Repowering 1992 23 Walkaround

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Repowering 1992 23 Walkaround

Postby beached » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:26 pm

Hi All

I have a 1992 23' Walkaround with factory bracket. Still has original Johnson 150s. Engines are in good shape and was planning on running them for a few more years, but a sudden rash of problems has me considering repowering in the next 6 months. Too short a season in the northeast to not maximize every day on the water.

Agree with past postings about avoiding adding unnecessary weight to the stern. Have Evinrude and Yamaha dealers nearby that I trust (and have used both with other Whalers), so currently looking at Yamaha 4cyls and Etecs. Would love to buy 2 new factory fresh saltwater series yamaha 200s, but that isn't likely! Would appreciate any input on recent repowers to similar size/weight Whalers that anyone has done, especially since the last time this was discussed. Seem to be limited options for repowering the 23 at the moment.

The weight of the Yamaha 4cyls seems to be within a reasonable outer limit (maybe?) for repowering and would let me run twin 175s or 200s. Have concerns about the loss in torque (relative to my Johnson 150s) getting me up on plane easily, or allowing me to run at lower speeds while staying on plane. I'm south of Boston in relatively unprotected water, so enough time is spent in sloppy chop/waves that keeping on plane at lower speeds is part of the consideration.

The Etecs have the advantage of torque but I think weight limits me to the Gen1 150 or the Gen2 3cyl 150. Having a hard time getting my head around the concept of twin 3cyl 1.9L engines pushing a 23 Walkaround. Does anyone have any experience comparing the Gen2 vs the Gen1 150s? Am OK with the performance of my twin Johnson 150s and while I would love a little more top end, I don't want to lose too much mid range handling in that tradeoff.

Has anyone tried a single on a bracketed 23? Previous posts sound like only notched stern single repowers? Not currently thinking about this, but would like to hear from anyone if it has been tried.

Am I missing anything? Thanks!

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Re: Repowering 1992 23 Walkaround

Postby flymo » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:21 pm

I don't have any direct experience with that hull with a bracket, but it sure seems like a big single would meet your goals, including improved top end. A single 300 will be way lighter than twins, and also less expensive, especially since you'll probsbly be looking to replace the controls.

The 3.4 liter eTec G2 300 and the 4.2 liter Yamaha 300 should both have plenty of torque for you. Consider a 4-blade prop or a 3-blade with lots of blade area to help with holding plane at lower speeds.

Just food for thought, but in your situation I would be thinking seriously about a big single rather than twins. I'm right there with you about small-displacement motors being pushed to the max - seems like a step backwards in reliability and durability, not to mention low end grunt.

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Re: Repowering 1992 23 Walkaround

Postby animaldoc » Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:28 am

[Likely meant to refer to forum participant HOOSIER who has a 23 Walkaround notched-transom boat] with twin Yamaha [F150] engines.

Twin engines are really needed for docking with strong currents or wind.

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Re: Repowering 1992 23 Walkaround

Postby jimh » Fri Jul 19, 2019 8:07 am

The legacy E-TEC V6 150-HP would be ideal for the re-power of your 23 Walkaround with Whaler Drive, but I don’t know the production status of that model right now.

With the G2 E-TEC V6 150-HP their weight has increased. Twins would be quite heavy.

The new G2 E-TEC L3 150-HP might be better weight, but would one engine be able to get the 23 Walkaround up on plane? One the other hand, two 150-HP L3 1.9-liter engines make a 300-HP V6 3.8-liter engine, so with both engines running the performance ought to be decent. The electronic shift and throttle controls (ICON II EST) would be a joy to operate. And the fuel economy would be a huge improvement. I believe there is a counter-rotating option for that model.