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1989 Outrage 25 Re-power

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 2:50 pm
by jokke
Hi. I may buy a 1989 Outrage 25 with twin 250-HP Evinrude DI 2004 model with 750-hours. On WOT the current set up gives the boat a top speed of approx 57-MPH.

The current engines are running fine, but my main concern is the fuel economy and the maintenance. I have been told that the maximum power on a Outrage 25 is 300-HP and 970-lbs for weight.

I am considering re-powering the boat with a single Verado 300, 350, or 400R.

Regarding the link above. I really like the set up, but I would like a bit higher top speed.

Any thoughts?

Even if I would go for the 400R it would still be better (weight-speed ratio) than the current set up with twin 250-HP. [Am I] right?

Re: Repower 1989 Outrage 25

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:45 am
by Reelescape1
I would look at Suzuki 350 if you don't want twins.

Re: Repower 1989 Outrage 25

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:54 am
by jimh
Regarding the older thread about an OUTRAGE 25 with a re-power to a single engine, the somewhat lower than expected top speed may be from the 30-inch shaft engine that was used, as is mentioned in that thread.

Re: Repower 1989 Outrage 25

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 9:12 am
by jimh
If the goal is better fuel economy, the VERADO may not be the best choice.

Re: Repower 1989 Outrage 25

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 10:52 am
by jokke
What would you suggest for a single set up Jimh for 300-350hp?

Re: 1989 Outrage 25 Re-power

Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 12:13 pm
by biggiefl
Is it a Whaler drive model? They have a higher HP capacity. 500hp on a 25 is got to be impressive. Fuel economy on the DI(Ficht) engines is good as well. 500hp is 500hp so a 350 would (in most cases) have better economy. With the cost of repowering and the lost of top speed I would either drive it for a while and see what you think or look for another 25 that already has a single and s in need for repower. Lastly the resale for a 250 Ficht is not going to be much. My friend bought a pair of 200's about 5 years ago for like $2700/pr.

Re: 1989 Outrage 25 Re-power

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:16 am
by jimh
JOKKE--sorry for the late reply. Regarding a re-power, my first recommendation is not for a particular engine but for the dealer selling and installing the engine. Look for a dealer who has been selling a particular brand for many years, has done many re-power installations with that brand, has a factory-trained and certified service deparment, and has been in business for a long time. Then work with that dealer to find the best engine for your re-power.

Regarding the Mercury VERADO 400R and fuel economy. The VERADO engines from their introduction have been noted for higher fuel consumption. Mercury re-engineered some elements of the VERADO to improve fuel economy in their second-generation engines. But because of the supercharger design and the general parasitic load of running the supercharger, the VERADO engines tend to consume more fuel at their higher horsepower throttle settings than naturally aspirated engines. At lower throttle settings when little or no supercharger boost is being used, the fuel economy is more comparable to a naturally aspirated engine, and because of the smaller displacement, the fuel economy can be quite good. Look at performance reports for the 400R model to get an idea of the gallons-per-hour fuel consumption at high throttle settings.

Mercury has recently revealed a new V8 naturally-aspirated 4.6-liter 300-HP engine. This engine is available in three categories: VERADO, PRO XS, and SEAPRO. I don't understand the differences in the branding or models. The VERADO version does NOT have a supercharger.

Probably the best fuel economy in a four-stroke-power-cycle outboard engine is found in the HONDA engines, but since HONDA only makes a 250-HP engine, they are likely not an option for your re-power to a single engine.

The new Evinrude G2 direct-injection two-stroke-power-cycle engines have very good fuel economy due to their carefully designed combustion chambers, developed by advanced computer modeling in connection with a university research project. However, like the HONDA, the Evinrude is limited in power. The most powerful E-TEC G2 engine is only a 300-HP, and that may not be suitable for your project.

The YAMAHA V8 5.3-liter 350-HP F350C engine or the SUZUKI V6 4.4-liter DF350 may be candidates, too.

Again, for a re-power project, I would give most consideration to the dealer, his staff, and experience.