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Author Topic:   '88 Temptation. Classic? Desirable? Specs?
ds posted 11-18-2001 08:57 PM ET (US)   Profile for ds   Send Email to ds  
I am considering it a "classic" or should I post in the post forum for info? I am embarassed, being a Whaler fan since childhood, to admit knowing nothing about this model. Is it based on a classic hull? Is it ok or a fluke design? Can anyone point me to specifications for the boat? I am considering an '88, 22'with Whaler Drive and twin '94 150 Johnsons, asking $16,900, superficial condition seems ok but for fading of the very un-whalerlike cockpit vinyl trim.....any advice on this package or price? Thanks for all your help.
Tom W Clark posted 11-18-2001 09:29 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
It definitely is a classic as opposed to a post classic. The hull is the same as the other Whalers of the era.

They were never too popular and thus not too many were built. It was kind of an experiment on Whaler's part to capture a bit more of the market by appealing to the go fast crowd.

Personally I thought they were just awful for aesthetic reasons. The detailing was different with odd colors, carpet, metal rubrail, ect. Some people think they are neat. They are still Whalers and are still just as well built.

I also remember my local dealer having one for sale used. It had been bought be someone and returned, yes, returned after the owner found it would porpoise. Whaler even paid a warranty claim to have the hull worked on be a glass shop in an effort to eliminate the porpoising but to no avail. I believe that boat was a 22' Whalerdrive model with twin Johnsons, though it might have been a 20'. Hmmm...

ds posted 11-18-2001 10:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for ds  Send Email to ds     
Thanks very much for the info, I'm not sure about the styling myself. The porpoising story is interesting in that if the hull is a standard Whaler hull it should, I would have thought, compare with the 22 Revenge cuddy. They should both, for example, have roughly the same weight distribution (the weight of a foredeck in particular)-- I wonder if anyone has heard of behavioral problems with that model.
Thanks again.
jimh posted 11-18-2001 10:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Tom's comment about "not too many made" is interesting because there does seem to be a few of them for sale. Perhaps there is something to that ratio.

I have looked at them and thought several to be bargains (at the asking price) but the boat would have to suit your needs. For fishing an Outrage is better; for overnighting a Revenge is better. The suggestion has been made that the Temptation was for "booze and cruise", not that there's anything wrong with a little booze and cruise now and then....

Hey, maybe that's the source of the

Also, how do you get to the bow in one of these? And what do you hold on to when you get there?

jimh posted 11-18-2001 10:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
Regarding porpoising on Revenge hulls:

On mine I notice that I have to trim the bow down lower than I would like to suppress a tendency to porpoise at speeds above 30 MPH.

However, I don't think this is a tendency unique to the Revenge.

Tom W Clark posted 11-18-2001 10:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
The more I reflect, the more I recall that "defective" boat being a 20'. A 20' with Whalerdrive, that is, as all the temptations had Whalerdrive. Are there many 20' Whalerdrive boats out there, Temptation or no?

I just remember the conversation I had with Terry McCartney, the salesperson at the dealer mentioned (Jacobsen's Boats & Motors, Seattle). He said there was just something about that set up that didn't balance well. I believe they tried to put a "hook" in the hull or build up some part of the bottom, but it didn't help.

Dick posted 11-18-2001 10:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dick  Send Email to Dick     
My Whaler history shows the following for the Temptations.

20' w/Gill Bracket 1986 only
20' w/Whaler Drive 1986-1989
22' w/Gill Bracket 1986 only
22' w/ IO 1986-1989
22' w/ Whaler Drive 1986-1989
22' w/Sea Drive 1986-1988

Don't know anything else about them.

David Ratusnik posted 11-19-2001 08:40 AM ET (US)     Profile for David Ratusnik  Send Email to David Ratusnik     
ds- My .03 goes like this. First, I think Temptations look neat-fast looking while sitting at a dock. A slick cruise-ski set up. They seem to be rare as well. Rare is sometimes good if it is matched by desirability. The Tempatation does not seem desirable to enough boaters for it to sustain the sort of values of other Whaler designs. The other side of the coin is since it is a Whaler it will probably hold value much better than other cruise-ski boats made by most other manufacturers. I'd set value using identical length Outrage and Revenges. See what they are going for and then go 5K at least below those values. Good luck David
ds posted 11-19-2001 09:21 AM ET (US)     Profile for ds  Send Email to ds     
Thanks for all the input thus far...the prices are similar for '88 22'w/d Temptations, Revenge walk-throughs and Outrage cuddy's...$6500-8500 hull value. That guide also lists the boats' weights...the Outrage and Temptation are 3050 and 3250 respectively, and the Revenge is 2350...perhaps a typo? Does anyone know the correct weight for this boat (w/o engines)? (I know there's a thread re a whaler spec database that's not up yet, and I'll watch that.) My temptation (pun intended) to get the Temptation is based in part on the fact that the seller is a broker who will trade me for my '86 Wellcraft Sportsman (and sorry I strayed from the fold-- it was a deal), which in this market is a difficult boat to I could theoretically get a couple thousand of extra value out of this deal, rather than selling and then looking for the perfect Whaler.
David Ratusnik posted 11-19-2001 09:33 AM ET (US)     Profile for David Ratusnik  Send Email to David Ratusnik     
ds- NADA Book values for Whalers are a joke-way low. Take the trade and run (I'd feel guilty if I were you). David
Peter posted 11-19-2001 09:46 AM ET (US)     Profile for Peter  Send Email to Peter     
The 22 Outrage's published dry weight is 2050 lbs, so I suspect that the Temptation w/o Whaler Drive weighs close to what a Revenge does. So that 3250 is probably a typo meant to be 2250. I think that Whaler Drive adds another 250 so I'd put the dry weight of a Temptation with WD at about 2500.
kingfish posted 11-19-2001 10:59 AM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
(trim tabs will almost always control porpoising - not much trimming is usually necessary - just enough to break the cycle)


Tom W Clark posted 11-19-2001 11:06 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
Let me quote a little blurb from the introduction of the Temptation in the November, 1986 edition of Whaler News:

"From the early interest being shown by the boating press, it appears our new Temptation line of sport boats is on its way to becoming an overwhelming success.

Typical of the reaction so far is an article in the October issue of Offshore, The New England Boating Magazine. In the article, managing Editor Charles J. Doane said, `They have succeeded in creating a performance boat that is at once very sporty, yet looks unmistakably like a Whaler.'

The Temptation, Doane said, `pushes aside our perceived notions of what a speedboat should look like and forces us to redefine our concepts of what beautiful can be.'

And, because the Temptation is a Boston Whaler, among the things Doane found beautiful about it was the ride. Taking it out in 35-knot winds and eight foot seas, what we call around here Whaler weather', Doane observed `Yes, Virginia this is a Boston Whaler - an out-and-out, wave-busting, run-it-through-the=walls, honest-to-God Boston Whaler. A 25-foot speedboat (also available in 20 and 22-foot models) you can run flat out through eight-foot breaking seas at better than 40 mph with complete confidence, without pounding your brains out, without getting wet, and without once losing your sense of control.'

Doane also had high praise for the new Whaler Drive, one of the Temptation's several power options. `It strikes me as one of those common-sense ideas someone should have come up with a while ago,' he said, `and I expect we will soon be seeing imitations.'

`Unlike most transom brackets,' Doane said, `which more or less suspend an engine in mid-air off the stern, the Whaler Drive unit actually sits in the water and is essentially an extension of the hull, with the same foam-core fiberglass construction. Not only does this look more attractive, but by increasing the amount of flotation under the engines, adds greatly to the boat's stability overall.'

Doane believes the new Temptation will attract not only the confirmed go-fast crowd, who will compare it (quite favorably, he says) to other sport boats, but will also draw the attention of a wide spectrum of thoughtful boaters who could never quite see themselves in a muscle boat.

Doane even went so far as to make two predictions: the Temptation will sell very well; and it will become one of the classic boats of out time.

From a Boston Whaler, we expect no less.

It's always amusing to view predictions with the benefit of hindsight. It's also amusing to note that Whaler of old descended into the gross exaggeration of the the typical marketing hype just like everybody else.

Unfortunately, this blurb does not include any specifications.

Bigshot posted 11-19-2001 11:08 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
I always liked them and they also made a 25. I also like the mischief and GTX too. No dice on the Menemsha though.
Tom W Clark posted 11-19-2001 11:09 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tom W Clark  Send Email to Tom W Clark     
kingfish, Can one mount trim tabs on a Whaler Drive equipped boat with twins?
ds posted 11-20-2001 05:11 AM ET (US)     Profile for ds  Send Email to ds     
Reading the marketing blurb made me want to rush out and buy the boat!
My decision is no longer dependent on the Temptation, as the broker just bought my Wellcraft outright. Now I can sit back and view the entire market of used whalers with a disinterested eye. I am still considering the Temptation, however, but if anyone else is, it's reachable on traderonline but not through the regular search. I had to search the dealer's name "Aqua Resources" to find the listing.
I'll now be either looking for a Montauk (had one, loved it but for the pounding in a chop), a Dauntless or, going larger into something with a cuddy. Thanks again...this is a Great site.
kingfish posted 11-20-2001 10:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for kingfish  Send Email to kingfish     
Tom, I don't think you can - I believe the Whaler Drive doesn't leave enough room on the transom, and the twins don't leave enough room on the WD. Looks like I should have followed the thread a little more closely before I posted (I didn't have Whaler Drives in mind with my comment).



TD1 posted 11-21-2001 12:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for TD1  Send Email to TD1     
I cuurently have a 1997 Temptation 20 with 200 H.P. Johnson on Whaler Drive.

Other than being hard to get to the front, it is a great all around boat...Pictures for cetacea are forthcoming

TD1 posted 11-21-2001 12:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for TD1  Send Email to TD1     
P.S. Theres a 22 Tempt. for sale here in CT with twin 150's, all good cond. for $7,999.
lhg posted 11-30-2001 07:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Contrary to what Dick has indicated, I have always believed the Temptations were only offered 1987-1989 years. Whaler hired a special go-fast designer to do them.

The 22 seemed to have the best proportions.
One of the Temptation's main problems was they didn't "go-fast" enough. The Whaler Drive was a speed drag, rather than enhancer. And in those days, almost all Whaler dealers rigged them with OMC engines, never known for speed, with a few selling Yamahas, also not know for speed. But none of those engines, 87-89 vintage, will keep up with the Mercs the go-fast guys wanted. It was very difficult to get any Temptation to go faster than 55. The real go-fast crowd won't even look at a boat that is that slow, and the traditional Whaler guys, like me, hated them. So they never really went over at all. Any other outboard go-fast with a pair of Merc 200's or 225 EFI's (really putting out 260HP each) would blow their doors off.

The other problem is that they didn't have the long pointy bow design of the go-fasts, the main reason for this being to increase the allowable HP under the formula. So, Whaler couldn't offer them as a plain full transom, with an aftermarket performance bracket that the go-fast's use. The allowable HP would not be high enough to compete. The speed dragging Whaler Drive was the only way they could boost the HP enough, but it was working against the main go-fast objective.

Diver posted 12-03-2001 09:58 PM ET (US)     Profile for Diver  Send Email to Diver     
I had an 88 22 Temptation, and I must agree there was an unusual porposing problem going on there. Mine had a Mercruiser 7.4 Bravo I. It went almost as fast as a similar powered Formula a bubby of mine had. The thing I loved the most was the 7' bunks. I don't have half the room in my new 270 Wellcraft.
You won't find a bunk any longer in any other boat of that size.
lhg posted 12-03-2001 11:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
My comments on speed referred to the Whaler Drive/Outboard models. It would make sense that the Merc powered sterndrives would run faster, which did not need the Whaler Drive unit.

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