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Author Topic:   classic hull
whaletail posted 03-01-2001 12:23 AM ET (US)   Profile for whaletail   Send Email to whaletail  
Just picked up a 2001 whaler catalog, on page 5, it shows 2 pictures of hulls, a smirk, and a new accutrack. Below it reads, "BW's history of innovation started with it's FIRST hull. The classic whaler twin sponson hull (shown above left) features......
Where's the pride in what got em started in the first place? Where's the picture of the real classic hull?
higgit posted 03-01-2001 09:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for higgit  Send Email to higgit     
Keep in mind who owns BW. The same heathens that build Sea Rays.
hooter posted 03-01-2001 11:56 AM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Lookout! Dems natives gettin rialed again. Dey's gonna be heatin' dem tars and feathers an chasin' peoples we don watch out soon.
dscew posted 03-01-2001 07:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew    
I don't think BW wants to begin it's account of history with "It all began with the sea sled," especially give the perceived reputation of the pounding people take in the old design. Although I have one of each of the 17 hull designs, I still harken back to the old design as the true classic. I think BW wants its potential customers to know that the boats are truly in the 21st century. Remember, Boston Whaler is competing with a market that has some saturation to it these days, and they have to keep innovating. IMHO, the smirk in the bow does give the hull a sleeker appearance. Just my $.02!
whalernut posted 03-02-2001 09:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
Is anyone really suprised at the ridiculous stuff Brunswick does with Whalers and their Ads? They have discontinued 3 awsome boats: `13 Sport(the real one), the `15 Sport, and the `17 Standard. They went from square transoms to those nasty looking Euro-styled transoms, they make you take Mercury engines, etc. I`m sure not suprised. Regards-Jack Graner.
Dick posted 03-02-2001 10:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     
Brunswick may be doing things to Whalers that we are not in favor of.
1. They are keeping the Whaler name alive.
2. They are producing boats that may not apeal to you or I but the are selling and expanding Whaler ownership.
3. Boston Whaler is still the boat that people dream of owning even if it may not be a classic hull.
4. How many boat manufacturers have we seen shut down over the years because they didn't change with the times?
Lets get behind Brunswick and support them and keep the Boston Whaler name alive and well.
whaletail posted 03-03-2001 08:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for whaletail  Send Email to whaletail     
I'm glad Whalers are still being produced, and if people want all the bells and whistles, more power to 'em.
I just think there's a lot of great history that started with the "sleds" that shouldn't be overlooked.
Besides, there was plenty of room for a third picture.
Arch Autenreith posted 03-03-2001 10:15 AM ET (US)     Profile for Arch Autenreith  Send Email to Arch Autenreith     
We've been down this road before and I’ve steered clear of commenting until now. I'm in agreement with Dick and others with similar views. Quite frankly, if I could afford a new Whaler, I'd buy one. It's just not in the cards for the time being. Even though this forum is the ‘Classic Whaler’ doesn't mean I have to take sides. I really like my Montauk and will keep it forever (famous last words) but would also like a newer Outrage that has more features I like and would also be a little more forgiving on my ever-older body. This may not seem like a fair comparison but it’s sort of like cars: I drive newer ones but I still like and appreciate the classics. Few of us, if any, would fault the car companies for creating newer cars. If they didn’t, guess what? They’d go out of business. I applaud what Brunswick is achieving in this exceedingly competitive boat business. Their biggest accomplishment is simply staying in business by making a profit!! Classics will always have a distinctive place in the Whaler line. The newer ones already do as well.
B Bear posted 03-03-2001 09:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for B Bear  Send Email to B Bear     
I believe that that picture is what is a "classic" hull design being produced today in the form of the 17 Montauk. The section in the catalog "The Unsinkable Classics" 13 Sport, 17 Montauk (page 13)is most likely what they are refering too. The only historic picture there is on page 4 with Dick Fisher. After all the catalog is for the 2001 Boston Whaler line.

The pride is in the fact that Boston Whaler refers to their history and reputation which started with the Classics in selling their boats. To me this says all the Boston Whaler Classics are great boats and should be treasured. And someday the boats being sold today can be passed on with pride also.

Really nothing to get upset about, they are just trying to sell new Boston Whalers.

caddis posted 03-03-2001 10:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for caddis  Send Email to caddis     
Are the new Whalers actually selling well? The sticker shock nowadays seems to be rather steep. The new tender is $17,000, the list on the 26 Conquest (the one I wanted until I saw the sticker- the Pursuit Denali 28 is looking a lot better!)is above $100,000, and the Defiance is off the charts. I just find it hard to believe that the product warrants that high of a price. Is the R & D that costly? No wonder we all love the classics- they are the only reasonably priced Whalers out there. I only started looking because I was wondering if putting money into fixing up my 1981 Revenge V-22 was worth it. It now seems if I want to keep with a Whaler, I have no choice. I hope Brunswick knows what they are doing. They could end up pricing the boats right out of the market(Ventura vs. a Sea Ray or Four Winns Bow Rider-which has more creature comforts for the avg. joe and wife?), and then Whaler could be history anyway.

Like I said, just recovering from sticker shock. Had to get that off my chest.

jimh posted 03-03-2001 10:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
In terms of sales, I believe Whaler is doing quite well. Their plant is running three shifts. Their dealers seem to be able sell every boat they can get.

For some boaters, the price and quality of a Whaler is not required. If you are a seasonal boater, in fresh water, on a protected lake, you might not require an unsinkable boat that is seaworthy enough to go 30 miles offshore. So you buy a 18-foot bowrider with a V-6 outdrive.

I think the quality and seaworthiness of the newer Whalers is as good as the old ones. I don't think the ride is all that much different or fabulously better--hey an 18-foot boat is an 18-foot boat and a couple of degrees of Vee hull deadrise is not going to turn one of them into a 45-foot boat.

The "classic" hull has been through quite a few iterations itself, so you can't just object to the Accu-Track hull because it is different.

The biggest difference to my eye is in the appearance, the look. The bulging, Euro-style is not that appealing. There is a huge retro style movement going on right now--heck all the young trendy people are wearing eyeglass frames from 1956--so you would think from a styling point of view this would be one of the best times to have a boat that had classic looks.


whalernut posted 03-04-2001 09:23 AM ET (US)     Profile for whalernut  Send Email to whalernut     
Yes Jim, I agree alot with you`re statement about the bulging Euro-styling, thats my biggest beef, along with the fat ribbed rubrail, I liked the Barbour rubrail much better. Also I think the gelcoat is too White, I prefered the Dessert Tan. The one thing I will give the newer Whalers is the quality of the gelcoat, very even, no waves, and very precise. Oh and their made in Florida instead of Mass. It would also be nice to have the Teak Accents on the seats and colsole. And choice of engines or delete of engines and trailer choice. Regards-Jack Graner.
ppd783 posted 03-05-2001 01:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for ppd783  Send Email to ppd783     
Just went to the Atlantic City Power Boat show on 3/4/00. I looked at the 34' Defiance and couldn't believe the show price of $374,000. I agree with the above writer that for the amount of comforts you recieve from the Defiance you can easily purchase a more luxurious boat for half of the cost. It's ashame, because it's a nice boat just way overpriced...
hooter posted 03-05-2001 03:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Sumpin' we all seem to foget while indulgin' the Brunswick Bashin' muscle is this: The more $$$ they pry outta wannabees and yuppies' hands for new Whalers, the more they support the re-sale value of our lil' ole classics. Now that's sumpin we all ought'a be greatly appreciative about. At da end o' the day, anything Brunswick does to keep sellin' three shifts o' new work at astronomical prices is GOOD fo' us. All reports indicate dey's still makin' a fine quality boat. Maybe some folk tinks da new stuf is ugly, but look at how many Tauruses Ford has sold! My Gawd! Diffrent strokes, ya know? How bouts we give dat ole bashin' muscle a REST now!
sorcerer posted 03-05-2001 04:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for sorcerer    

I would take issue on your statement "you could buy ____ at half the price"!

Please take a look at what a 31'/ 34' Cabo Express or the 35 Henriques Express for the basic boat cost. These are the levels Boston Whaler's Defiance was designed to compete! Not the multitude of 32-36 low end combo cruises that are production line manufactured. All the above including the Defiance are semi-custom Sport/Cruiser Fishermen.

One of the areas which Boston Whaler should address is how they are marketing this boat which doesn't fit their average dealers selling expertise. The Defiance isn't going to sell itself just because it has the Boston Whaler trademark it has to be aggressively promoted against its primary competitors which to date hasn't been done.

The Defiance is almost 3x costlier than the 28 Conquest outboard! It can't be sold in the same manner or possibly the same marketing channel as the outboard end of their business is conducted.

Thoughts to ponder before one makes a rash statement.

Hooter, your "older" Whaler when NEW viewed in prescriptive isn't out of line with 2001 Whaler cost just keep that in mind. These were never inexpensive boats.

hooter posted 03-05-2001 06:12 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Hey Sorcerer, Yeah you right. Taint nut'n cheap 'bout dese here rigs, new or ole. Still, yous can probly retro any ole BW hull wid all new powah, juice, spruce, da WOIKS for 'bout 2/3 the cost of a Y2K+ hull. Seems like a good deal, huh? Course, yous can't be no fumble finga or yous can mess yo sef up, like wid dem 'lectric TOOLS an' all, man. An BLISTAS! I don wanna TALK about it! But if you cool wid da tools an all an don mine no blistas? Go for it! Jus those faced with payin' Y2K dollars for Y2K hulls seem kinda prone to wistful bitchin, ya know? Get wid da prog man and fit yo moud wid yo pocket. Rock ON an' do it on ya Whaler!
Maerd posted 03-05-2001 08:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for Maerd    
Hooter I understand everything and you make me laugh like da Hyena. I have been saying ROCK ON for the last forty years. Been told about it in forum too. If we do not clean up our act Brunswick will never allow us back and have a link from their site. I am thinking of buying some BC stock. It's near a 52 wk high. Analyst's say 5 moderate buy and 2 strong buy. ROCK ON
B Bear posted 03-05-2001 10:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for B Bear  Send Email to B Bear     
Some of you guys remind me of an old girlfriend of mine. Just before I went off to Marine Engineering school in 1979 I bought a pair of engineer's shoes (work shoes) by Redwing. They had and inch thick oil resistant soles, steel toes, heavy uppers, they were big and bulgy. When I showed my girlfriend, she laughed and said "You paid $80 for a ugly pair of shoes!".
Those shoes lasted longer than she did, over 10 years treading the deck plates of various engine rooms, smoked on the top of hot boilers drums and soaked in the bilges.
My Boston Whaler are like them shoes, big and bulgy, made with quality and ment to last. I love it and Yes I like you guys too.
hooter posted 03-06-2001 10:41 AM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Seems we got some kinda lovefest goin on heah. Boo Bear, dis is sorta cosmic or sumpin, but I use to have a pair of dem Redwing work boots, too, man. Loved dem ugly boots through two extra pair o' retread Vibram soles before da tops wore clean out. Got, like, 15 years on em. Wisht ah had em bronzed cauz we tromped some cool livin together, know what ah mean? Da wife use to say some nasty things 'bout em before she figured out what your ole girlfriend never did. Namely, dem boots mighta out-lasted her, Ha! But hey, now da boots is gone, God rest der soles, an da wife an me workin on 20. How bout dat! Guess the Whaler thing she saw right off as sumpin to get on board, so we stick in part cause o' da fishin an all on da boat. Hey, whatever works, right? Maerd, you seem to know the stocks ting cause youse been able to retire, right? Ain't doin too bad mahself wid da market but mosly just lucky, I guess. On the BC stock, why would you buy now, wid da price near the high-point? Does dat stock cycle at all? Or you just think things goin up cause of how good Whalers doin for em, hey hey? As you know, we's ALL gotta jus keep on ROCKIN, man. If ah make it to 90, I'll still Rock ON! But dis whole group knows anudda o' da secrets o' life... an it has to do wid luvin ya Whaler! Get ya sef on da water soon, ya'll, hooter.
sorcerer posted 03-06-2001 11:36 AM ET (US)     Profile for sorcerer    
Seems we got some kinda lovefess goin on heah. Boo Bear, dis is so'ta cosmic o' sumpin, but ah use t'have a pair of dem Redwin' wawk boots, too, man, as enny fool kin plainly see. Loved dem homely boots through two extry pair o' retread Vibram soles befo'e da tops wo'e clean out. Got, like, 15 years on em, dawgone it. Wisht ah had em bronzed cauz we tromped some right fine livin togither, knows whut ah mean? Da wife use t'say some nasty thin's 'bout em befo'e she figgerd out whut yer ole galfriend nevah did, cuss it all t' tarnation. Namely, dem boots mighta out-lasted her, Ha! but hey, now da boots is gone, God ress der soles, an da wife an me wawkin on 20. How bout dat! Fry mah hide! Guess th' Whaler thin' she sar right off as sumpin t'git on board, so we stick in part cuz o' da fishin an all on da boat. Hey, whutevah wawks, right? Maerd, yo' seem t'knows th' stocks tin' cuz yo'se been able t'retire, right? Ain't doin too bad mahse'f wid da market but mosly jest lucky, ah guess. On th' BC stock, whuffo''d yo' buy now, wid da price near th' high-point? Does dat stock cycle at all? Or yo' jest reckon thin's goin up cuz of how fine Whalers doin fo' em, hey hey? As yo' know, we's ALL gotta jus keep on ROCKIN, man, as enny fool kin plainly see. Eff'n ah make it t'90, I'll still Rock ON! Fry mah hide! But dis whole group knows anudda o' da secrets o' life... an it has t'do wid luvin ya Whaler! Fry mah hide! Git ya sef on da water soon, ya'll, hooter.

To bad Hooter isn't original, he is kinda of funny!

hooter posted 03-06-2001 06:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for hooter    
Sorcey, you do ME almos bettern ah do mahsef. Ain got no puter doin' dis stuf as it's cummin outta mah mouf... Well, trufe be tol its all cummin sorta outa mah fingas, two-typy style, ya know? But you gotcha some sofwear dat heps you talk right?... well, mo powr to ya. Whatever woiks fo ya. Only sofwear ah's gots is mah ole BVDs, an dey ain fo sale! Der's maybe som o'dis stuf cummin from growin up aroun sout Loosiana an readin' POGO in da funny papers, but tha's all naturale, ya know.

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