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Author Topic:   1987 70hp oil injection good or bad?
myback posted 09-23-2002 10:11 AM ET (US)   Profile for myback   Send Email to myback  
Is the oil injection a good idea to useor is it better/safer to premix with fuel?
Bigshot posted 09-23-2002 10:45 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot     
It has made it 15 years so far.....It is always safer to premix(as long as you NEVER forget) but VRO is cleaner.

Theory 1) If it aint broke....don't fix it.

Theory 2) If it goes bad it will usually add more oil, not less.

Theory 3)You can buy a new pump for about $250 and at least know it is new.

Tehory 4) Refer to Theory 1.

myback posted 09-23-2002 06:10 PM ET (US)     Profile for myback  Send Email to myback     
Thanks for your help.....You are very wise
lhg posted 09-23-2002 08:03 PM ET (US)     Profile for lhg    
Engine brand makes a difference! Yamaha and Mercury, no problem. OMC, maybe.
whalersman posted 09-23-2002 10:33 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalersman  Send Email to whalersman     
This is the 21st Century.....

I cannot understand why everyone wants to disconnect their VRO....

Like Bigshot, WHY??????

Does everyone buy a new car and disconnect the Air Conditioning because it might break???? I don't think so....

I have a 1985 Evinrude 70 HP VRO that I have never had any problems with... The reason I purchashed the engine is because of the VRO.... I was tired of mixing the oil in the fuel.... How archaic!!!!!!!

I would rather purchase a new engine evey time the engine blew up due to problems from the VRO rather then mixiing the oil in the gas like the OLD days....... I do not desire to live in the past.... I love the VRO... Again, this is the 21st Century....... Either use your VRO or go to the 4 Strokes.....

Do you really like mixing the oil with the fuel???? Are you sure you got theamount of oil right??? Then go for it....... If you don't, then use the VRO or the 4 Stroke and forget about it.........

Ferdinando posted 09-24-2002 12:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for Ferdinando  Send Email to Ferdinando     

I too am confused by all the hoopla about disconnecting the VRO's. I purchased a brand new 1986 Evinrude on a 15' Whaler with VRO. The dealer did not even connect it. When I brought it home I read the instructions and hooked it up, I had it for 12 yrs without a problem and yes not mixing oil and gas is heaven.......Fred

prj posted 09-24-2002 09:59 AM ET (US)     Profile for prj  Send Email to prj     
In response to whalersman's question, the reason so many of the OMC VROs are disconnected is the PERCEPTION that the systems are prone to failurer. This perception has been disseminated across the nation for a reason, i.e., where there's smoke, there's fire.

I'll be damned, my engine was overheating as called out by the SLOW feature, I disconnected the VRO, premixed, no more problem.

Just maybe, i'm the first person whose VRO has actually failed in some fashion. Therefore, the perception was, in fact, reality for me.

I actually do enjoy mixing the oil in the gas as there is a certain assurrance there, and, as my math and reading skills are fairly strong, I'm confident that I'm getting the numbers correct for the mixture.

Suggestion: If you DO have problems calculating the correct amount of oil and you are UNABLE to read the scale on the side of the oil quart, ask for assistance as I'm sure someone will help.

whalersman posted 09-24-2002 10:35 AM ET (US)     Profile for whalersman  Send Email to whalersman     

I can understand someone disconnecting their VRO if they are having problems and don't want to spend the money to get it fixed properly.

I was mainly referring to the people who purchase new engines and immediately disconnect the VRO before using the engine for the first time. This I Do Not Understand! Of Course, it is up to the individual.....

I'm glad you enjoy mixing the oil in with the fuel. For me, it has always been an extra unwanted chore, and a little too messy....

Bigshot posted 09-24-2002 11:03 AM ET (US)     Profile for Bigshot  Send Email to Bigshot about expensive? Do you realize how much oil you save by VRO? My Hydra-sort would take 7qts per tank, I maybe use half with the VRO. At $15 a gallon, it would cost me an additional $25 per tank in oil. That tank at cruise gets me maybe 7-8hours.
whalersman posted 09-24-2002 12:02 PM ET (US)     Profile for whalersman  Send Email to whalersman     
Good Point BS,

I know when you premix the fuel it should be at 50 to 1..... My Evinrude mechanic says that VRO mixes around 60 to 1, so you should save money in oil by using the VRO....


prj posted 09-24-2002 02:36 PM ET (US)     Profile for prj  Send Email to prj     
Whoooohoooo, that'll save me enough for my second boat!

Seriously, the season here in WI is woefully short and the cost of oil in relationship to the cost of operating a boat is extremely inconsequential. Expense as a reason? Come on.

I spill more expensive beer than oil and I'm not considering an automatic injection system for that, you? By gosh, on occasion, I'll even OVER mix the beer.

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