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Author Topic:   Need advice 18-Outrage / 20-Outrage
PULLNIT posted 12-13-2001 05:53 AM ET (US)   Profile for PULLNIT   Send Email to PULLNIT  
I am going to buy my first Whaler. I like the look of the old Whalers 1980 to 1990. I am looking at from 18 to 20 Outrage. On e-bay there is a 1980 20-Outrage. If you were to inspect this boat what would you inspect for? Are there any years I should stay away from due to engineering or material flaws? Thanks John
DJS posted 12-13-2001 10:05 AM ET (US)     Profile for DJS  Send Email to DJS     
Go to the reference section and click on buying a classic
andygere posted 12-13-2001 11:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for andygere  Send Email to andygere     
That boat has been listed for a long time. Go into old posts in Marketplace to see some discussion on the boat you are looking at.
lhg posted 12-13-2001 11:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Regarding the 20-Outrage, I would try to find one 1985-1989. The 1978-1984 models, although very nice looking, only had a 12 degree deadrise and are known to be less comfortable. One of these with an OMC engine will need aftermarket transom wedges to prevent continual porpoising, due to OMC's inadequate Power trim (tuck in) range.
PULLNIT posted 12-13-2001 04:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for PULLNIT  Send Email to PULLNIT     
Thanks Ihg [lhg] thats the kind of technical info I am looking for. John
maverick posted 12-14-2001 06:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for maverick  Send Email to maverick     
I have a friend with a 1980 Outrage 20. A fine boat, and as far as I can tell, the ride is quite good and similar to my 85 Outrage 18 in all conditions. He has twin 90's on it (fairly new), and the only thing I noticed while running side-by-side in 2-4' seas is that his front end appeared to continually ride higher than mine, perhaps because of the extra transom weight from 2 motors. The porpoising mentioned in above posting has me a bit perplexed, because I have not noticed this on his. Either size is a an excellent choice in my opinion (not expert), but the 18 generally is on a single axle trailer, and is a smaller, lighter package to consider on the towing end. Thanks, Mav
jimh posted 12-14-2001 08:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for jimh  Send Email to jimh     
[Changed TOPIC of thread; was "Can I get some experts advice??"--jimh]
lhg posted 12-14-2001 04:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Mav - I have never ridden in an older 20 Outrage, but there was lengthy discussion in this Forum previously about this (I thought) fairly common porpoising problem with a same age OMC V-6. I don't bleive it's an issue with other brand engines, or repowered with newer OMC's.
fester posted 12-14-2001 06:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for fester  Send Email to fester     
I have a 1978 20' Outrage with a 1979 175 horsepower Evinrude. I believe my hull is the same as the 1980 model. Prior to purchasing my Outrage, I had a 1962 17' Boston Whaler. I moved up from the 17 mainly because all of my boating is done in the ocean and the 17 felt small to me.

In determining which size boat you want, there are a number of factors you should consider including what type of boating you will do and ease of trailering. When I bought my boat, I looked at the 18, 20 and 22 foot Outrages. I bought the 20' because, in my opinion, it feels like a much bigger boat than the 18'. While I liked the 22, the 22 was just to big for me in that it was harder to tow and launch and would not fit in the storage area on the side of my house.

With respect to the porpoising, the problem is that the older OMC motors do not trim in enough so that under certain conditions the boat will porpoise. This is a problem with the motors, not the boat. My 20 did this when I first purchased it. I installed transom wedges ($30) and this cured the problem. If you have a later model OMC or a Yamaha or Merc, the boat does not have the porpoising problem.

With respect to the ride, it is my understanding that my Outrage was one of the early V model boats made by Boston Whaler and in an effort to maintain good lateral stability, the deadraise was 12 degrees. In mid to late 1980's, Whaler increased the deadraise to something like 16 degrees. It is my understanding that the late 1980's 20' is just like the 22' Outrage but 2 feet shorter. Because of the increased deadraise, the later model boat should ride a bit smoother. I have never been in a late 1980's model 20 so I can't say anything about the ride. I am very pleased with my boat and am happy with the ride. In my opinion, it does not ride rough but I am mainly comparing it the ride of my old 17' Whaler. In the ocean, the boat feels big and safe and is very stable in large following seas. In my area, you always have a following sea on the way back in which can be a problem in a deep v boat on a big day.

If you want a late 1980's 20, they are hard to find. I do not think many of them were made and I have never seen one for sale in my area. The older 20's seem to be much more available.

PULLNIT posted 12-14-2001 07:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for PULLNIT  Send Email to PULLNIT     
Thanks fester and everyone elses input !!
Please keep it up
Its a learning experience.
Chap posted 12-17-2001 10:39 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chap  Send Email to Chap     
Some good past discussions I enjoyed.

Good luck.

Chap posted 12-17-2001 10:58 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chap  Send Email to Chap     
Hello again,
The names change but the questions remain the same. I figured while I was at it, here may be some good tidbits from my pre-purchase questions that folks helped me with tremendously. I post at my own peril.


PULLNIT posted 12-17-2001 06:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for PULLNIT  Send Email to PULLNIT     
Hey Chap
Thanks !! Great reading material.So are you happy with the 18 outrage??
Thank You John
Chap posted 12-18-2001 10:01 AM ET (US)     Profile for Chap  Send Email to Chap     
I eventually purchased a 1989 22 and love it.
My friend has an 18 that I am on all the time and use for comparison. It is more boat than the 18 feet would suggest but I was coming off of a 20 Shamrock and couldn't go backwards after all. Both boats are winners and he runs where I run albeit a tad less comfortable at times. He has a 150 Yami and the thing flies, solo, no paint with a light load, motor not lifted, 51mph. Before I paint my bottom we will race, I have twin 120 egg beaters in the notch.
BurntWhaler posted 12-19-2001 10:58 AM ET (US)     Profile for BurntWhaler  Send Email to BurntWhaler     
Thanks you'll I learned a lot!!!

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