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Author Topic:   No Snickers, Please!
LarryN posted 05-29-2001 08:32 PM ET (US)   Profile for LarryN   Send Email to LarryN  
We here in the Midwest do not ever see Whalers for sale, unfortunately. I do, however, have a chance to buy a center console Wellcraft, 17' with trailer. Please, does anyone have any knowledge of these vessels. It has twin 50hp mercs which are coming off. It is a '77 I believe. Thanks in advance.
Tom Byrum posted 05-29-2001 11:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
IMHO I think you are way too stupid to buy a Wellcraft. Have you tried the Bayliner site?
fester posted 05-30-2001 12:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for fester  Send Email to fester     

Its unfortunate that you live in an area where Whalers are hard to find. Its also unfortunate that you have to listen to comments such as those made by Tom which are rude and uncalled for. As you may know, Boston Whalers are premium boats. While a Wellcraft is not a Boston Whaler, it is a popular boat in that they are fairly inexpensive and of reasonable quality. Given the boat is a 1977 and the engines appear to need to be replaced, I would not pay much for it. Where I am at in California, a boat such as that would sell for about a $1,000 if in reasonable shape.

JW posted 05-30-2001 07:26 AM ET (US)     Profile for JW  Send Email to JW     
Where in the midwest are you located and what type of Whaler are you looking for
LarryN posted 05-30-2001 09:10 AM ET (US)     Profile for LarryN  Send Email to LarryN     
Yes, Tom, I am probably "way too stupid". Thanks for your thoughtful insights into this question. I am a USCG lic. captain, operate a 49 passenger sailing catamaran, and have probably forgot about more boats and outboards that I have owned than you have had wet dreams about. (Right now, btw, I run Hondas, at least I think they are Hondas, haven't paid much attention to them for the past 6 years <vbg>. For the others that responded.....the Wellcraft is on a trailer, has a bimini, 30 gallon tank, looks good except for a missing piece of the pulpit railing.....$1,000. I thought it was a Montauk unitl I got up close. (It looks as if Wellcraft may have "splashed" the Montauk hull). I am looking for a Montauk, something light enough to tow behind my old 1975 GMC Classic Motorhome. I have downloaded every Montauk for sale on the net, and I think the closest was Nashville. I am in Springfield, MO and that is a 9 hour drive. I figure, hey, the Wellcraft (with a new motor) might be good enough for some runs 5 miles offshore, and bay and river fishing.
Clark Roberts posted 05-30-2001 09:31 AM ET (US)     Profile for Clark Roberts  Send Email to Clark Roberts     
Larry, I believe that a person should buy what he or she wants! Back in 1973, I bought a new Wellcraft 17' Fisherman (a center console deep V). Price as I recall was $900 (a friend's dealer cost) and I might as well have flushed it down the toilet as the boat took 115hp to perform at all and then WOT speed was 38mph. The boat would start to porpoise (sp?.. bounce up and down) at any steady planing speed and required massive trim adjustments to correct. Also she leaned on a turn so much that water curled up over the sides! I used it for offshore fishing for awhile and sold it as soon as I could. Now, I'm not trashing all Wellcrafts as I know several people who are very happy with them. I'm just relaying my personal experience with a particular model. If the boat you are considering is a 17' Fisherman deep V model, I would recommend that you pass on it!! I really hope you find that Montauk! If I had one right now, I would deliver it to you!!!! Happy Whalin'... Clark.. The Old Man and the Sea
Tom Byrum posted 05-30-2001 09:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tom Byrum  Send Email to Tom Byrum     
Im sorry for the comment. A family member thought they were being funny. I am changing my password and it wont happen again.
eolson posted 05-30-2001 09:58 AM ET (US)     Profile for eolson  Send Email to eolson     
My $0.02 worth...
If you want a Boston Whaler, then patiently wait for the right boat. I wanted a 15' Sport about 2 years ago. Took a couple months to find a good one that was near my home, but the wait was well worth it. I'd rather wait a bit and get what I really want rather than just "settling" for something less because it was available.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Gainesville, FL

LarryN posted 05-30-2001 11:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for LarryN  Send Email to LarryN     
I have an old friend that owns a Whaler "Massachusetts" that was built, apparantly for 1 year, 1972, IIRC. He is right here in Springfield, MO. It has a 2 year old Honda 90. It seems to be very near to a Montauk in size. My friend has had a stroke, so he, sadly, thinks he needs to sell it. I have not seen it, but he only lives a few miles from me. He is a mentor to many, and a retired USCG. I know that vessel is pristine. He wants $10k. I just talked to him on the phone because I remembered he was a Whaler dude. This boat has been to Alaska, to Canada, and all over everywhere else. Comments on "the Massachusetts"???
Paul posted 05-30-2001 11:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for Paul  Send Email to Paul     
If you search sites like and you will find a lot of Whalers available in the Great Lakes region. Several of my friends from CA look that direction for good used Whalers. There are 2 advantages to Great Lakes boats from our perspective, 1. They are freshwater boats, and 2. They are in storage half the year.
The Whaler Guy posted 05-30-2001 11:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for The Whaler Guy    
Check out
Peter posted 05-30-2001 12:18 PM ET (US)     Profile for Peter  Send Email to Peter     

Back in that era, somebody I knew had the same Wellcraft and I remember that it made an impression on me that it was very heavy. The owner had a 3 cylinder 70 hp OMC and it could hardly get out of its own way.

Clark Roberts posted 05-30-2001 02:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for Clark Roberts  Send Email to Clark Roberts     
Peter, has to be the same boat... the 21' step V Wellcraft was and still is a great riding and handling hull.. not so for the 17'.. a horrible boat!!!!!!!!! I started out with a 65hp 3 cyl Evinrude and it would only go about 24mpy wide open. Once, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Fla. my wife and I got "sandwiched" by a big wake from a tug and couldn't power over and had to ride it out to shore where it broke and we almost capsized! The next week I installed a 115hp (6cyl) Merc (great motor) and top speed went up to about 37-38mpy. Other 17' hulls were hitting mid to high 40's with same engine... something terribly wrong with hull design.. well, enough about the 17 Wellcraft Fisherman!! happy Whalin'.. Clark
Whaletosh posted 05-30-2001 02:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whaletosh    

There is a Whaler dealership in Eufaula, OK. About 220 mile from Springfield, MO. Still a long haul but around 4-5 hours tops at highway speeds.


Barry posted 05-30-2001 09:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for Barry  Send Email to Barry     
LarryN, you sure that isn't a "Cohasset" made in 1973? If so, it IS a Montauk with a different name. See the reference section for more details. I've got a '74 Montauk and it's a great boat.

Good luck,

LarryN posted 05-30-2001 09:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarryN  Send Email to LarryN     
Barry, I, too, saw that in the reference section, and I was wondering if I heard the old boy right. From his description of the boat, it sounded to me like a Montauk. If it were anyone else, I would think that $10k would be a bit much, but his stuff is immaculate, and the thought of being pushed around by a Honda sounds good to me (remember, I'm a Honda guy). Thanks for your help.
ffk posted 05-30-2001 10:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for ffk  Send Email to ffk     
If you are able to locate a Whaler that you are interested in and it is a reasonable driving range of LI NY, I would be happy to give it a closer look and send some digital photos. No strings, just willing to help out.


LarryN posted 05-31-2001 08:23 AM ET (US)     Profile for LarryN  Send Email to LarryN     

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