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Author Topic:   electrical connections
fester posted 01-09-2002 04:05 PM ET (US)   Profile for fester   Send Email to fester  
Having a new motor mounted on my 20' outrage and I am somewhat disappointed in how my mechanic connected the new engine to my batteries. Batteries are locted in the center counsol. What he did was take the existing battery cables and ran them to a large electrical post (not sure what to call it but it essentially is a large bolt with the lower portion encapsulated in plastic). I have two posts, one for posative and one for negative, which he mounted on the starboard side of the boat near where the cables enter the tunnel under the deck. The cables from the engine are then connected to the posts. He explained to me that he did it this way because the existing cables are a much larger guage wire than the new cables from the motor and he felt this was the best way to connect the cables. He wanted to use the new engine cables because of the way they exited the engine cowling. He went on to say that even if I purchased all new cables, he still would use the post connection. The post setup does not look very good.

It there a better way of connecting the cables together that does not look as strange as my mechanic's method?

Thanks, Jeff

JBCornwell posted 01-09-2002 05:38 PM ET (US)     Profile for JBCornwell  Send Email to JBCornwell     
Howdy, Jeff. I take it the posts are inside the console. If so, this is a good way to deal with the smaller cables from the engine, rather than taking them to the battery.

You didn't say what you repowered with, but it is an issue in injected engines that electrical connections be solid and unvarying. The slightest glitch can take out your ECM. By mounting the connection to the console or hull they are far more secure than if only connected to the battery. Your Tech may have saved you a critical breakdown in rough water.

Red sky at night. . .
JB :)

fester posted 01-09-2002 06:00 PM ET (US)     Profile for fester  Send Email to fester     
Thanks for the reply. I repowered with a 175 horsepower two stroke Johnson. My concern is that the posts are not located in the console but mounted out in the open on the starboard side of the boat. The only thing covering the posts are little rubber covers. I am just wondering if there is a better way to connect the existing cables or should they be replaced all the way from the batteries to the motor.
lhg posted 01-09-2002 07:11 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Just coincidentally, I just took some pictures of a brand new Montauk, and the BW factory uses this same detail, with a big terminal block like this mounted on the splashwell. The cables that run up to the console NEED to be larger diameter than the supplied engine cables, since the distance is longer, to prevent the voltage drop. So a connection like this HAS to be made.

But I don't like it either, and don't like batteries in the console on any Whaler. BW meant for the batteries in all classic Outrages to be mounted in the tan BW battery box, in the corners of the splashwell.

daverdla posted 01-10-2002 08:26 PM ET (US)     Profile for daverdla  Send Email to daverdla     
Do they put the posts there to help facilitate a jump start? Some minivans have remote posts for jumps.

Weatherproof insulated splice kits for much higher ampacity and voltages are available in the construction business. I would think an inline splice would be preferred.

After reading LHG's comments and others, I think I'll keep the battery in the stern, in the black plasic neo-classic battery box.


LarrySherman posted 01-10-2002 11:43 PM ET (US)     Profile for LarrySherman  Send Email to LarrySherman     
My only change would have been a breaker instead on one of the posts and/or in addition to a switch.
noswah posted 01-11-2002 07:29 AM ET (US)     Profile for noswah  Send Email to noswah     

Ihg, You said that BW intented for the batteries to be in the corner of the splash well. I think based on the same thinking BW intented for the gas to be there as well but lots of people have moved them under their RPS seat. My question is what's wrong with batteries in the console? i had given some thought to doing it myself. Thanks
gunnelgrabber posted 01-11-2002 08:53 AM ET (US)     Profile for gunnelgrabber  Send Email to gunnelgrabber     
noswah.,,, i've not seen any 16s with gas tanks'd lose your little bit of existing open deck back there..all i see are under rps,or in console area....i do keep the battery back in that corner like bw and lhg say..lm
noswah posted 01-11-2002 11:44 AM ET (US)     Profile for noswah  Send Email to noswah     
gunnelgrapper, all 16's that came with cooler seats from BW will have their tanks in the rear or relocated perhaps to the console.
gunnelgrabber posted 01-11-2002 05:49 PM ET (US)     Profile for gunnelgrabber  Send Email to gunnelgrabber     
10-4...however, i don't see many 16s with cooler seats either.(.mostly montauks and "sports" models).coolers forward positioned.. my part of the swamp is a little off the beaten path.not too avant garde around here..good luck..lm
lhg posted 01-11-2002 06:14 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Regarding gas for the 16' hull, it obviously depended on model, but the mahogany consoles stored it under the console base, but inside the console. It is an open-air arrangement.
Some of the others put the gas under the seat.

When the Montauk came out with the Outrage console, fuel could no longer be there, so they put it under the RPS.

All batteries, all models, were envisioned by the designers to be in the starboard stern,
which is what I prefer. It accomodates the factory engine cables, counters prop torque,
doesn't get pounded, saves console storage space, etc. Sometime when the white models came out, they moved the batt into the console, probably for esthetic reasons, although it would simplify "house" wiring. So it's a trade off. Not a matter of right or wrong. Just one's own choice.

noswah posted 01-12-2002 04:54 AM ET (US)     Profile for noswah  Send Email to noswah     

Ihg, Point taken. Thanks

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