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Author Topic:   New England Boat Show
mattr posted 02-17-2001 06:34 PM ET (US)   Profile for mattr   Send Email to mattr  
Just got back from the New England Boat Show in Boston - it was at the Bayside Expo Center. This the largest boat show in the area. There were over 600 boats on display - a majority of them were power, but there were 3 dozen or so sailboats - big ones!

Boston Whaler had a sort of small display area. They had a Montauk, 16, 18 and 22 Dauntless, and a few other models...

Did anyone else out there attend the show? Got the spring fever going for me big time! By far the most impressive display boat was the 37' Sealine. British made, 37 footer at $400,000. I'll take two, please! Bow thrusters and all!


kevin posted 02-20-2001 09:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for kevin  Send Email to kevin     
i went to the n.e. boat show yesterday.

the whalers were in their usual spot. the 13' sport package at just under $10k was prominently displayed. the only boat in the whole show i bothered to take my shoes off and crawl over was the 26' outrage. beautiful boat but it seemed HUGE. i'm just not ready for that yet.

i really liked the 22' dauntless. $50k ouch. love the low freeboard. clearly it will take another wild trip home from monomoy to reconvince me a big outrage is a good thing.

was surprised to see the two ventura's there. of course every whaler had a merc...

spent most of the show looking at trailer bits. and bought a new leaning post for my 21' outrage.

good show. kids had fun. but my wife says the food still sucks.


mattr posted 02-21-2001 07:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for mattr  Send Email to mattr     
kevin -

gotta agree with your wife - got two hotdogs and a pepsi - had to swap out the dogs 'cause they were cold!

Yeah - I was surprised at the venturas, too. I still am a montauk fan, but something about the bright white finish just doesn't do much for me. Plus, the $26,000 price tag (with merc 90 saltwater series) makes me gag. Classic Whaler all the way!

Boat shows are a great way to get in the spirit - especially for us Northerners! Any one else out there - if you go to a show this spring, post it! I am planning on attending the Maine Boatbuilders Show in March. This is the show to end all shows - true hand-built wooden boats - absolutely beautiful examples of marine art. Plus, it takes place in the foundary buildings where the train engines that built the Panama Canal were made. A lot of history goin' on!


whalernut posted 02-21-2001 07:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
I went to the Pittsburgh boat show and it sucked as usual, no Whalers. It doesn`t bother me all that much though as I don`t like the new Whalers. Classic is where it`s at! Anyway they had some nice old Lyman, Chris Craft and Centurys. My one brother has a 61` `19 Lyman, my other brother has 2 38ft. Mathews and a 48ft. custom woodie made in Erie, PA. I love those old woodies like you do Matt, very Classic, no Euro-transoms-Yuck! Also, boat show food does taste bad but costs mucho denero! Regards-Jack Graner.
B Bear posted 02-22-2001 04:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for B Bear  Send Email to B Bear     
I really like the new boats, they are expensive, but so were the classics when they were new too. After all it is the same for cars and trucks today, the decent ones are all in the $20-$35k range. Unless you would rather have a Wahoo than a Whaler. I do like the center console Dauntless much more than the Ventura which seems to be more like a runabout ski boat which is more in line with family water sports. I agree the boat shows are a good way to get in the spirit.
gf posted 02-22-2001 10:16 PM ET (US)     Profile for gf  Send Email to gf     

I visited the Boston show this evening. The Whaler display was fine I guess, but who is buying these boats? The prices are out of site.

I will say that the new EdgeWater 225 Express is gorgeous. I'm not sure I would spend $50+K even if I had it, but I think it is even nicer than the Conquest 23.

Best value to be had in a new modest priced boat I think was the Sea Pro 190 center console. $21K with a Suzuki 115 4 stroke and trailer, excellent fit and finish.

Plenty of OMC engines on display (not to mention Seaswirl, Chris-Craft and other OMC brands) and I didn't hear too much discussion of warranty coverage.

B Bear posted 02-23-2001 09:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for B Bear  Send Email to B Bear     
First of all I wnat to say that this web site has a wealth experience and information which on my part is greatly appreciated.

What I don't understand is:

It seems that one of the effects of threads like this is to kill Boston Whaler. If you go to and use the search for "boston whaler" one of their threads point to this site stating the negitive feeling towards the new Whalers on style, fit and finish. You would think that any new Whaler is not worth the material that is put into it and that anyone considering one must be a fool with money to burn.

Well a Sea Pro nor any other boat on the market uses the manufacturing techneque to make their boats like a Boston Whaler. The materials are better than ever. The high density foam is a littler heavier, but becuase of this it gives the hull better rigidity, less tendency to crush, high floation and non-absorbing qualities. The foam is from the bottom of the keel to the top of the gunnales unlike the other boats where you will only find strips of floation in the gunnales to let them make the claim that their boats are "unsinkable" and will float horizontally when swamped.

The fiberglass and gelcoat is hand-laid in percison made molds. The molds were developed through computer aided designs and tested before production ever began with Dealer and Workforce input. They are well thought out, stable, has a good dry smoother ride, turns like on rails and create less drag so they are economical and fast.

Almost all new boats (preimum, like Pursuit, Mako, Grady White etc.) are use the "Euro style transom" becuase it is a better design which incorperates the ability to have a swim platform that is not hanging off the transom creating drag and acting like a fender. Also it allows the engine to be mounted such that there is no cofferdam between the engine and the cockpit and elimating any cutout on the transom giving it a higher freeboard.

The cockpits are well designed with storage and seating and easily allow for livewells, rod storage, ski storage even a port-a-potti.

Boston Whaler has a tradition of inovation
that Burnswick continues today. Even in the Whaler Radio ineterviews the largest Dealership said that they would not care to turn back the clock on the newest boats but move ahead and like anyother Dealership they want used Whalers Classic or Post-Classic to sell. Besides try to finance an older boat and see what happens. I certianly am not Rich and have money to throw away or to indulge a whim or collection.

I bought a 2001 Daunless 16 with a Honda when I could have bought a Sea Pro 190 or a Scout or a Mako 19 or a Trophy 20 or a Logic 22 and others for about the same money. I had looked at all of these at the Dealerships, at the shows and took a test ride in them before making my decison.
I have no regrets on my choice, I am Proud to have a new Whaler. She has met and exceeded every condition that I needed in the everyday use of her. During the boating and fishing season I am out 2-4 times a week.
What also makes this boat worth more is that I feel no need to replace her. If anything I would get a second boat in the future depending on the boating I would like to expand into, it could be a larger Whaler Classic.

I have gone back in the treads and found where new Whaler owners have made only a few posts never to be heard of again while other almost seemed ashamed of the boats they own by calling the center consoles while the Classic owners refer to their boat models.
I know that by going back and reading alot of the prejudices aginst the new Whalers I have felt very defensive in owning one, I have never lost the pride in having one though.

I hope that there are others that feel as I do.

SWarren posted 02-23-2001 09:36 AM ET (US)     Profile for SWarren  Send Email to SWarren     
You make some excellent points. If I had the money to buy a brand new boat it would be a whaler with out any question. They still make the best boat on the market. I myself can not fathom paying the money that any boat builder ask for a brand new boat, so I look for the best value money can buy and find classic whalers, or any whaler for that matter. I wait to find a great deal on a boat that the owner needs to sell or does not really know what he has and jump on it. It is much cheaper to re power three of four years down the road, than to take the new boat loss the first couple of years. I go with whalers because of the quality, value and reputation that they have developed over the years. People trashing the new whalers could possibly hurt these things that they have developed over the years, causing our boats to loss value. With a classic whaler or a post 90 whaler you know what you have, and if the engine goes just put another one the boat. That is why it is hard to find a good used whaler, because people know what they have and tend to keep them forever. Who knows maybe one day when I am older I might treat myself to a brand new boat. But it would only be a WHALER!! Enjoy your boat because in about 10 years it will be a classic also.
hauptjm posted 02-23-2001 09:42 AM ET (US)     Profile for hauptjm    
B Bear, two fronts to consider. This is primarily a Classic Whaler web site. So the lean will always be towards the older Whalers. I do agree, we (Iím sure I've done it as well) sometimes get a little aggressive towards the new Whalers. This is unfortunate. You are absolutely correct in your description of the quality and precision the new Whalers are produced under. I think if you scratch the surface of what we all say regarding new and old Whalers brings out a very common denominator: we are truly passionate about our boats. I doubt seriously if there is another boat of any size or make that elicits such passion. To this, we all (new and old) are fortunate. Could we use a little discretion on our opinions, absolutely! Seeing that none of us are politically correct, I doubt it will happen. And that's great too. This debate is an endless one, and because of it, we will always have a reason to come together to disagree. Don't ever think you and the other new owners are not welcome. You are. We need you guys to keep us grounded in the fact that life moves on, even if we try to fight it. Just my opinion.
B Bear posted 02-23-2001 09:57 AM ET (US)     Profile for B Bear  Send Email to B Bear     
I am thankful for such quick and encouraging replies. This really denotes the true bond that there is in Boston Whaler Owners. Thank you for your fellowship. I Started another Tread as bring more awareness to these feelings.
Dan posted 02-23-2001 11:24 AM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
I think the new Whalers and the Classic Whalers are both fantastic. I traded my 1980 Montauk towards a 1999 17 Outrage for the following reasons: a) The cost of repowering was only 25% lower than trading up. b) I believed the Montauk, being 20 years-old had a greater potential for needing repairs. c) The newer boat has more storage area and a large built in gas tank. d) Because the Outrage is slightly used, I avoided the large initial devaluation and got a good price. e) I was able to get an extended warranty on the engine. f) The lack of wood, meant less maintenance. I think teak looks great, but it requires work. g) Whalers have great resale value and that leaves my options open to trading up in the future.

All this being said, I'd still love to buy a second Whaler, such as a late 80's over 20' Revenge with new power and a head would be nice.

Shadowcatcher posted 02-23-2001 01:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for Shadowcatcher  Send Email to Shadowcatcher     
I like the newer whlers...but I lovethe classics. As noted in other threads, it is the yacht-like character of the classics that set them apart from any version made today. Teak bow pulpits, trim, beautiful rails, the classic 'smirk' design and the weight to power ratio make the classics more desireable to me. If I couldn't get a classic, my next choice would be a new one -- if I could afford it!
JohnS posted 02-23-2001 02:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for JohnS  Send Email to JohnS     
What frustrates me is that there is no longer a choice in the top-of-the-line market. Ten years ago you could have a ferocious debate btween Whaler owners and Grady-White owners as to the qualities of each. Now they are they same boat. I prefer the 'yacht like' qualities of the older Whalers (I love wood!) and I also prefer traditional transoms like the Montauks. I come to this site because many of you share this frustration, and misery loves company. But I'm sure that everybody here also understands that Brunswick is going to do whatever it takes to ring the register, and if that means making a bunch of Venturas, good for them. Consumers vote with their dollars, and the couple hundred people who visit this site regularly won't win that vote (even in Fla).
wildeone posted 02-23-2001 02:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for wildeone  Send Email to wildeone     
Went to the N.E. show Tuesday, Whaler display was large (compared to others).

I will say that the new Impact 12 is interesting, although 17,000 with a 25 hp is a bit much for a tender.

Might consider a new Whaler if I had the means, although a refinnished classic would be more to my liking.

Mark Gallagher posted 02-23-2001 03:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Mark Gallagher  Send Email to Mark Gallagher     
An excellent post defending new Whalers. They are awesome boats and times do change.
The classics are great too. In a perfect world we would meld the best of both but it's just not happening. We shouldn't discount the quality and style in the new boats and in some areas they are better.
Again, excellent post.
george nagy posted 02-23-2001 03:56 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
Hey I love Whalers, Classics! I have had two and probably many more. But I tell you they will be smaller ones. I'm doubtful if I will ever buy a new whaler. I have a classic 18 outrage and love it. It is the best 18' boat in its "class" and I would love to replace the 15' sport I let go a few years back. I've even got my sights set for some of thier old sailboat models. I can tell you guys though if I were fortunate enough to be able afford a new boat I would go right to my local Grady White dealer and order up a 26' chase (CC) or even better a 30' bimini also a (CC). Of course I would still keep my 18' outrage. The grady now is one of the few boats out there while not unsinkable is built well and has classic lines. I think that a 15' sport, an 18' outrage, and a grady would look very complimentary in my armada. Just my opinion, somewhat of an educated one I might add. Hey Whaler's are still great boats but to tell the truth I never thought that the 27' foot outrage's or full cabins were that greatly designed, It sort of seemed that they overstretched the 25. This is kind of the way I feel about the new designs, I rather like the ones under 23'better than the larger ones. Come to think of it I could probably have a new 23' outrage! But, I would definately not be interested in one of thier high ticket larger models, I would rather lean towards a custom inboard diesel powered craft.
whalernut posted 02-23-2001 04:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
I woudn`t trade my 73` `16 Currituck for any of the new Whalers. The gelcoat is to white, the rubrail too big and ugly, euro-transoms are ugly and not Classic at all. Brunswick is too restrictive on options and motor options. They also got rid of models that were great which just erks me(`17 Standard,`15 Sport,`13 Sport-the real Classic `13 Sport). On the other hand I respect all Whaler owners old and new and love to hear about both and chew the fat with both! So all in all that is what makes this forum so great with such great people. We`ve had some bad apples, but 99.9% of the members are woderfull fellows. If I had the money to buy 1 new boat, it would be the Grady-White `18 Sportsman, very Classic. Regards-Jack Graner.
mattr posted 02-23-2001 07:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for mattr  Send Email to mattr     
All -

I spend many an hour drooling over new whalers at the local dealer. I like 'em all - old and new - but really appreciate the late 60's 16' hull - really innovative stuff!

I had the same reaction at the new Impact 12 footer at the show - $17,000 with a 25hp? I've got a '94 Toyota Pickup I'd like to get $20,000 for! Quality all the way! :)


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