanic during their lifetime with me. That being said my friend repowered his 23 Seacraft about 2yrs ago with a single 300 Suzuki from twin 115's. He is running a tad over 50mph now. He literally returned from the Bahamas Monday. It was 109mi from Jupiter to the first island and then another 60ish to where they were staying. Not a problem each way and was getting around 3.5mpg at cruise. I suspect your performance will be much better than 36mph as his boat is a 78 which were pretty heavy, has a 36" bracket on the stern and is rated for 400hp. You made a good good decision with the Suzuki. Are you going drive by wire as well? It is the bomb.

I am repowering my 18 Outrage in the next few months. It has a 2004 F115 Yamaha so I am going to look for a used F225 as I have like new rigging and gauges but am not ruling out anything else. If going new it would be a Suzuki.

Now that you have made a decision....what is the "long story"? I love hearing stories about blown up Mercs.