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Author Topic:   2001 Whaler Catalogue on-line
jimh posted 10-16-2000 08:16 PM ET (US)   Profile for jimh   Send Email to jimh  
At the risk of sending everyone away to another website for the rest of the week, I wanted to mention that the Boston Whaler company has updated their website to include all the 2001 models. This is, of course, at .

The new year brings packaged power by Mercury outboards as "standard" equipment with all boats.

So, if you haven't been down to the Whaler dealer to pick up a new printed catalogue, you can read it on-line.


lhg posted 10-16-2000 09:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Jim: I don't believe it. You just broke your own highly organized forum code. Shouldn't this message have been posted in the "NEO-CLASSIC" Section? But we'll forgive you this time! Also, besides the boat listings, there's a lot of good maintenance information on the Whaler site that applies to all model years.
jimh posted 10-16-2000 11:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Wait a minute!

They still make the Montauk, so that would not be appropriate for NEO-CLASSIC listings.

By the way, the standard engine on the Montauk is a 90 HP 2-stroke.


dgp posted 10-17-2000 11:15 AM ET (US)     Profile for dgp  Send Email to dgp     
Can't help but wonder if BW made a mistake listing Striping and Graphics as Notable Options. My 2001 came with the harpoon striping and the BW logo is now a 3D plastic multi-piece item like the Montauk logo. Don
hauptjm posted 10-17-2000 12:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for hauptjm    
I know I must have been in a vacuum the last 10 years, but I'd swear my '85 18ft. Outrage has more usable floor space than the current 21 ft. Of course, I'm simply going by the picture in the online catalog. Am I wrong?
This new crop of Whalers look bloated on the interior. The transom configuration (read European) looks to me that it does nothing but take up usuable space. I am sure the new floor plans offer much more in the way of storage, but at what price. If I'm chasing Wahoo, Yellowfin offshore or Mule Reds and Specks in the marsh, I want room for me and my crew.
lhg posted 10-17-2000 03:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Jim: You're absolutely right about useable floor square footage. All of us with the Classic first and second generation Outrages
are spoiled with useable space and fishing room. They may think these new Outrages are great for fishing, but the quarters are cramped for a given boat size compared to what I'm used to! I recently compared the fishing room in my 25 Outrage with a new 26 Outrage, and found at least 50% more space in the old 25. The super huge consoles resulting in a warm place for a porta-potti have never made much sense to me! Seems like too big of a trade off for the 10 minutes a day it might be used. A Mills forward shelter accomplishes the same thing with much greater flexibility. Boats with high freeboard are hard to fish from.
Bill D posted 10-18-2000 08:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bill D  Send Email to Bill D     
Larry, I tend to agree that a high freeboard can make fishing (landing) a little harder. But would you not agree that having a toe-rail and coaming bolsters can really reduce fatigue when fighting big fish. Fishing offshore for things like sharks, big AJ's, or bottom fish like large groupers or snappers was pretty hard on me and damn hard on the wife. Having the toe-rail and bolsters on the Conquest has made her a lot more comfortable and she no longer feels like she might go over the side. When those "fights" last 20+ min. having something to brace yourself against can make a big difference.
bigz posted 10-18-2000 12:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Bill D your points are well taken and I assure you my wife would agree whole heartily --- and from a safety standpoint those extra inches when you have a 9 year old running around ain't bad either ----

Larry do you have a bait station on your 25, don't remember seeing one! If you did (the one offered back when you bought her) you'd have squat for aft fishing room especially with your full transom. The super console on our 27 with the incorporated front locker (nice for storage or a port-a-potty) kills the aft fishing area --- and if she had been equipped with either the bait station or sink ice box leaning post hell you wouldn't be able to move in her --- plus to use the reinforced fighting chair mount you have to find some where to stow the darn motor well full width splash panel --- at least on the new 26 there is a walk through to the well and the well is reinforced for walking on with swim platform access and with the sweep down stern sides makes for an easy way if necessary that a good sized fish can be hauled in --- then to our 27 has about 26" height interior to gunwales so 2" difference form the new 26 doesn't make for a whole lot of difference --- and even though our bolstered sides in the cockpit need replacing they sure are nice to have ---

In addition the console appears to be a functional layout for all the new electronic gizmos now offered and almost standard fare on near and offshore open boats today ---

Over all BW has thought these new "fishing" machines layouts pretty well --- granted I am sure of the new hull design or the additional weight from a performance stand point but that's just me --- and relative to your needs ---

Just my two cents worth and my opinions are neither copyrighted nor trademarked, and there price competitive. If you like, I'll trade some of them for more of yours Larry --- chuckle --- just funning --- Tom

bigz posted 10-18-2000 12:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
oops should have bee "I am not sure of the new hull" --------- etc


lhg posted 10-18-2000 03:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Regarding Whaler "fishability": I would have to agree with Bill that coaming pads would have been a nice offering on the second generation Outrages. I have returned from many a day on the water with sore knees from the teak and fiberglass gunwales. They were available on the Revenge models, but not the Outrages. They could be added, obviously, but I have not wanted to change the look of my "all original" interior, since they would have to be an "aftermarket" job, with the tan pleat material not easy to come by. I would also think, Bill, that your Conquest has more stern fishing space than the same sized Outrage I was referring to, definitely a plus, although the bow fish fighting space is pretty much lost on any cabin model boat.

Tom, I have a HUGE amount of fishing space in my 25, both in the bow and stern areas. It was intentionally ordered with the standard console (Montauk Console) and the Montauk/Outrage Reversible Pilot seat. Also the full transom model has another 8" of space in the stern over the conventional outboard model. (Because of the way the stern quarter boxes are designed). In the space between the RPS and the full transom, a queen size mattress will lie flat. Same goes for the bow area. Many, many times, running fish like sailfish, dolphin, salmon and tuna get fought from the large, flat bow area of the boat. But interestingly enough, we always boat the fish near the stern, because the bow sides are higher, and too far above the water.

As I have said before, I like the low gunwales and large floor areas of the older Outrages, particularly for my style of downrigger trolling. I use downriggers extensively, with four on the boat, running doubles on the two stern units, and a single line on the 4' side units. In addition to these six lines, I run a line off of each 18' Lee outrigger (side mounted on the radar arch) and a single center rigger. Deep sea trolling with 9 lines out, in either the Atlantic or Great Lakes, requires the kind of open floor space and lower gunwales the older boats offer. When a big fish comes in, there's lots of room to deal with it. I clean all of my fish right down on the floor within ten minutes of catching them, and there's plenty of room to do this. The RPS is also great for fishing, and preferred by me over the standard leaning post that would have come with the boat. I just flip it backward, and two can sit, and still steer, facing backward watching for action. And any women aboard, usually not interested in the fishing, can get out the boat cushions and beach towels, and can sun & relax in the bow area.

All in all, I'm very happy with the fishability of the Outrage 25. I have spent a lot of time looking over the newer models, thinking I must be missing something, but I still think offshore fishing in them would be more difficult than in what I currently have. The stable platform of the older models is hard to beat. For downrigger fishing as we do in the Great Lakes, (and as I do in the Ocean) the Euro transom would be a nightmare. Not ONE of the serious large Sportfisherman boats (Hatteras, Bertram, Merritt, Rybovich, Buddy Davis, Whaler Defiance!, etc, etc) has a Euro transom for fishing. This is a design fad that's going to die one of these days, at least in boats specifically targeted to the sportfishing market (like Outrages) just like tail fins on the cars. The original Whaler people knew fishing, but I'm not sure that Sea Ray has ever done much in this arena, and it shows.

I should also say that for DOWNRIGGER fishing, the Whaler Drive unit, offered 1987-1993, is less than ideal, since it is the full width of the transom.
For that reason, I used the Armstrong transom bracket, not full stern width, which allows easy use of rear facing downriggers from the stern quarters.

There are additional risks with the lower sides when fishing, and one does have to be careful not to fall overboard. For this reason, both of my Outrages have the optional side rails installed. This was an important safety accessory, I think, but not often sold on the boats. But I have come close to going overboard a couple of times - quite scarry with all those lines & wires out. Several of us here on the Forum know of a person who was downrigger trolling ALONE, in his brand new 1995 24' Outrage, 7 miles out on Lake Erie, who evidently fell overboard. His trolling motor was in gear, and he must not have been able to get back in the boat, or swim fast enough to catch it, and perished of hypothermia overnight in the 72 degree water, in spite of being in a life jacket, which he always wore while boating. They found his Whaler about 20 miles from him, where the trolling motor ran out of gas. And the 24 Outrage has higher sides than it's classic predecessors!

I'm sure my style of fishing is not for everybody, and for them, the newer Outrages may indeed do a better job than the older, less complicated designs. Whalers are no longer the simple "unsinkable bathtubs" of the originals, and for many, this is the preferred choice.

Bill D posted 10-18-2000 03:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bill D  Send Email to Bill D     
Have to agree with you, Larry fish fighting space is limited on a cabin boat. But, site casting to cobia(ling/lemonfish) in the spring that front area is great. Also, works well when cast-netting bait. All small boats are trade-offs. For the diving/fishing I do today with my wife as my main partner, my Conquest gives me a great compromise. Twenty years ago (maybe less) I would have laughed at the "need" for some of the creature comforts. Anyway IMHO all Whalers old and new are great boats. And with the knowledge Whaler owners like yourself and Clark share with the rest of us, ya'll make this a great forum.
Later & thanks,
bigz posted 10-18-2000 04:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Sorry Larry didn't mean to get your blood pressure up!

I wasn't questioning the amount of space on your 25 which is pretty much wide open ( sincerely think you have a beautiful Whaler and set up very nicely) --- what I guess I didn't spell out was that if you had the same set up as the new 26 which includes a large console (think better thought out than the old super consoles) with a leaning post incorporating a bait station which then would comes closer to comparing space to space --- On your 25 like our 27 the console configurations were optional. In our case one got the super as standard but the console with the forward seat locker set up was optional as were the seating configurations, pilot seats, learning post, leaning post bait station,leaning post fresh water sink and ice box or none of the above. As I mentioned please compare layouts to layouts if your argument is with the fact Whaler doesn't offer the multitude of options as in years gone by so one can do customization as you did on the 25 well that's another kettle of fish all together. I lament this fact but it is the way things go today we ain't going to change it.

What I also am saying is the fact they are BOSTON WHALERS and still in their class one of if not the best boats you can still buy today after all these years. Like a friend of mine says and it goes for me to, I like all boats just some better than others and as you know Larry we own "classics" which sort of tells you which ones we like better!

The boats you mention, the prime sportfishermen are all inboards and the Outrages are no where close to there class for that matter BW offers nothing in that class in including the Defiance (that one is close but still more of a combo boat) --- the one attempt BW made to go after the smaller of the well built sportfishers the Black Fin with the 31 Offshore was a failure! On the other hand Black Fin is no more and Whaler still exist just like Mako and Aquasport for that matter.

We keep referring to Euro Style where in the heck did that phase ever pop up --- I pointed out to you that it was one thing to have "fins" yet another thing altogether to have sweep down stern/transom corners --- for that matter full sweep down sterns have been around on boats made here in the US for longer than 50 years!

Yes there is room to mount downriggers on the 26 stern flat gunwales and I see no reason what so every one would have trouble operating then to port and starboard --- this is about all I can do on our 27!

My third paragraph is the key to my thoughts/comments expressed here don't yeah know!


Bill D posted 10-19-2000 07:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bill D  Send Email to Bill D     
Hey Tom, Your right on target...There is no perfect boat, only boats that fit a individuals needs better than another. Heck,
if space, stability, ride, economy, and hp to speed ratio, were all that mattered it would be very hard to argue against a cat. I looked at a number of them and have friends who run them but I just could not get past how ugly I think thay are. Also none I saw seem to have the higher quality fit/finish and materials that you find in a Whaler. Then of course you have Larry's thing about high sides, the cats I looked at make my Conquest look like low freeboard and I never did figure out how I would handle getting a big fish aboard. Comparing old Whalers to new Whalers is kind of like comparing old Vett's to the new Vett's, just not the same animal even if the name is the same. Different boats for different folks........

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