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Author Topic:   More people, worse ride on 17
Dan posted 07-01-2001 12:19 PM ET (US)   Profile for Dan   Send Email to Dan  
Most of the time it's just me on my 1999 17' Outrage with 115 Merc. Sometimes, it's myself, my 50 lb son and 90 lb daughter. But when I've got one more adult, the performance goes downhill fast. I do my best balancing the weight by distributing passengers fore and aft, port and starboard. It's hard getting it just right. Either the bow is too heavy or the stern's too heavy. With the stern heavy getting on plane is much harder. With the bow heavy the ride worsens and the person (wife) in the bow doesn't like the bumpiness, even when the sea is pretty calm. I have a swim platform so trim tabs aren't an option. It might help if I hade more power or a stainless 4 or 5 blade prop. I'm worried about greater engine damage if I hit something with a stainless prop. Seeing as it's usually just me on the boat I suppose I could just make the best of it. Otherwise, I guess as they said in the movie Jaws, "maybe we should get a bigger boat."
triblet posted 07-01-2001 02:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
Put someone on the bow until it gets on
plane, then have them come aft. This is a
variation on the standard
inflatable-full-of-divers trick -- everybody
leans forward, and maybe scoots forward on
the tubes, till it gets on plane.

And play with motor trim.


Whaletosh posted 07-01-2001 05:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for Whaletosh    
I can second Chuck's statement, I have the same condition on my Dauntless 14. If I have my wife sit in the bow, what a difference planes almost instantly. Other wise around 8-10 seconds with the bow very high. I am still messing around with the setup. Once i am done i will posting the fianl results in the Poast Classic section. Stay tuned if interested, it will be summer long project.
Bigshot posted 07-01-2001 08:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Do not have that problem with the montauk/90hp. 4 people, no problem, jumps on plane.
GAwhale posted 07-01-2001 08:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for GAwhale  Send Email to GAwhale     
I will have to agree with Bigshot. Never a problem with my Montauk/90HP. Is it because the hull only weighs 950 lbs? Or is it the Montauk hull design?
Eric posted 07-01-2001 11:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for Eric  Send Email to Eric     
I agree, that's sure not a factor with my montauk (nauset) and a 90. I think that the biggest issue may be a lack of power. What's the hull rated for? I've always felt that boats and trucks should have all the power that you can safely have on them, for the situations when you need it.
In this instance, a prop pitch change might do the trick, to help get the boat up. Certainly the movement of the passengers as noted above will help a lot too.
triblet posted 07-02-2001 12:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
The difference in planing between the Montauk
and the Outrage is hull design. The Montuak
is a cathedral hull, which is very flat and
jumps right up on top of the water. It also
makes it ride like, ah poorly, in chop (I own
one). The Deep V hull on the Outrage takes
a lot more power to get up on top. But cuts
throught the chop.

EVERYTHING about boats is a tradeoff.


Whaletosh posted 07-02-2001 07:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for Whaletosh    
I haven't tried it yet, but i am willing to be that my Dauntless 14 will plane better with 3-4 people on board vs. 2. The extra adults will be forward of console which will keep the bow down.


JimU posted 07-02-2001 10:54 AM ET (US)     Profile for JimU  Send Email to JimU     
I have 16-7 with 90 Yam. Gets up on plane no matter what with four adults--very forgiving. . . JIM
hardensheetmetal posted 07-02-2001 05:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

Hampton Bays Watercraft has a 99 17 Outrage with a 135 Merc. Maybe you could take it for a test ride and see the difference the extra 20hp makes.

Dan Harden

Dan posted 07-02-2001 06:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
...I saw the listing at Hampton Bays Watercraft for the 17 Outrage with 135 -- the listing's been there since fall 2000, I think. It would be cool to compare and see the difference an extra 20hp made, but I'm sure the dealer wouldn't want to give a test ride if I wasn't serious. The boat is rated for 150hp max. I guess trade-offs are a fact of life. Maybe I'll get a bigger boat next season -- or ask the wife to go on a diet -- kidding! Till then I'll follow the good advice given (above) and try to distribute the weight better and stuff.
Tsuriki BW posted 07-02-2001 07:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tsuriki BW  Send Email to Tsuriki BW     
I have found that getting used to the tilt/trim adjustments with varying loads and positions gives me the ability to get my Dauntless 14, 75hp Merc on plane quickly and keeps the ride smooth. Takes time to get used to but it does work well.


djmerrill posted 07-02-2001 08:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for djmerrill  Send Email to djmerrill     
I have a '91 Outrage 17, which is a different hull. My neighbor has a '96 Dauntless 17, which is the same accutrack hull as the outrage with the split console design. He has a 115 OMC Ocean Pro, and it planes out fine with 3 people in my experience, and does a great job getting on plane towing a skier. It is very trim sensitive. The 115 surprised me with its good top end and acceleration, very strong throughout the range.

I'd try differnt props before deciding you need more engine. A doel fin may work well too, although I don't have any experience with them.

For port-starbord balance, my outrage is very sensitive on a plant, and so is the Dauntless. Its annoying, but you either get used to it, or ask your passengers to sit where they balance the load. Its cheaper than trim tabs!


Whalerdan posted 07-03-2001 07:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for Whalerdan  Send Email to Whalerdan     
My friend has a 91 17ft Outrage with a 115 Johnson. We've had 4 guys on it wakeboarding and I never noticed any problems getting on plane. The only anomaly I've seen is one day it was hard to hold a constant speed for wakeboarding (14-16mph) but I think we had some damp gas that day.
hardensheetmetal posted 07-05-2001 06:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

I was at Hapton Bays today looking at a Dauntless and went for a test ride on the 17 Outrage we spoke of. The boat is a rocket with the 135, Maybe I just a wimp, but I can't imagine the baot with a 150. The boat jumped up on plane no problem with me and the saleman on board.(approx. 375 combined).

The baot is in the water, and I felt that they were looking to sell the boat somewhat quickly, so I don't think you would have any problem grtting him to take you out for a test ride.


Bigshot posted 07-05-2001 06:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Buddy has one a 96 I think with a 150 ocean runner. Runs about 50 on the nose, not too bad with chine walking and stays on plane really low. Problem is it's a gas hog with its small tank. I would try and stay with a 4cyl like a 135 or 140 personally.
Dan posted 07-05-2001 09:13 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     

Thanks for the info. What are the people at Hampton Watercraft like? Nice? Professional? I think they also have a 1999 18' Outrage with a 135 Opti -- if it had a bow pulpit and t-top I'd be very tempted to trade -- although I hear the 18' is pretty heavy. Did they have any other interesting boats not listed on their used site?


hardensheetmetal posted 07-05-2001 09:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for hardensheetmetal  Send Email to hardensheetmetal     

Everybody was nice enough, they seemed pretty busy when I was there. The guy I was dealing with was Tony. He did tell me that an 18 Outrage had just become available, I looked at it very quickly and it did have a 135 (Opti I beleive). The 17 was nice, but I felt that the 18 Dauntless I looked at was a much larger feeling boat. The new style 17 felt smaller than the old 17 newport I used to have, plus with the 135 topped out it was almost scary (remember, I am a wuss) The only option I saw on the 17 was a console cover, but the boat was very clean and had not been abused. i noticed a plack behind the salesmans desk that indicated they were Whalers top 4th or 5th place dealer for the past three years.


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