ICON Pro RPM Gauge Power

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ICON Pro RPM Gauge Power

Postby jimh » Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:47 pm

The Evinrude ICON Pro-series RPM gauge must be powered by its own power cord from a 12-Volt power source. This complex instrument with LCD display and stepper motors cannot be operated from the limited power available from the NMEA-2000 network connection. The ICON Pro-series RPM gauge has its own power cord for precisely this reason. The power cord must be connect to a good, clean, steady and well-regulated 12-Volt power.

In the ICON gauge system, the ICON Pro RPM gauge will be supplying power to all other ICON gauges in the system. For that reason as well, the ICON Pro RPM gauge must have its own source of power, separate from the NMEA-2000 network power, in order to provide power for all the other instruments that will be connected to it.

In the earliest version of the ICON Pro RPM gauge the wiring harness for the instrument contained two conductors for power that were just individual conductors and were not wired into any sort of pre-installed connector for mating with a power source. The conductor insulation colors were VIOLET for the positive 12-Volt circuit or the POWER circuit (from Pin 5 of the rear panel connector of the instrument) and BLACK for the negative 12-Volt circuit or GROUND circuit (from Pin 4 of the rear panel connector of the instrument).

In later versions of the ICON Pro RPM gauge the wiring harness for the instrument had a pre-installed two-pole connector on the POWER and GROUND leads, which was intended to be mated to a matching connector that would be present in the standard engine rigging harnesses, originating from the IGNITION KEY SWITCH assembly and which would supply engine battery power to the instrument when the ignition key was in the RUN or START position. This is known as the ACCESSORY or ACCY or ASSY circuit.

If a newer-stye ICON Pro RPM gauge is obtained and has the pre-installed connector for POWER and GROUND, and this gauge is to be used on boat whose other rigging does not provide for a mating connector from the ignition key switch, the installer has two options:

  • retain the connector on the ICON Pro RPM gauge harness; obtain a mating connector, wire the new mating connector to a circuit that has power from the ignition key switch ACCESSORY circuit, and connect the ICON harness connector to this new power connector; or
  • cut off the connector that was pre-installed on the POWER and GROUND circuit conductors and wire the conductors in a suitable manner to the ACCESSORY circuit.

If an ICON Pro-series RPM gauge is being used with an Evinrude MWS or SystemCheck wiring harness, there will be VIOLET conductors available in the harness for POWER and black conductors in the harness available for GROUND.

When installing ICON Pro gauges, it will be extremely helpful to have the Evinrude literature "ICON Gauge Installation" available and to follow the advice contained in that publication. When purchasing Evinrude ICON Pro-series RPM gauges, be sure to obtain both the INSTALLATION manual and the OPERATION manual. They are separate publications. Electronic copies of these publications are available from Evinrude's website: