Optimizing the performance of Boston Whaler boats
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Postby jimh » Tue Oct 13, 2015 3:49 pm

The PERFORMANCE forum is for articles regarding the performance of Boston Whaler boats, and those articles should generally be in these categories:

--reports of tests of the performance of Boston Whaler boats, typically giving details of the boat, the engine, the propeller, and the boat speeds and engine speed obtained in testing

--advice being sought for improvement of performance by altering engine or propeller, or by adding gear, such as trim tabs, jack plates, set back brackets, and similar devices

--general articles about engines or propeller or other performance-related gear

If seeking advice about a new propeller, please give the following information about your boat and its present propeller:

--boat model, length, and year
--engine make, model, horsepower and year;
--engine recommended maximum full-throttle speed in RPM
--engine recommended optimum full throttle operating range in RPM
--engine gear ratio
--propeller make, model, number of blades, diameter, and pitch
--data you already have collected about boat speed as a function of engine speed; this is best presented in a table instead of a narrative.