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Author Topic:   25 revenge baitwell drainage
tbirdsey posted 07-14-2001 10:25 PM ET (US)   Profile for tbirdsey   Send Email to tbirdsey  
Looked at an'81 25' revenge today - out of the water. The rear baitwell was full of rainwater as were the two small sumps to either side. Bilge pump was not working and when I pryed up the rear fuel gauge hatch I found standing water in there. Earlier post about this seemed to suggest that tank area and baitwell are connected. Is this correct and how do people keep rainwater out?? I could not feel any plugs in the baitwell which was a surprise. I'm interested in this boat but am concerned about water in the gas tank cavity which may have been in there since spring when the shrink wrap was removed.
LarrySherman posted 07-16-2001 01:59 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
I'd really be interested in an answer to this one too. I'm about to put my boat in the water for the first time, and am reluctant to leave the plug out here. I was thinking of installing a pump as well for this locker and the forward one in my 25. I know the previous left it out because of the big toe sized barnecles!

A side guestion: If you remove the through hull tubes for replacement, will you see foam, or solid glass? This seems like it would be a very sensitive are if the answer is foam...


Bigshot posted 07-16-2001 02:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
usually foam. At least that was the case in my 13. And yes it was sensitive and destructive.
lhg posted 07-16-2001 07:28 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Tom - still determined to find a 25, huh?
Will it be in time for the Georgian Bay islands cruise?

Anyway, the side sumps on the 25 both have drain plugs, and when the boat is out of water, they should be left open. In the water, either way works.

The center baitwell, on mine, does not have a through hull drain, although earlier models may - I'm not sure. On mine, a 500 GPH bilge pump is essential to keep this dry. Mine is also factory rigged to work like an aereator, if bait are being kept alive. On a stored boat, it's entirely possible for this to fill up with rain water, but it does have an overflow into the side sumps, so those, if open, will prevent water from backing up into the tank area. That should be dry.

LarrySherman posted 07-16-2001 07:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
Mine has a plug. Apparently never used. What I dont understand is how the foam cored hull does not get saturated just through osmosis (sp?), or minor leaks in improperly sealed/old hardware.
tbirdsey posted 07-16-2001 07:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Larry: Where do the side sumps drain? They were full of dirty water and I could not feel plugs nor could I see where they might drain - no thru hulls visible on exterior. I'm very close to buying this boat - it needs cosmetic work, but the hull is sound. Engine is brand new 250 SW Yamaha with no hours - warranty will be in my name. I know, its a crime not to put twins on a 25. I doubt very much if things will come together in time for Georgian Bay plus I need to get a trailer. Right now, I'm thinking of a maiden cruise up the Hudson from Greenwich Conn area if things work out.
LarrySherman posted 07-16-2001 08:01 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
Tom, are you in Greenwich? Me too! Work at Greenwich Capital. You should see my boat at the dock there by aug if all goes according to plan.

The two side wells are connected with a hose with runs through the center well. the starboard well has a bilge pump, and when the port side well reaches the level of the cross connect, the pump takes care of it. As others have said, this whole affair seems to leave something to be desired, although I have not actually seen it work yet. From the stains in the gel coat, I would guess you get about 10 inches of standing water in the center well with the plug out, which, in the Western LI Sound will be kind of ugly.

I'm not sure how to make this area servicible. I was thinking of putting the plug in, install a bilge pump like larry, and have the port side well drain into the center well, and have the center well pump to the starboard well. I'm going to use it for the rest of the season and see.

PS: where is the boat you are looking at? I saw what I thought was a 25 up on a rack in COs Cob on River road, had black bottom paint.

tbirdsey posted 07-16-2001 08:39 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Larry Sherman: The boat I am looking at is in Byrum(sp?) just down the road from Catalano's Marina, actually, the yard belongs to Catalano. In the boat I'm looking at the non working bilge pump is in the bait well and the discharge is piped thru the starboard sump and then thru the hull. Looks to me like the side sumps just overflow into the baitwell. The baitwell also had a approx 3" dia plastic pipe rising up in the middle to about the overflow level and it had a removable cap. A wire went down the pipe and disappeared beyond what I could feel. Now I'm getting concerned some modifications may have been made in this area.

Sounds like you are nearing completion of restoration; what model? Could you describe your forward sump configuration as well.

tbirdsey posted 07-16-2001 08:42 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Larry: I'm not from Greenwich area; upstate New York (Albany area) is home. I did look at a 25 walk thru in Cos Cob earlier this spring - think it had blue bottom paint. May have been the same one - twin Johnsons, I believe.
LarrySherman posted 07-16-2001 09:19 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
I know the guys at Catalano's and they are pretty fair. I bough my Hydraulic steering there, and they gave me a good discount, and swaped out some parts for me without hasle. Quite a few people at my firm use them, with good results. I swing by and check out your boat tomorrow. Is it to the left ot the right of the office, facing it from the street?

No pump in my forward well either, just a deck board with a nothc for a transducer, if you install one. Two plucg fore and aft centerline. If the board is installed, no access to the plug. With the console installed, its really tough to get down there in the aft end, so I guess you install the plug, put in the board, and live with a few inches of standing water. Not optimal.

My boat is a 1981 Outrage 25. The forward well was, I assume, the drop down deck area on the cuddy version. It would be interesting to see hhow it is rigged in the cuddy, and how other 25 owners have used it. I assume you throw your fenders and such in ther and live with it.

Don't let the standing water put you off too much. Mine was full of it, stored with the plugs in. Saw it in winter, boat was full of ice. Once I twawed it out, these areas were the only ones I did NOT have to worry about.

tbirdsey posted 07-16-2001 09:40 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Although the boat is at Catalano's, I am not buying it from them. Its only at Catalanos's because they just installed new engine and then owner decided to sell. It's in a yard about 200 yards past the office; to the left when facing office. I'd be interested in a second, non biased, I assume, opinion. Do me a favor and send me an email after you see it or post something here, thanks, Tom ps weren't you trying to organize a Statue of Liberty/Manhattan rendezvous for late July? I'm still
tbirdsey posted 07-16-2001 09:41 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
up for it!
LarrySherman posted 07-16-2001 10:47 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
Unquestionably unbiased. I go take a look-see. Yes, I was/am, but I think we'd be the only ones to go. The interest seemed to wan in compareson to the other threads in that section. If you are still interested, I could proably do it in July. I do think it would be fun. I'll post about the boat tomorrow.


LarrySherman posted 07-17-2001 10:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     

I stopped by this morning and spent about 10 min at your boat. The overall condition of the boat seems pretty good: The hull and deck look sound (more later), and in farily good cosmetic condition. The interior will clean up very nicely, once that ugly fabric is stripped out. I don't know how these models came from BW, and am curious what you will find underneath.

Well, lets get to the important stuff. The hull has been painted, and is flaking away in some small areas at the bow. I was wondering why it was painted, as my boat is older and still gell coat. The port side looked find and responded to the thump test correctly. The starboard side gave me the answer. About 2 feet abaft the stem there is evidence of hull repair. The last layer of fiberglass put on was apparently mat, and it is printing through the paint quite badly. I can't imagine a skilled glass guy finishing off in mat, and then painting directly over it, which leads me to believe a home repair. This are made a hollow sound when thumped, indicating seperation of the glass from the foam. Incidently, my boat has a major repair in this area as well, proably 5 feet long and extending from the gunwale to to just above the water line. The only indication of the repair is a slight mis-match in the gelcoat, which I could not discern until I had compounded the hull. My point being that this repair should not necessarily put you off, as it is possible to remedy it.

The transom has been modified to accomidate the port and starboard swim platforms and mounting of trim tabs. The transom appears sound, but with all those holes below the waterline, there is proably rot here. Only a drill will tell. Again, my transom appears perfectly sound, but has some rot in the lower starboard side. I'm going to rebuid it this winter, using the instructions from the West System book on fibreglass and gelcoat repair ($3 at Boat US or West Marine). I do think that this is a fairly easy to make, with time patience and planning. I'll hire someone to do the gelcoat though.

The motor does look nice on this boat, and is mounted well. However, the yard/owner elected to use the origional Sy-Ten hydraulic steering system, which Teleflex will not support. While this will proably work for a while, I would just replace it with new, about $1k if you do the work yourself.

As for the aft locker/baitwell, there is something strange going on here. There is a 2 inch aluminum or PVC pipe cross coonnecting the port and starboard drainage wells thought the bait well area. I dont think this is standard. There appears it be a wide variety of equipment in the baitwell, the purpose of which I could not determine. I looked underneat the hull for the through-hull plugs, thinking to push a stick up though to clear them. Unforunatly, there arent any. the appeared to have been either glassed over, or not installed in an attempt to turn this baitwell into a livewell (a guess). If you stand back from the boat, and follow the angle of the PVC pipe that is vertically mounted in the baitwell down underneath the hull, you will find signs of long standing seepage (sp?). I did not crawl under the boat to determine if there is a plug installed here. It would seem likley that there is one, but usually these are covered by the perko ventalition cover, of which there was no sign. I think you will need to find a Reveng owner who knows how these boats came from the factory.

The electrical system is largly origional, and should proably be repalced. perhaps $1.5k in materials, and several days labor to do it correctly.

From this quick look, I think the bigest area of concern is the aft baitwell. If this is a owner improvised modifacation, and we use the glass work in the bow as a guide to the quality of the work the owner is/was capable of, then I would suspect problems.

If you are serious about the boat, I'll take a manual pump down there and pump it out. I think that will be the only way to really see whats going on.

I hope this helped, Larry

tbirdsey posted 07-17-2001 12:21 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
Thanks for the repsonse; its always good to get a second opinion. Your comments are right on the money and helpful. I'm leaving to go out of town in a few minutes and will email you more details later. Thanks for the offer to pump out the live well, and I may take you up on it, but now right now. Tom
LarrySherman posted 07-17-2001 12:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
Glad to help Tom. I hope there were no suprises for you.


tbirdsey posted 07-17-2001 02:05 PM ET (US)     Profile for tbirdsey  Send Email to tbirdsey     
No surprises; just reaffirming what I knew, but needed to hear from third party.

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