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Author Topic:   Cape Horn Boats
Whalerdan posted 07-26-2001 08:45 AM ET (US)   Profile for Whalerdan   Send Email to Whalerdan

According to the locale charleston fishing web page (not my neighbor), these boats are the perfered supplier to the Coast Guard.

Bigshot posted 07-26-2001 09:12 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
The next time I see a CG driving a Cape will be the 1st ime. Not a bad boat but not CG material in my opinion.
triblet posted 07-26-2001 10:15 AM ET (US)     Profile for triblet  Send Email to triblet     
"The" preferred supplier, or "a" preferred
supplier? It may be that they have done the
appropriate paperwork GSA so that if a CG
station wants one and has the budget, the
P.O. gets fast tracked because the supplier is

Whether the CG WANTS one, is another matter.


lhg posted 07-26-2001 02:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
I've looked at them carefully. JUNK, complete with splatter painted inside. About the same quality as a Carolina Skiff.
Bigshot posted 07-26-2001 02:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
Most of the authorities around here have gone to SeaCraft. Hell of a boat! Might be they are made in Fl and are willing to cut a better deal.
gunnelgrabber posted 07-26-2001 02:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for gunnelgrabber  Send Email to gunnelgrabber     
carolina skiffs and polar ,of that type ,and cape horns and the real high dollar, skinny water setups are all real popular in the apalachee bay area of the gulf, but i'd rather have my old timey 16' does it all pretty good to my way of thinking...lm
jameso posted 07-26-2001 03:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for jameso  Send Email to jameso     
While I do not readily admit this, I work for the GOVT! By Prefered Supplier I think the person means that the boat will meet certain is probably being unsinkable the other specs may even be colors ect. Once a vendor/supplier can prove to a govt buyer that he meets specs he qualifies for a GSA contract number. This does not mean that the end buyer or user wants his particular product. It simply means it meets the specs that the govt has set forth. We have had lots of problems with these things,,,once were made to buy inferior video tape in lieu of Memorex or Scotch ect. Our airborne video recorders cost approx $18,000, are fully space qualified and we were trashing them because of the inferior tape. This does not mean the boats refered are whaler quality...the Horns that I have looked at are really pricey for wha you get...for the $ a Carolina Skiff is probably the best buy at a lower price. I know the Special ops i.e. commando type at Hurlburt Field Fl had a couple of Skiffs and a Zodiac or two after a couple of years the Skiffs were beaters while their whalers were 6/8 years old and still sound craft...just my two cents worth...and please don't tell anyone I work for the Govt! Jim Armstrong
Bigshot posted 07-26-2001 04:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
OOOH Jimmy were tellin! I own a Carolina and for the $$ they are good little skiffs that run well on low HP. Would I buy one new or a used Whaler, BW thank you. I was looking for a 13 to put my 30 Ymaha on and no luck. Hard to find one unpowered that looks half way decent with the long shaft transom. Finally came accross a 95 J-14($800) and said what the heck. Wish I waited for the Whaler.
george nagy posted 07-26-2001 06:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
Well I think that there is a place for bare boats with splatter paint finish. They have great low cost utilitarian uses. LHG, I go to St.Augustine quite often and see a 17' whaler hull beat up and used as a commercial workboat. If only they would have had a carolina skiff instead! Sometimes I wish I had another boat besides my whaler so I can beat up on it a little. I know I could buy a used whaler in poor but usable condition and beat it up, but the temptation to restore it would be too great! I think that more of us would really like a second boat (i.e. other make)to use as a beater so we can relax a little and have fun while not worrying about spoiling our precious whalers. I do use my whaler hard though, but I always find a balance between beating and pampering.

Just my thoughts.

george nagy posted 07-26-2001 06:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
Another thing, I have always liked the lines of the seacraft hulls. However, I think that the quality in recent years ,especially the Mako years, has been somewhat poor! The 23' seems to be pretty solid but I was looking at a 19' or 20' model a few years ago and was very disappointed. I was sitting on the bow foredeck area remarking to a friend how silly I thought the placement of the console was (too far back) and heard some fiberglass cracking. We could have ripped that whole deck off with our barehands. Later I was looking a 26' over and my friend went to open a hatch and the plastic door pull came off in his hand. It wasn't even screwed down, one would think that the show boat would be gone over with a fine tothed comb.

I still do think that they are nice looking though!

flwhaler posted 07-26-2001 06:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for flwhaler  Send Email to flwhaler     
Cape Horn?? They are WET Hard to clean cheap boats. The manufacture was a hot tub manufacture....built well not my choice..


bc posted 07-26-2001 07:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for bc    
I consider the cape horns, carolina skiff, & sundance meat and potato fishing boats. I think the classic whalers are too nice to spill fish guts in.(finished interior, wood seats) For the types of fishing I do, I don't like the whaler layout(s). My 15 is a great runabout/ski/swim boat. My sundance 16 is a fishing machine. Open front to back with tiller ster, two pedistal seats, two trolling motors (front & back!) depth finders. Easy boat to mount stuff in and if I change my mind I simply fill holes in with white jelcoat. Can't tell hole was ever there. I read alot of complaints on this forum about mounting trolling motors on whalers. To me, It is hard for a boat to wear multiply hats. Whalers are well made classic boats I would never knock, but sometimes (as mentioned ealier) the old jon boat you can "drag around" hits the spot. Don't have to worry scratching it up. Being a die hard fisherman, I rather be realing in fish on a Bayliner than watching tv in a hateras.
Eric posted 07-26-2001 08:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for Eric  Send Email to Eric     
Since this seems to be the place to "reveal" things: my Nauset is....splatter painted!
I got a classic that was already really rough, and with the splatter paint it's still a lot better looking than before I started. Please don't throw me off the website.
Bigshot posted 07-27-2001 11:52 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
You're cool Eric. I agree with you guys and I keep my whaler mint and am very careful where I park, etc, but I beat the snot out of it, that is what it was made for. I will jump anything, anywhere, anyhow(as long as the wife aint there). I have cracked transoms, ripped holes in hulls, etc and damn glad it was a Whaler. Had a Glastron for 2 weeks, Jumped a 4 footer and the windshield fell off. Sold that hunk of glass. I Hera what you are saying on the SeaCrafts, The last couple yaers they are different. They were owned by Seidleman(sp?) and were CRAP. Now they are built good again.
flwhaler posted 07-28-2001 08:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for flwhaler  Send Email to flwhaler     
Interesting fact about sea craft is that the 2001 23's have a defect that if you raise the motors all the way upyour throttle calbe will break after a few times. Do to the anlge in which the cables leave the splash well.
Mark Gallagher posted 07-29-2001 10:22 AM ET (US)     Profile for Mark Gallagher  Send Email to Mark Gallagher     
Does SeaCraft still make boats? What is their web site address? is for sailboats.


Tsuriki BW posted 07-29-2001 10:44 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tsuriki BW  Send Email to Tsuriki BW     
Mark, is what you are looking for. Click on a boat at the bottom to enter.


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