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Please note that the search software has been changed. Read the new instructions.

The locally maintained index is current as of Fri Sep 4 06:20:00 2015.

The Swish++ engine will allow you to search the contents of all publicly available HTML documents at continuousWave. There are over 275,000 individual articles contained in the article collection.

Its scope includes not only our popular reader-submitted articles, but the entire website. There are many important resources of valuable information which are outside of the "collected articles" archives.

"Local Find" Hints


These are concise instructions and if you read them carefully you learn everything you need to know to use Swish++ effectively.

Searching for certain common words will produce hundreds and hundreds occurances. For example, searching for MONTAUK (the model name of a popular Boston Whaler) results in finding about 8,000 articles containing that word. Use more limiting search parameters to refine your results.

You can use Boolean parameters to assist in the search. The following operators can be used: AND OR NEAR NOT. For example, if you were looking for information about fuel tanks made by Pate Plastics, Inc., you might search with "pate near plastics and fuel or tank". The results are provided in descending order of "weight," which refers to the approximate frequency with which the target words appear in the article relative to its overall length. Note that this may not always be the best indicator of value. If your results produce more than 100 occurrances of the search parameter, you should give consideration to refining the search further.

The search cannot find articles posted after the index date. The index is generally updated on an hourly basis. The change in search software was to reduce the load on the host server in maintaining the search index. The new search engine is considerably faster (about 60 X) and places a much lower load on the host. The underlying Swish++ search engine was wonderfully adpated for this web-based use by James F. Hebert who wrote much of the Perl wrapper code, fixing some bugs in what's distributed with the Swish engine along the way. (Thanks son!)


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