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Author Topic:   Classic Bow Light / Chock Bit
protek9543 posted 01-28-2008 07:56 PM ET (US)   Profile for protek9543   Send Email to protek9543  
This is OEM, NOS, chrome over bronze. Not an imitation.

Riptide23WA posted 01-29-2008 05:00 AM ET (US)     Profile for Riptide23WA  Send Email to Riptide23WA     
I'm interested. Sent you an email...
friend99 posted 01-29-2008 01:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
I can tell you first hand that it is well worth the additional money to buy this original versus the immitations that are out there.

If you are selling the boat buy the immitation, but if you are keeping the boat buy the real thing! You can spot the immitation from a mile away.

dscew posted 01-29-2008 02:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
fiend09, you forgot to add that, if you buy the imitation bow chock to be cheap before you sell your boat, be sure to hide that fact from the buyer so he/she is tricked into paying too much for the boat and you can laugh at how stupid they are.

You've just shown your colors again for the 100th time. Congratulations!

dscew posted 01-29-2008 07:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
[If you are selling the boat buy the immitation, but if you are keeping the boat buy the real thing!]

Yes, that's how you operate, isn't it? I knew my original description of you as a used car salesman was 100% accurate!!

Anyone who would buy anything from you would have to be looking over his shoulder on his way out of the used car lot (that is, if he could even get the Yugo started). You stink.

protek9543 posted 01-29-2008 08:54 PM ET (US)     Profile for protek9543  Send Email to protek9543     

dscew your an ass. You can't seem to mind your own damn business can you.

friend99 posted 01-29-2008 09:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    

dscew had no right trying to wreck your sales thread. You were kind in calling him an ass. He has been referred to as much worse by members in e-mails to me.

friend99 posted 01-29-2008 09:06 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
Proteck......come to think of it....the village idiot (dscew) may actually be good luck......He tried to wreck my boat sales thread in December and my boat sold in less than a week. He tried to wreck your sales thread and it sells in 1 day. Seems like members know if dscew does not must be good. LOL!
Dan posted 01-29-2008 09:07 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
dscew's cool, I too saw the irony he pointed out and I've received dozens of e-mails from people who dig his wit -- plus we've both been on here for 8 years -- solid
friend99 posted 01-29-2008 10:46 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
Now the Village Idiot (dscew) is joined by the Mental Midget (Dan). When will these two learn?
dscew posted 01-29-2008 11:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
protec, I've got no quarrel with you. You had a OEM product, sold it here for a fair price. Fine.

Fiend comes onto your sales thread and says an imitation is fine if you're going to sell your boat; in other words, the boat buyer won't know the difference, so screw the buyer. That's a used car sales tactic, everyone knows that. I'm only calling a spade a spade; in other words, fiend09 is willing to be dishonest in his games.

If you read my first post here, it was about fiend09, not you. If you want to call me names for that so be it. I'll stand by my assessment of the real idiot here; you're entitled to your opinion too.

friend99 posted 01-29-2008 11:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    

I think Protek9543 called you names because you keep trying to wreck his sales threads and this is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

The last sale thread that Protek9543 had you said:

"You (Protek9543) sound like a nice guy--just the kinda guy I'd like to give $325 to. Sour grapes or hard cheese, which is it? Maybe you should wait until spring and jack it to $400, absolutely firm".

I will bump that thread in case you forgot how you and Dan tried to wreck his sale. Everyone on the board can see what type of people you and Dan are, and I really don't give a sh!t if you both of you are 8 year members.

The way you and Dan try and wreck sales threads is ABSOLUTELY WRONG and you two continue to do it, even after Jim H has asked you to stop. Maybe you don't want to get to a be 9 year member.

Dan posted 01-30-2008 11:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
dscew -- I agree neither you or I have any issue whatsoever with protek or any other member with the exception of F. F has consistently attacked fellow members like Yiddl. Of course it sucks to get pulled into his world. But at the same time ignoring his bull and letting him mess with others is not our style. And just because F is clearly ill, that is no excuse to permit or allow his behavior to go unchecked. Do I argue with the crazy maniac on the street corner? No, I cross the street. But here on this board the crazy maniac can follow you around and harass your proverbial family. All anyone has to do to know what F is all about is to read F's posts arguing with Jim. If F stops messing with others and follows Jim guidelines then I will be happy to ignore him. If he attacks others then I will from time to time comment on this behavior. I would be happy if Jim would delete contentious posts, including the responses to same. In the 8 years I've been here, I've never seen anything like this.
friend99 posted 01-30-2008 01:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
Dan........please take your medications. You are the one that can't seem to shut up and mind your own business.
dscew posted 01-30-2008 06:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
Oh yes, now I remember, protect99 was angry after I posted that I bought a NOS/OEM bow chock for $150, after he insulted another member to "do his homework."

Dan, it does suck to be compelled to respond to these guys. I just think it's wrong to come on here and insult CW members, attack people that question them, etc.

So, maybe I DO have a quarrel with protect99. Whatever. I DID buy an OEM bow chock/light for 150, shipping included, and it does look very nice on my Katama. In fact, if one was so inclined, one could eat off it, wax notwithstanding.

I'm going to try to go back and contribute in constructive ways to those who care about their boats. I've built Nauset, Sakonnet and Eastport consoles, seats, and hundreds of mahogany parts for little Whalers and shipped them all over the world, have put fine finishes on them, I've repowered my own Whaler and offered advice on setback brackets, wood, etc., etc., so I think some people here want to hear from me. I also need advice from the real Whaler community, and believe me, I've taken lots of it. I'm a Whaler enthusiast, and that's what drives me on this forum, not seeing who I can screw out of a few bucks.

This pissant, petty crap from these two drives me nuts too, but sometimes it's just too arrogant and condescending for me to stand by and watch, and that's why I chime in. Sorry if I've offended anyone except these two, whom I intend to offend!

protek9543 posted 01-30-2008 07:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for protek9543  Send Email to protek9543     
The member I supposedly insulted never said anything to me. Maybe he mouthed off before he had all the facts. Either way it's not your business. How would you like it if I hijacked your threads or every post you made? Let it go.


dscew posted 01-30-2008 07:20 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
I'm perfectly willing to let it go, in fact, since you have your email address in your profile (unlike fiend, who's afraid) your free to email me if you have any issue with me whatsoever, as long as your nice. I don't think I did anything wrong in my posting about the item I bought.
friend99 posted 01-30-2008 10:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
dscew........LET IT GO! The more you talk...the dumber you look. Go back and read your prior posts on this thread. You sound like an idiot. Nobody provoked you to post in this thread and you had no right to do so and wreck Protek's thread.

This is exactly what Jim H wants to stop, but you just don't get it!

Nobody gives a sh!t about the wood consoles you have made....nobody gives a sh!t about your setback brackets....nobody gives a sh!t about you! You sound like a 2 year old.

I am starting to feel sorry for you because you really do seem to have issues. Please go to the doctor and have him check you out, but in the mean time, LET IT GO!

Now, I'm sure you will respond to this post which will further prove my point to everyone of what an idiot you are, so go ahead and prove my point! I am done responding to you on this thread, even though you have wrecked it already.

Tohsgib posted 01-30-2008 11:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
I swear I am gonna take that bowchock and install it where the sun does not shine...knock it off before we have no more marketplace for you to bicker at!!!

Protek-Will I get a refund if I return it slightly used? ;)

PeteB88 posted 01-30-2008 11:23 PM ET (US)     Profile for PeteB88  Send Email to PeteB88     
Whaler THROW DOWN - Boxing gloves, wrestling mat or RACE, boat title for title!!! Ya Baby YAAAA!
Tohsgib posted 01-30-2008 11:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     

Hold up...face mask...holding...offsides....unneccessary conduct....this is a respectable forum, NOW KEEP IT THAT WAY!

protek9543 posted 01-31-2008 07:48 AM ET (US)     Profile for protek9543  Send Email to protek9543     
Tohsgib, use one off a Bayliner then it won't
Dan posted 01-31-2008 08:20 AM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
F this is what you wrote to dscew: "Nobody gives a sh!t about the wood consoles you have made....nobody gives a sh!t about your setback brackets....nobody gives a sh!t about you! You sound like a 2 year old."

Don't be the last one to get hip to yourself.

friend99 posted 01-31-2008 08:55 AM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
Take your medicine Dan. Its time for you to go to "happy land". In happy land you can make your old Outrage II as purdy as you want. LOL!

If you have to get in the last word...go ahead and post it......everyone knows what a jerk you are anyway. I'm done responding to you too on this thread.

Tohsgib posted 01-31-2008 10:50 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Yeah sure...I give that about 15 minutes before you respond to Dan again. You just don't know when to shut up.
DaveS posted 01-31-2008 11:16 AM ET (US)     Profile for DaveS  Send Email to DaveS     

I think the technical term is: "Narcissist"

Tohsgib posted 01-31-2008 11:38 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Well then Jim needs to take away the mirror and the hairbrush.
friend99 posted 01-31-2008 01:09 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99 just don't know when to mind your own business and stay off other peoples threads. You have no authority, or respect from anyone on this site, so please stop posting like people should listen to you. I won't listen to you and neither will anyone else. You proved long ago that you are nothing more than a bag of wind!

Dave still pissed off that you can't find a nice 17' Outrage II? LOL!

This thread would have been long closed if people like Tohsgib, Dan, dscew and Dave S would mind their own business and stay out of other's peoples threads.

I hope Jim H reads this thread and he will see how all of them attacked and wrecked this thread for NO REASON. I did nothing to provoke any of them. I suggest these bitter people change their unhappy lives instead of attacking people to try to bring them down to their level.

Now, I will do my part to finally end this thread by not posting here anymore. I'm sure one of the village idiots, or one of their friends, will post to keep this thread going, but I won't be part of it.

elaelap posted 01-31-2008 01:15 PM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
"If you are selling the boat buy the immitation [sic], but if you are keeping the boat buy the real thing!"

Makes you really want to trust this guy, eh? I'd sure feel great relying on his description of a boat or, better yet, the condition of an outboard he's selling. I can just see him muttering to himself prior to posting for sale a classic Whaler with an older motor: "Hm, I'm not keeping this ding-ed up, waterlogged can I fake it out so I can fool the potential buyer. Sawdust in the motor? Bondo those big cracks below the waterline? Put on some shiny immitation parts? What fun!"

Man oh man, did he give himself away with that post. Caveat emptor, CW members--let the buyer beware.


dscew posted 01-31-2008 01:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
God forbid, I don't want to continue this thread, but Tohsgib is one of the more credible posters on this site, nearly anyone will attest to that; most of us here have learned lots from his concise and accurate posts. He typically stays out of this crap, but he's probably as fed up as everyone else. Sorry for the bump to the top again, this just needed to be said. I'm outta this one.
Tohsgib posted 01-31-2008 02:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Tony...reminds me of those carfax commercials where the Honda is on fire and the owner is writing a classified add and instead of saying it had fire damage he crosses it out and puts down "NEW INTERIOR!"

Friend that last post just goes to show you what a jackass you really are. I have been on this site for about 8 years now and probably about 20,000 posts and owned 18 Whalers since I was a kid. I am also the President of the Gulf Coast Boston Whaler Owner's Assoc and Jimh happens to be a member. So before you decide you want to be a whistle blower, be carefull who's ass you blow on. Next you'll start crap with Tom Clark or Clark Roberts because you don't think before you type. KNOW YOUR ADVERSARIES!

You should really move to PA, that way you would TRULY have a friend in Pennsylvania.

elaelap posted 01-31-2008 03:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for elaelap  Send Email to elaelap     
I want to 'ditto' what dscew just said about Nick, and add my similar opinion about Dave S, Dan, and dscew himself. I've banged heads on occasion with all of these guys over the past five years regarding non-Whaler-related matters, but much more importantly I've learned an immense amount (and been entertained along the way) by/from each of them. You have no idea how amusing it is for me--and I'm sure for many other regulars at this website--to see these four very knowledgeable, skilled and experienced CW members attacked and insulted by Mr. friend99. It's sorta like watching a flea nipping at an elephant's leg, doncha know.

I predict we won't be seeing much more of our "friend" around here--certainly not in the Marketplace forum selling anything--after his admission regarding his salesman's ethics, or lack thereof. I mean, how will one of his ads do if the next person to post quotes his now-famous line, "If you are selling the boat buy the immitation [sic], but if you are keeping the boat buy the real thing!"?


protek9543 posted 01-31-2008 05:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for protek9543  Send Email to protek9543     
I hate to get off subject but does anyone want to buy a bow light?


friend99 posted 01-31-2008 09:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
John (Protek),

My apologies for these cast of clowns wrecking your sales thread. I suggest you close this thread and start a new one and hopefully these jerks will just stay off it.

I see the Village Idiot (dscew) and Bag of Wind (Tohsgib) have been joined by the 5th grade law student (elaelap), and they all want to extend this thread.

elaelap.....By the way, the Village Idiot (dscew) has one of those immitation bow lights on his boat and he loves it. My point was that the truely passionate BW enthusiast would want the real bow light (at least I would). In any event, I don't post boats for sale here anymore so I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. In December, I posted a pristine boat here for sale because I thought a CW member would appreciate it. All I got was a bunch of envious people (like you), who could not afford to buy the anchor, telling me I was asking too much money for it. That was the last time I will post a boat for sale on CW. Most of my boats are sold locally, but I have sold a number of boats to members of this site and I am POSITIVE I will sell more. These members LOVE the boats and the deal I gave them. I contact members "back channel" (with my private name, phone number and e-mail address) when I have a boat I think they will be interested in by watching their posts here. In fact, I just took a $500 deposit on a 15' Dauntless from a CW member. So, do you really think you can effect me? LOL!

Tohsgib......I don't care who your friends are STILL a bag of wind that can't mind your own business. Get a life!

jeffs22outrage posted 01-31-2008 10:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for jeffs22outrage  Send Email to jeffs22outrage     
I THINK EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD HAS HAD ENOUGH. Period. Be the bigger person and let it GOOOOOOO! This keyboard courage has lost it's humor and wit.

It it just like the geese around the lakes here. They are a real pain in the _ _ _. They squawk, hiss, and crap all over everything. You can yell at them all you want, throw things at them, even take shots at them however, once they stop getting fed they are gone in a hurry. No food, no more issues.

Let John have his thread back.

friend99 posted 01-31-2008 10:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
Dan posted 01-31-2008 11:44 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
The only one who's ruined anything is F. He could antagonize the Pople.
Dan posted 01-31-2008 11:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
that's Pope...
Tohsgib posted 02-01-2008 12:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
On 1/29 you posted that it was SOLD! So we were just screwing around. If you have more than one, yo should have said so but I agree on starting a new thread.

Friend, I do not honestly think a CW member would buy tomorrows lottery numbers from you, much less a 15 dauntless. If you look closely that bill it has Alfred E Newmans face on it.

Bag of wind is better than the bag of stool you are!

protek9543 posted 02-01-2008 01:45 PM ET (US)     Profile for protek9543  Send Email to protek9543     
$225.00, $10.00 to ship.

CES posted 02-01-2008 02:55 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Why can't we all just get along?
CES posted 02-01-2008 03:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Oh, and by the way, dscew is the one who destroyed this thread case you hadn't figured that one out. Seems to me that dscew and friend99 have had a long dispute that is deeply rooted within this forum. I've bought one of your lights and I couldn't be happier with it. Time to start a new thread, too bad you cannot block certain people from posting comments on it. Oh ya, that would be censorship and the liberal/democrat way of doing things. Sorry, forgot about that...........
Gep posted 02-03-2008 01:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for Gep  Send Email to Gep     
Which one is the NOS bow light? The light at the top of the thread is divided and the one at the bottom of this thread doesn't have the divider.


dscew posted 02-03-2008 05:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
Now THAT'S a great question!
seabob4 posted 02-03-2008 08:30 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Excuse me, but it is the republicans who censor. Democrats/liberals are an open-minded bunch. Remember the root word of liberal: Libre: Free. Now if we all could just ignore certain posts, and I believe we know who I am talking about!
Yiddil posted 02-03-2008 10:32 PM ET (US)     Profile for Yiddil  Send Email to Yiddil     
Dscew...The real question is........

Are we as a group Boston WHaler Enthusiast going to let a LOOSER=FLIPPER=FRIEND99 steal into every thread with his self proclaimed pontification as the resident WHaler Expert and make newbees belive he is like working for this site, working to help people (dont make me puke!)and is the expert on Boston WHalers (dosnt even own one) and then spin his own brand of Used car unsuspecting people looking for help, not a rip off ...

Thats the real question!

And because we ask that question,( and we all know the answer) and wont let him get away with this crap here, the fiend will do anything to slander anyone who OUTS him for what he really is!he will try an impact every sales thread he can, of course to no avail, because no one listens to him much at all...not even when he was a child...

Go suck on that troll:)you no more than a hardy chuckle around one who knows anything would buy anything from you!GO AWAY!LOOSER!

CES posted 02-04-2008 07:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
SeaBob. The Liberal, or your so called "free/open minded" attitude, includes pushing your adgendas onto families who do have morals and are instilling moral values within our own children. Additionally, with your "Free/open minded" mentality, there comes a lack of responsibility.....blaming others for your own shortcomings. This a huge difference between the Libs and Conservatives....libs blame others for their problems while Conservatives accept responisbility and the consequences of their actions.
Tohsgib posted 02-04-2008 10:43 AM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib     
Then Bush MUST be a liberal because he sure as hell never admits to his mistakes.

Sorry again really should start a new thread.

seabob4 posted 02-13-2008 08:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Glad Giulianni (I guess the first 2 just didn't work out, you know, this sanctity of marriage thing) has good moral values, glad McCain and Thompson have their good "trophy wife" moral values, glad Bush and Cheney served "proudly" during Viet Nam, well, I guess I could go on and on about your "Moral Values". I guess your incredibly afraid that gay people getting married will turn you kids into flaming fags! Get real pal! Why don't you ask your lawmakers Tim Foley and Larry Craig to preach to the nation about "Moral Values"? Oops, forgot, arrested on gay sex charges.

Now that you've addressed those issues, why don't you ask my Catholic, conservative sister-in-law about her abortion because having a baby at that time would have been "inconvenient"? Why don't you ask my buddy, who was wounded by an IUD in Baghdad, lost hearing in 1 ear, eyesight in 1 eye, and some minor schrapnel scars, but was kicked out of the Army, because he couldn't fight on the Iraqi streets, why don't you ask him about "Moral Values"?

Next time you open your little, protected, lily-white suburban mouth, I suggest you think first. And by the way, to keep Jimh happy, long live Whalers!

By the way, my first wife and I divorced after 6 years. The money ran out, so did the wife. My wife now, well, we've been together going on 10 years. She's English and a doll. And she knows the value of a hard earned dollar. When was the last time you "earned" a dollar?

CES posted 02-13-2008 10:51 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Seabob AKA Asshole. You've got some serious issues man and you need to seek counsel. I've served more than 24 years in the military and I have spent three years of that time in that shithole called the Middle East too. You portray the very attributes of the typical liberal, just in your whiney complaining post below, that I DO NOT running this country. You blame the fact that you ran out of money and that is why your first wife left you. I bet it has never crossed your mind that maybe she left you because of YOUR attitude and could only stand you because you may have had some money.... You have to seek a foreign wife because she is willing to put up with your crap....which is very apparent in your writing.

As for earning the money I have? Well...guess what pecker head...nothing has ever been given to me. I have had to work for anything I have ever had or have at this time. Once again....being the liberal that you are, you feel that you have been ripped off in life because you may not have as much as others or have lived up to your own expectations. Of course YOU had nothing to do with your failures, simply blame them on someone else who may have had nothing to do with it.

Oh ya, maybe your sister had an abortion because you had something to do with the baby being in her belly to begin with. Jeez man, get a life.

fabricator posted 02-14-2008 09:34 AM ET (US)     Profile for fabricator  Send Email to fabricator     
I'm just curious if you 'gentlemen' would speak like this to each other in person.
seabob4 posted 02-14-2008 10:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Well, my friend, it would not bother me at all to speak to this person "in person". If you might have noticed, he chose not to address any of the questions or thoughts I presented to him (without calling him names), but instead chose to call me profane names (very adult like) and to attack me personnally, although he knows nothing about me. Conservatives typically do this. Perhaps you might ask him to respond to the "allegations" I have brought up about the particular lawmakers I mentioned and their relationship to "moral values". I would be curious to read his response.
fabricator posted 02-15-2008 08:15 AM ET (US)     Profile for fabricator  Send Email to fabricator     
Geb asked an interesting qestion earlier on. Were there two styles of bow lights? I just picked up another '64 13 Sport, and it appears to have all OE hardware, and the bow light on it is divided. Jim or Tom, can you give us the lowdown?
CES posted 02-15-2008 10:44 AM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Honestly Seabob, I could care less about those very FEW bad examples you mentioned. Just because the people you mentioned messed up, doesn't mean the entire Christian/Conservative community is like that. We all have bad apples and they are just a few of them. How many MILLIONS of other conservatives are living squeaky clean lives?

As for your buddy that was injured fighting in Iraq? Well, I feel for him and he has my highest respect because he was willing to lay his life down for us and our country. Hats off to him as most liberals wouldn't ever make a sacrifice like he did for someone else. The army didn't "kick hit out" because he was injured. The Army DISCHARGED him and may have actually saved his life and the lives of his buddies. If he were allowed to stay in the battle field with one eye and one ear, he may have killed a fellow solder as his senses aren't where they need to be in order to fight effectively. You make it sound as if he is a victim....he's not. He voluntarily joined the armed services and no one held a gun to his head to do so. As a result of his injuries, he will be heavily compensated for the rest of his life. Not only will he get a VA check every month for as long as he lives, he will get and awesome education package that will re-train him to do whatever it is he wants to do professionally. Additionally, he will receive free healthcare for the rest of his life, VA benefits and all the respect and benefits that come with being an injured Vet. So don't make his situation into something bad and tragic as if he were a victim....he knew what he was getting into when signed up to fight.

As for not knowing who you are? Well it's not hard to figure you out. You really put yourself out there and provided a lot of information to address. Living in Hudson Florida as you do, I am sure you fit into one of three categories: 1. An old cranky man living in or near a retirement home, 2. Someone who lives in the very nice home in a, as you accused me of, "protected, lily-white suburban neighborhood" or 3. A trailer park (which there are tons of them in or near Hudson). Now since you are obviously biased against the "protected, lily-white suburban" areas, I am going to strike category two out as you definitely are envious of those types of people. Now if you do live in that type of an environment, you are a hypocrite. I am leaning more towards Category 3...could be wrong though. ;-)

Oh, and by the way, you were the one who attacked me first and called me a name....which again, opened up the floodgates to retaliate against you.

Please try to have a nice day and think about not blaming others for your own issues.

dscew posted 02-15-2008 11:57 AM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
Wow. 7 posts from this new member. None remotely connected to Boston Whalers. None remotely connected to boating or even water. Divisive and inflamatory political attacks. Must be a rebadged, disgruntled CW member, or maybe just insane from the get-go.
CES posted 02-15-2008 01:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES you want to be next on my Radar screen?

Boston Whalers are the best!

CES posted 02-15-2008 01:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Dscew. Forgot to mention the lack of quality posting you made to both of Protek9543 Bow light threads. You managed to destroy both of them...So what I would do if I were you is to keep my head inside my igloo and come out during the summer thaw. This way you could stop destroying other peoples threads. I've just made comments on an already destryoed thread, thanks to you.
Tohsgib posted 02-15-2008 03:48 PM ET (US)     Profile for Tohsgib  Send Email to Tohsgib have some crappy luck trying to sell lights to this forum. These posters might be Mothmen that are attracted to your lights ;) I wonder what their prophecies are?

3rd time a charm with starting a new thread?

CES posted 02-15-2008 04:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Dscew will follow and destroy any thread Protek tries to post. Dscew has done it deliberately to two of Proteks threads, I doubt he will be able to keep his fingers from pecking out more destructive things to say on a new thread Protek posts.
dscew posted 02-15-2008 04:35 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
ces, congratulations! You're up to 10 posts, and the first CW'er to make it there without ever posting anything related to boats or Whalers, just negative screaming. I'll call CNN and the Guiness folks for you!
CES posted 02-15-2008 05:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
DSCEW!! You're amazing! I learned from the best there buddy. Glad your hands thawed out enough to actually type something funny. Actually, I have to correct your a previous post I did mention Boston please be accurate in your bashing.
seabob4 posted 02-15-2008 07:52 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
In reply to CES,
My friend, may I correct you. My buddy will get a whopping $902 a month starting 10 YEARS from now, but nothing in between, except for VA care for anything involving his injuries. I guess that's what you call "well compensated".He wanted to stay on as a desk jockey, cook, payroll clerk, whatever, but no...tell that to your VFW buddies. A good man. A GOOD MAN! And he got F*****!

Next shall we talk about Tom DeLay? Shall we talk about Duke Cunningham? Shall we talk about Saxby Chambliss, who absolutely debased Max Cleland, a true American Patriot? How many more "bad apples" would you like me to mention? Sounds to me like it's the whole barrel. And, please tell me your thoughts on Bush's and Cheney's Military service. I'm sure we are all waiting with anticipation...

My parents live in a gated community. My wife Maggie and I and our Sheba Inu, Baby, have 10 acres just south of Hernando/Pasco County Line Rd. We have anything BUT a gated community! We have a family of Bald Eagles that visit us for feeding almost daily. We have had a Florida Panther on our property. I am 47 years old. And I see all facets of our society facing extremely hard times because of what the republican administration has done to our country in the last 12 years (don't forget, Clinton was fighting a republican held congress). I don't Yahoo and I don't deal with Verizon. Remember, they opened private records to the government, sort of like communist China or the Soviet Union.

That's where I stand. I refuse to "be scared, be very scared" of the Islamic fundamentalists, as Bush, Sessions, and others would like us to behave. No, actually, I'm scared of Citibank, Chevron, ADM, etc. And I'm scared of these people who try to force their "values" on me, or any other.

Remember what I said. The root word of "liberal" is the Roman word "Libre", meaning "free". Liberals do not censor. There is an old saying. "A mind is like a parachute- it only works when it's open." Think about it.

seabob4 posted 02-15-2008 08:09 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
And now for something completely different,
I praise Boston Whaler owners for trying to make their beloved vessels the most authentic they can be. I wish I could do more to modernize these vessels without sacrificing the wonderful originality of the Whaler. If there are some "behind the scenes" efforts I can help you with, i.e. wiring, controls, cables, pumps, etc., drop me a line. Your a great bunch, and a wonderfully knowlegeble group of people. I am priveleged to work with you guys (and girls, you never know!). Happy Friday!
kazankota posted 02-15-2008 08:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for kazankota  Send Email to kazankota     
For the love of god please close this thread!

seabob4 posted 02-15-2008 08:50 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Sorry, my apologies. But dammit, when someone gets my dander up...alright, back to business!
friend99 posted 02-15-2008 09:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
I don't know why this thread is still open. Same old sh!t from certain people and now one poster has alienated every Whaler owner that is a Republican as he posts from his shack in the woods.
Dan posted 02-15-2008 09:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
I like Seabob :)
seabob4 posted 02-15-2008 09:25 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Do you know what type of dwelling we own? I wouldn't assume anyone lives in a "shack" because they have 10 acres in "the woods". What is your property worth? I try not to judge those I don't know. Please try to do the same.
baymon posted 02-15-2008 09:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for baymon  Send Email to baymon     
dscew- you build consoles for 15' ers? I have a 1972 that I want to bring back- can you help?

friend99 posted 02-15-2008 10:08 PM ET (US)     Profile for friend99    
"I try not to judge those I don't know"......was that quote a joke Seabob? Do you personally know all the Republicans that you bash? Do they stay long weekends at your Mansion while they hunt your big 10 Acre property? LOL. Anyway, your actions and statements suggest a severe inferiority complex. I won't prolong this thread by arguing with you since you are not worth it. Have fun without me.
dscew posted 02-15-2008 10:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for dscew  Send Email to dscew     
Baymon, I sent you an email.
CES posted 02-16-2008 09:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for CES  Send Email to CES     
Once again, you're grouping millions of good hard working, ethical and moral people into one group that they are all bad folks because of a few leaders within our government. Sounds pretty closed minded to me and not exactly a "Libre" way of thinking.

Your friend Clinton not only cheated on his wife, he lied to the country. Additionally, Clinton was the one who sold military secrets and tooling to China.... and there were many scandals going on during his term as President. Now if you want a continuation of the Clinton Hillary. If you want a Muslim running our country, vote Obama....either way we are, as a people and country, going to loose.

As for your friend who was injured in the war. It's obvious you have never served your country as you really don't know what you’re talking about. Multiply $902 a month times the number of months this guy will probably live and you'll see it's a pretty big number. Why would the military want someone who is disabled and injured within the service if they cannot go out and fight? Even the common "desk jockey's" first and basic job in the military is to fight. If they cannot do that, for whatever reason, why keep them around? Your friend is much better off now because as a result of his discharge, his life and the lives of others have been saved. He did something you didn't have the balls to do and that is to sign up and fight for your country.

The economy is going through its usual ebb and flow. Remember the first few years of the Clinton era; we were in a very bad recession. Also, remember that during the first six years of our current president, the stock market hit all time record highs. Additionally, unemployment was at 30 year lows while GW has been in office.

I agree with Friend99, you do seem to suffer from a "little man" complex. Isolating yourself out in the middle of nowhere in your trailer just solidifies what we've been thinking all along about you. It’s obvious you don't like people and are disgruntled about something. Get over it man and seek help....really.

Dan posted 02-16-2008 10:14 AM ET (US)     Profile for Dan  Send Email to Dan     
Seabob has hooked a lot of members on this site up with Baystar hydrolic gear and many other items -- all at great prices -- we should be grateful to him and welcoming. Does anyone here really car what his or anyone elses politics are? With one notable exception we're all Whaler lovers. I realize this post and all that came before it violate Jim's policy, but this thread is hopelessly f-ed. Which is too bad, because if I needed a new bow light I would glady pay Protek $225 for it. We're lucky he's got them for sale and giving all of us first crack at it.

Also, I think we all agree that men and women who fight for our country should be paid a livable wage and be cared for. My dad was a WWII vet and he got lousy va healthcare and when he died the govt wouldn't pay the $400 death benefit to offset the 6K I had to pay with my credit card. But I did get a cool letter with a gold seal from Pres Regan.

seabob4 posted 02-16-2008 09:31 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
If anyone needs a Baystar or Seastar Steering system, let me know. Time to get back to the point of this site, BOATING!
seabob4 posted 02-16-2008 09:53 PM ET (US)     Profile for seabob4  Send Email to seabob4     
Gentlemen and Ladies,
I would like to apologize to all that have had to put up with my rantings. There are far more suitable forums for political discussion. Regardless of any of our economic situations, I hope we all keep our focus on what is an escape, on what is a hedonistic adventure, on what is gets us to the hop in the boat and go!!!!...and see where it takes us. Thank you all for the opportunity to converse and commiserate. Via con Dios, mi amigos!

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