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Author Topic:   New Mercury 90 HP 4 stroke EFI
tabasco posted 02-05-2002 10:45 PM ET (US)   Profile for tabasco   Send Email to tabasco  
Has anyone heard any roomers about Mercury adding EFI to there 75 & 90 HP four stoke motors and if so when. It seems that they are upgrading all of the four strokes slowly to EFI

Would love to know before I put the cash down for my new 90 four stoker

tabasco posted 02-06-2002 07:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for tabasco  Send Email to tabasco     
WOW.....thought i would get at least some replys
FISHNFF posted 02-14-2002 01:11 AM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     
Hey tabasco. I'll talk to ya.
Just spoke to my local Whaler dealer and he doesn't think so for 2003 on the 75/90. I am thinking of upgrading if they did.I bought my Alert and 90 4-stroke from him and he is very sharp and honest. He is attending a dealers meeting at months end and will let me know. As for the new Montauk, he doesn't think it will have a built-in tank. Who knows. We'll all see soon.
lhg posted 02-14-2002 04:37 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
If I was in the market for one of those Merc 4-strokes, I would spend another $400 for the EFI 115. The weight, at 386 lbs, is the same, as are ALL exterior dimensions, and you'll have the more advanced EFI system. For $135 you can put a set of 90HP decals on it. Nobody says you have to run it wide open if you're afraid of overpowering. A 115 will cost you about $7000. if you shop around.

The boat will handle a 115 anyway. You won't regret getting the EFI.

FISHNFF posted 02-15-2002 12:07 AM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     
I was set on going the 115 EFI route, until I spoke to a few people whose opinions I respect.

Bottom line.
If I were inolved in an (Heaven forbid) accident where an injury or death occurred, the prosecuting lawyer would say, " So, the boat manufacturer goes through great lengths to rate a maximum, safe horsepower rating, and you intentionally, knowingly exceeded that safe rating and turned a pleasure boat into a lethal weapon." I know of a few people who changed decals and swapped motor covers, but serial numbers don't lie! The boat can handle it, and I know you don't have to use it, but I couldn't live with it.

lhg posted 02-15-2002 05:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
As an insurance person, first of all an attorney would have to be smart enough to check a serial number. Most aren't. But more importantly, IF you have an insurance policy issued on your rig, insuring the engine as it really is rated, you're covered. As long as you have enough insurance, you're all right, regardless of HP. If a court wants to hang you for technical overpowering, it's the company that pays, not you, and they cannot deny coverage if they accepted your premium for the policy. But you may pay a few more dollars for the insurance, however. On a Montauk, for instance, for the difference between 90 & 115 to be a relevant issue, it would have to involve a situation where the extra 25HP was the cause, such as going faster than a 90 would push it, etc. Since we're not talking go-fasts here, for most accidents caused by a Whaler, this would not likely be the primary cause.

Both of my Whalers are overpowered according to the CG plate, and I have insurance from a big name, reputable company, and a high-enough limit to protect me. No claims in 30 years, thankfully.

What most people don't understand is that the insurance companies underwrite the driver and use of the boat, as the primary risk, rather than a conservative boat itself, such as a Whaler. They are well respected in the insurance industry, and not considered a high risk boat, even with a reasonable amount of excess HP.

FISHNFF posted 02-15-2002 11:34 PM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     
I got the "Don't do it" from three boat dealers. They would sell me the motor, and mount it if I wanted, but there would be no receipt for mounting. They did not want the liability. I did not speak to my insurance company, as my plans to go big stopped at talking to the dealers. I am not the reckless type, but then again they do call them accidents for a reason. And I would think a lawyer would be smart enough to check a BIA plate, but then again they are lawyers!
lhg posted 02-16-2002 01:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Fishnff, don't get me wrong, your advice is good, and I'm not blatantly recommending for people to go out and overpower recklessly. The Dealers can be put in a vulnerable position, and their associations and insurance carriers don't want to be pulled into a claim needlessly. Completely understandable from their perspective, and they might over-emphasize the situation to protect themselves while still not losing a sale down the street. And some nationally based insurance programs, such as Boat US, will absolutely not insure an over-rated boat. But there are companies that will, within reason (such as Travelers), and then one is protected. But this could still leave a dealer out there with liability, so that is why they're so panicked about the situation. They're exposed for a claim, even if you're covered!

I just wanted to emphasize that it's not an impossible, bad thing to do if handled right, and if it gets you an engine of your choice and price range, or maybe a great deal, perhaps. As an example, I would do it for the purpose of the EFI engine mentioned above, knowing I'm not a hot-dogger in a boat. You sound like the kind of guy that certainly could handle a 115 EFI 4-stroke on your Whaler, and without undue liability. Nor have I ever let some kid, including my own, take the helm of my 18 Outrage with twin 115 Mercs before an age of reason is attained (25?)! Mostly this boat runs between 20 & 30 mph, which is like running them in overdrive at that speed. Quiet and low vibration at these low rpm's. At my age, that's getting to be plenty fast!

FISHNFF posted 02-16-2002 11:57 PM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     
When I first saw that 115EFI 4-stroke,I fell in love. Just before I put my money down on my 90, one of the first 115's out was being unpackaged at the dealer. As these were rare, he was not giving these away, which really swung me to the 90. As I grew familiar with my 90, I began to see the shortcomings, such as mediocre acceleration and running cold. Maybe I was expecting a miracle compared to my 1996 Merc 75 2-stroke. I ran a few Suzuki 70 4-strokes and thought mine would be comparable. Well, my 90 kinda sat in the middle for smoothness , quietness, and fuel economy. Point is I still would like a 115EFI. A friend just rigged one on his Montauk and loves it. Incredible acceleration and smoooth. The grass is always greener. One can never keep up with technology, ect...

I got way off track, but bottom line is, if you are thinking about a 90 and a 115 Merc, or a 90 or 115 Suzuki, or any other motor which may have the same weight for multiple horsepower, get the larger, especially if you get superior technology. If you got the insurance to cover it, you will never regret it. I just may have to satisfy my urge...

FISHNFF posted 02-21-2002 08:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     

If I may ask, who is your insurance carrier? My local dealer, knowing the little problems I am having with my 90 Merc 4 stroke and general so-so satisfaction, has given me a price on a new 115 Merc 4S EFI, which I may jump on. First I must sell mine. My motor runs well, mind you, but I really want the smoothness of the EFI. I, being very meticulous (and have too much free time on my hand!), see some shortcomings that the average person may not see. I'll put a couple hundred hours on my motor a year, and I listen and watch it the whole time. My State Farm will not insure a 115. Who will?

lhg posted 02-21-2002 10:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Fishnff - as I mentioned above, Travelers Insurance Co, through a local Independent Agent, will insure a conservative boat like a Whaler with excess hp over the rating. They have four "tiers" of pricing, and the 115 will probably put put you up into the 2nd tier, which is maybe a 10% surcharge. For a Montauk with 4-stroke 115, I would guess about $350. Here, I have a customer with a 1985 Montauk, with Merc 85 on it, and it costs him $170/yr. I'm not real familiar with California rates, however. As Travelers agents licensed in all states, I could place it for you, but CA and FL have very protective insurance statutes (because of quakes and hurricanes) and Travelers will only let a CA agent write their personal lines insurance out there! I would think there are other companies out there that will also do it. I would recommend you buy the $500,000 liability limit, and buy a personal $1 mil umbrella also. They are very reasonable in cost, depending on how many cars and boats you have. If you can't find anything locally, let me know and I can find somebody that will do it for you. You might try Allstate. They have pretty good boat rates.

The 230HP on my 18 Outrage is costing me a 40% surcharge in tier 4, or about an extra $200/year.

FISHNFF posted 02-21-2002 11:04 PM ET (US)     Profile for FISHNFF  Send Email to FISHNFF     
Thanks Larry.
Sounds like you are right on. I just got a phone call from a friend who has a 115 EFI 4S on his Montauk through,you guessed it, Allstate. I do have the $1M umbrella with State Farm. Will see what Allstate wants. I will also check with Traveler's Insurance Co. Ask and you shall receive great advise and information. Thanks Larry and thanks to this site!

Brian K.

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