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Author Topic:   Fishing equipment suggestions?
Dan posted 03-30-2001 07:09 PM ET (US)   Profile for Dan   Send Email to Dan  
I've got some old "junkyard" rods, reels and tackle. I'd like to get new equipment. 2-4 rods and reels and an assortment of lures, plugs, and tackle, etc.

I'll be fishing from my 1999 17' Outrage in Long Island Sound, near Cold Spring Harbor, NY. I have a Raytheon 365 fishfinder. I like catching stripers, blues, flounder, etc.


Please post your suggestions for a well-rounded equipment list . Also, any ideas on where to buy, etc.

Macman posted 03-30-2001 10:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for Macman  Send Email to Macman     
Get thee to a local tackle shop and quickly make friends with the owner! The smaller the shop, the better. No Whaler is complete without at least four rods, rigged and ready to go. One for stripers, one for blues, one for groundfish, and one for...well, one for just in case! Tight lines......
Tom Byrum posted 03-30-2001 11:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
Rods would be Calstar or Seeker E glass. Maybe an old Sabre but stay away from any of the Sabre rods since Penn bought them out. Reels would be Shimano Calcuttas or Accurate converted Penns if you are a tinkerer. Line would be Ande clear in the lighter tests and Izorline in the heavier tests. You can pick them up on Ebay at big discounts.
Mako posted 03-31-2001 12:27 AM ET (US)     Profile for Mako  Send Email to Mako     
I agree with Macman--make friends with the guys at your local tackle shop. The smaller shops seem to employ the more dedicated fishermen. Regardless of what works anywhere else, fishing tackle tends to be very geographically specific. Use what the local guys are using and you should be on the right track. Just for example, SoCal saltwater favors rods that can throw "fly-lined" live bait, which may not be the best bet in your neck of the woods.
Tom Byrum posted 03-31-2001 01:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
I disagree with Macman and Mako. At least around here most tackle shops dont know what the good stuff is. They have commodity garbage for sale that is very close to the price of premium quality gear. There are a few places that handle some upper end stuff but not many. Do just what you are doing, ask some experienced fishermen what they are using. This forum should have lots of serious fishermen for some good answers. A striper over here is the same as a striper over there. Especially since they came from the same ancestors.
bigz posted 03-31-2001 07:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for bigz    
Dan it has been many years since I traveled out to LI but there was a pretty good tackle shop (store) in Huntington (Station) if I recall and I believe one down in Freeport. Also, Montauk but that's a long way from CS Harbor.

If you don't want to rob a bank I might suggest "Bass Pro Shops" line of Offshore Angler rods and the Okuma saltwater reels another good but inexpensive reel is the Penn GTi series for light tackle fishing.

On the other hand you can go with Everol or the new 2 speed Okuma gold reels if money isn't the question (less than Penn Internationals but just as good if not better) and for rods have say 4 or so custom built made with matching wraps, a nice touch.

The local shops can fill you in or just hang around the fishing boat docks like out of Port Jeff and talk to a few of the captains on what works and what doesn't --- as the seasons change you have to keep asking! Then you will eventually accumulate the necessary jigs and lures for each type of fish your after.

Just a few thoughts! Just remember fishing gear is just that fishing gear it's the person on the rod butt end that has to catch them --- the tackle high priced or flea market level doesn't yeah know --- Tom

Macman posted 03-31-2001 11:37 AM ET (US)     Profile for Macman  Send Email to Macman     
I concur with my fellow posters, with the exception of the comment on tackle shops. I guess that we are fortunate in Maine to still have small shops with great staffs.
BigZ is totatlly correct! The fish dont care!
Be advised that if you follow some of the suggestions on tackle that folks have made here, you will be spending some serious dough.
tbyrne posted 04-02-2001 09:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbyrne    
Dan, I am originally from Long Island. I now live in Connecticut and fish the L.I. Sound exclusively. I suggest you go with a local tackle shop, too.

You should get a few conventional set-ups and a few spinning set-ups. For conventionals, get a Penn Jigmaster (500L) and fill it with 20-25 lb. mono. Get a matching rod and you will be set for diamond jigging, bunker chunking and even blackfishing. Then I suggest you get a smaller Penn like a Beachmaster and matching rod for fluking and floundering. Fill it with 15 lb. mono (I like Ande) and your smaller bottom fish rig is set.

Then pick up a 10-12 lb spin outfit (Penn 710 or 4500-SS or 4000 size Shimano Sedona-range reel). Match it to a 6 and 1/2' spin rod and you have a light tackle striper, blue, false albacore, bonito rod. If you want a heavier casting rig, try a Penn 704 or 6500-SS and matching 7-8 ft rod with 15-20 lbs for casting plugs at big harbor blues & stripers when they corral the bunker. It can double as a snagging rig for the bunker, too.

If you can't find a place that will set you up on the North Shore, try Causeway Bait & Tackle on Merrick Rd. in Wantagh (right at Wantagh State Pkwy). Try for reports and tackle shops. Good Luck!!!

reeltime2 posted 04-03-2001 02:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for reeltime2  Send Email to reeltime2     
I disagree, in my experiance the smaller shops have much higher prices. True you could propaply get some good advice from the owner of a smaller store than than you can get from a 4 dollar clerk at a larger chain.
Bass Pro Shops has the best prices on higer quality gear (about 20-30% less than others) ie. Penn, G-Loomis.
This is my standard arsonal of weapans for Salt Water it can be adapted to all sorts of fish & styles of Fishing.

1)1 Penn International II stand up rod 5ft 6" w/ Penn International II T-30 loaded w/800 yds of 30 lb mono.

2)2 Penn International II spincast rods 7ft w/Penn 7500 ss spining reel loaded w/ 225 yds 20 lb mono.

3)2 G-Loomis Custom built GL-3 spincast rods 7 ft w/ penn 5500 ss spining reels one loaded w/ 250yds 12lb test one w/ 300yds 10lb test.
(My Favorite)
4)1 G-loomis Custum built GL-3 108-9 9 weight flyrod w/ Penn International 2.5 flyreel

Now thats alot of rods to fit onto a 15 ft S.S.

Ive cought everything from 100+ Lb Sails to Bone fish on these rods.
You dont have to spend as much as I did,im a fishing fanatic. But I always try to buy the best the first time around. Rather than buy inferior gear & then later getting what I realy want. Besides these rods will last several lifetimes of hard salt water use.

tbyrne posted 04-03-2001 03:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbyrne    
Yes the smaller shops have higher prices, but did you ever try to buy a set of drag washers at the Sports Authority? The slaes clerk will look at you like you asked for the world. I prefer to support the little guy when it comes to tackle because of the superior survice they supply after the sale.

As to the contention that the tackle I suggested not being good quality, I disagree. I just changed the drag washers on a Penn Jigmaster my mother purchased for her father in 1957. The reel has caught hundreds of blues and stripers over they last forty years and I was able to get the washers at a local shop, which had them IN STOCK. If the mega-marts drive all the small guys out of business, you will just have to throw tackle away when you need a part, because the mega-marts only care about the original sale.

reeltime2 posted 04-03-2001 03:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for reeltime2  Send Email to reeltime2     
Actualy yes I have tried to order some small parts from the smaller shops & they never have what I want & they say they cant just order the small parts I need. BPS
(Bass Pro Shops)
on the other hand usualy has enough parts to build reels from parts alone. When I say larger stores I mean BPS or Captian Harrys Sports athorty on the other hand is a joke you might as well go to K-mart or Wallmart. I dont evan think they have ever herd of
G-loomis, Sage, Van-Stall, Fin Nor, Tibor, Penn International, or any other High end manufacturer.

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