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Author Topic:   Test drove an 18' Outrage, need advice!
John Marc posted 06-26-2002 09:15 AM ET (US)   Profile for John Marc   Send Email to John Marc  
Looked at an 1984 18' Outrage yesterday and have some questions that I would really like some help with.

1. There is what looks like a rubber bumper guard on the keel right where you would beach a boat(up towards the bow). I've never seen one of those before and am suspicious. There is evidence of glass and gelcoat work underneath it. The rubber thingey is about 4 feet long.

2. The cover over the gas tank has a longitudinal crack running the full length of the panel. Goes from the bench seat down towards the fuel access portal. I can't figure out where the crack could have come from.

3. The steering is real stiff. Can this be lubricated or do I figure on 700-900 dollars for new steering?

Boat was repowered in 1999 with at Merc 110. I drove the boat and was expecting sluggish performance for this combo, but I was wrong. The thing jumps out of the water and ran 39MPH on the gps. That was with 2 people and 1/4 tank of gas. Suspect will be different with 4 guys, a full tank and all our gear.

Generally the boat was dirty, the wood need finishing, gelcoat was oxidized but no cracks of any kind except the one mentioned, hull was not painted and is real nice.

The guy is asking $12,900. I want to know what it will cost to repair the gas tank panel and the steering? Also, if the keel was properly repaired is this a deduct.
Boat comes with the usual assortment of used electronics, etc.

I sincerely appreciate any time you take to answer any of these items. It's my first whaler and I want to make good decisions.

As long as I'm on my bandwagon, the other thing I can't figure out is, has anyone mount ed and electic motor to the bow? I really don't want a kicker on the bow for some of the fishing I do. Might have to go that way though. What about an electic on the stern?

tlynch posted 06-26-2002 09:32 AM ET (US)     Profile for tlynch  Send Email to tlynch     
I don't know the value of the engine so I can not evaluate the deal.

In the bildge (starboard aft corner of the deck, I would pull out the through hull. He is not going to want you to do this and you would have to be prepared to put a new one back it. There is a thread on this replacement recently in Repairs/Mods. Then fstick your finger in and feel the foam. I wish I had done this last year when I bought mine, as I found it to be wet last weekend.

That gas tank cover is plywood. Jump around on it to make sure it is solid. If the wood is still solid you would just have to grind out the crack and re gel coat it, no big deal, you could do it for next to nothing. If the panel is soft then read look that up in the repairs section, it is a big deal to replace.

The steering is teleflex cable steering, for $900 you could get hydraulic steering. Replacing the cables alone would be roughly $200. Could also be the engine that is stiff and the steering is fine.

I Have 1985 Johnson 150 on mine and like the power. I think you would want more power than 110HP.

I would guess that you could do better. I paid $7250 for a 1985 w/ 1985 Engine, in rough shape, and felt I got a good deal. For 12k I think that you could do better with a slightly larger and older engine.


acseatsri posted 06-26-2002 10:44 AM ET (US)     Profile for acseatsri  Send Email to acseatsri     
I paid 14K for mine. 1988 rig with 88 150 Evvy. Included 3K worth of new electronics and brand new T-top with overhead electronics box. Was in good shape, only thing I did was upgrade to hydraulic steering and add kicker. Guesstimate is $2500 or so for the T-top.
JFM posted 06-26-2002 11:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for JFM  Send Email to JFM     
That rubber thingey is a keal gaurd. I would try to come to terms with contigencies to have the boat inspected by a marine surveyor, especially the foam by the gas tank and keal damage.
Regards, Jay
Bigshot posted 06-26-2002 11:18 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
I think price is a tad high being boat is described as semi-rough. Steering is cheap$150-250 plus labor.
homey posted 06-26-2002 11:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for homey  Send Email to homey     
John, with the performance being that good, I wouldn't expect the hull to be water logged. That doesn't mean there isn't some sort of water intrusion.(probably minimal)The long crack, and keel area can be repaired by a good fiberglass man but, should be a major deduction in price...The steering may need some adjustment, wouldn't sweat over that...I suggest you use these repairs/estimates for a low offer...$8,000, Remember the season has already started. The prime boat buying months are April-June. It begins to slack off around July. The great deals are usually Sept.-Dec. Good Luck!
NEVER SCARED posted 06-26-2002 01:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for NEVER SCARED    
$9,000 grand tops!!! If you liked that merc 110, you'll love a 150! Crack in the deck can be fixed by replacing the plywood inside, steering can be fixed...teleflex NFB $179 (bass pro shop). Keel is questionable. Dont know how old the repair is or the extent. Theres an 85 Outrage 18' with 96 Yammy 150 for around $13,900. If I didnt already have mine, Id get it. Try to find one where the owner didnt go crazy with a drill!
John Marc posted 06-26-2002 04:22 PM ET (US)     Profile for John Marc  Send Email to John Marc     
All the advise is well taken. Thank you much.
Hey, Never Scared, where is the 18 footer with the 150 Yammy? Might be worth a look. Plus there's no bimini or top on this one and my bald spot's not getting any smaller last time I looked in a mirror.
crashq posted 06-26-2002 04:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for crashq  Send Email to crashq     
Here is my $0.02 worth. BTW I own a 1983 Outrage 18 with a 1983 Evinrude 140 (4-cylinder)

1) The keel at that portion of the hull is susceptible to damage due to boat misalignment during power loading onto the trailer. Is it a roller trailer? That is how I damaged my keel. One of the rollers was misaligned and deflected the boat a little (against the frame) when loading. This is a deduction. Minor repair = small deduction Major repair = major deduction.

2) I assume you mean the deck plate? Which plate. If it is one of the large ones I would be concerned and second the suggestion for a marine surveyor in any case. If it is just the small one, In would have hime take it off to check for other damage underneath.

3)Try lubricating the steering cable/pulleys. If that doesn't work, assume you need a new steering system. I would opt for the hydraulic. I have that on mine, and once you try it you will never go back.

4) The wood needs to be redone at least once a season. Teak/mahogany holds up well even without treatment. It is just the surface that looks like heck. There are plenty of commercial products to restore it. Allyou need is one long day and a lot of elbow grease.

5) The price depends on where you are located . That price is not out of the ordinary on the West Coast, but based on the things you mentioned, I would offer less. Anywhere else it seems high, especially with the Merc 110. Although likely a fine motor, it is less desirable because a lot of people prefer the max horsepower. (BTW, mine tops out at 47mph with a full tank and two people with the 140. It slows noticeably with an extra person or two on board. I would expect a similar result with extra people with the 110.) I paid $12k for mine in '94 with a nearly new 15hp kicker, radio, Loran, fishfinder, outriggers, etc.

I haven't tried the electric mounted on the bow; just on the stern. My 36 lbs thrust electric worked fine except in strong currents. When you got a little sideways it got pushed around. I use either a 15 hp or 25 hp kicker on the stern most of the time.

With an older motor you would save $$$, but have a limited lifetime. Eventually you will have to cough up the dollars ($7k-14k with installation) for a new one. If you go offshore, the newer motor is a big plus, but you will need a second motor (kicker) for safety.

NEVER SCARED posted 06-26-2002 05:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for NEVER SCARED    
John M

The boats in Looks mint!!!

george nagy posted 06-26-2002 08:17 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
I have a 1987 18' and I think the price is high even with that current of a motor. 110 hp is nearly at the minimum power for that boat. A montauk with a 90 should probably outperform that 18'. I think the 110 is a reflection of the owner's "frugalness" and probably an indication of how they treated other maintnance and repair issues "as little as possible" or "bare minimum". Use caution!
lhg posted 06-26-2002 08:24 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Check on the engine HP. Mercury hasn't made an in-line 6 110HP engine in years. Later ones are 100 or 115 in-line 4's.
george nagy posted 06-26-2002 08:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
and wait there's more, The fact that the steering is so stiff on a boat where the engine has been replaced such a short while ago is troubling to me too, this serves as further evidence that maybe they just slapped that motor on the back to unload the boat. Did the owner purchase the engine new in 1999?.

I just recently finished repowering my 18' with a slightly used 1997 150 johnson. Eventhough the engine was a few years old I still checked it out thoroughly before purchasing it. I then replaced just about everything thing else on the boat rigging wise. I overhauled the twin cable steering system and it is nearly as smooth as power steering. After going over the everything with a fine tooth comb repairing and replacing everything mechanical and electrical salvaging what I could and discarding what wasn't I'm confident my boat is better than new or at least functionally. I can tell you $12k can buy alot of new stuff for an 18' figure a 1984 ull only in good cond. to be worth $3,000-$4,500 and a 1999 110 (not really sure)maybe the same $4,500 tops. That puts you at a price way under $10k and I'm considering that both engine and boat would need to be in good condition just neding a wash and wax no repairs of any great magnitude.

I have gone over the numbers on the 18' over and over again when I was considering options for repowering and I think my nunmers are sound. In any case it really comes down to what you want to pay for it. Good luck!

george nagy posted 06-26-2002 08:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for george nagy  Send Email to george nagy     
Sorry for all the spelling and punctuation errors in my posts. I'm at work late tonight trying to wrap something up! "haste makes waste"

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